Safari Party – DIY Food & Decorations

Safari Party – DIY Food & Decorations

My son turned 4 this January – I can hardly believe a year has past since his last birthday party ! Last year we did a Lego themed birthday party. This year he wanted to have a Safari Party (with Lego Ninja Turtles as the accent theme hah ) . With our friends at the Ann Arbor Creature Conservancy , we planned an interactive animal presentation for the kids & adults with food, cake & presents to boot . We had a blast ! Our animal guests were the three-banded armadillos, a sloth, the boa constrictor, a giant tortoise & a skunk . Anyone who lives in or around the Ann Arbor area, I would highly suggest hosting an event at the Creature Conservancy – they are a great non-profit that works with rescue animals and they help you host a great party.


For the food, I wanted the Safari party theme to be apparent so I enlisted my talented sister-in-law & went with all fruit and vegetables since Judah is a vegetarian anyway. Our guests gobbled up most of the food, but the left over fruit and veggies we left and donated to the animals to eat – and they were happy to have it, too.


Here are the pictures we have of the safari party food & event space, food table design, food ideas &  easy decorations I set up .

I love throwing fun, kid parties – little people have the best taste xo

food table, safari party, dessert table

food table set up for safari party

safari party, fruit lagoon, food ideas, birthday party

safari party food ideas – fruit lagoon

vegetarian kid party food ideas

vegetarian kid party food ideas


Snake sandwich – roasted red pepper, mushroom, pesto & mozzarella sandwich – What a hit! Everyone loved that one. The kids had an option of a almond butter and grape jelly sandwich on  gluten free bread that we used an elephant sandwich cutter to cut them out which was so helpful because you can get two elephants per sandwich.. brilliant!

snake sandwich , elephant sandwiches

snake sandwich and elephant sandwiches



snake sandwich, safari party food

snake sandwich – safari party food

Fun monkey head we made with a cantaloupe , oranges, sliced strawberry and blueberry eyes

safari party decoration, monkey, cantaloupe

Monkey head made of cantaloupe and oranges – safari party decoration

Gorilla grape kabobs with ants on a log with animal crackers

gorilla grape kabobs

gorilla grape kabobs

The juice bar for the kids . I love those monkey cups !

safari party juice bar

safari party juice bar


All the kids LOVED the explorer safari hats they received as a party favor .

kids table for safari party , party favors

kids table for safari party and party favors

And of course, it’s so helpful to let them just color all over the table so cover it with a big roll of paper – they are having fun, giving mom & dad a breather & decorating – a win win win.

kids party activity

kids party activity


My cute sister in law and her adorable safari party outfit showing her food labels she made with animal stickers .

safari party outfit

safari party outfit

His Lego Ninja Turtle cake made by my cake girl and safari cupcakes with plastic animals on each

Lego Ninja Turtle Cake

Lego Ninja Turtle Cake


Lego Ninja Turtle Cake

Lego Ninja Turtle Cake


We had a great time. I hope this helps you throw your own fun safari party for a birthday party.


Shit From Pinterest

Have you noticed that Pinterest is filled with things? I bet you have.

Have you ever actually gotten to the bottom of a Pinterest page, where it doesn’t refresh anymore pictures for your to ogle over?

Have you gotten off of Pinterest only to feel like your lazy and uncreative because the only things you did that day involved unglamorous tasks, not just sugar, glitter and paint?

Have you ever noticed that Pinterest is filled with a perfect blend of the most saccharin-sweet treats that cause you to drool on yourself and a super buff woman that looks like she’s carved from marble which makes you hate on yourself?

Have you realized it’s a perfect balance to keep the vicious cycle continuing ? (I made that and ate it, now I have to work out, but then I get to reward myself….)

Well if you’ve said “yes” to any of those questions,  then YOU will appreciate this “Shit From Pinterest” poster I made. This was more of a cathartic approach to feeling “lazy” or “unproductive” or to squelch the desire to buy EVERY pretty thing I see.

Hope you can appreciate this, too <3

remember : you are creative & lovely just as you are – Pinterest is just fun to look at, don’t get too caught up xoxo



Floral Longboard Design


I am happy to announce that I have really been enjoying designing for  . It has given me the opportunity to get creative in the digital world, too. I’m constantly adding to the store, but you can check it out here: Kelly Caroline Design on Zazzle

A product I’d like to feature today is the Floral Longboard Design . Lately here in Ypsi, I’ve been noticing quite a few female longboarders. I thought about how many will be coming out of hibernation  come April and it lead me to design this.

Here’s looking to Spring!

Floral Longboard, purple, teal, custom, design

Floral Longboard – purple and teal

Mixed Media Watercolor

I have been bitten by the creative bug ! Creative ideas have really been pouring out of me. Also this year I have begun to really embrace mixed media watercolor and other art. Today was the last day for my flowers in my vase. I like to capture a photo or two of flowers that are in my house at one time or another. These green chrysanthemums lasted a long time as cut flowers . What started as just an experiment turned into this mixed media watercolor art piece .

The fun of it – that’s why I do art .

Mixed media, watercolor, chrysanthemum

Mixed media watercolor chrysanthemum

Bleach Pen Dress – Henna Design DIY

Bleach Pen Dress – Henna Design

Hello All!

I got this simple navy blue cotton dress for $0.80 from the thrift store! It was a great buy, but a little plain for my taste. I saw some tutorials for bleach pen decorating, so I went out and got a few Clorox Bleach Pens at the supermarket.

The bleach comes out as a paste and since I’m a henna artist, it easily translated into a medium I am already comfortable working with.. 🙂

I did one side at a time. I put a piece of cardboard between the two layers of the dress as I carefully squeezed the bleach onto the dress. I just free-handed the design. no planning involved here.

I let the bleach sit on the fabric for 5 minutes then immediately washed it with cold water in the tub. Then I ran it in my washer on a quick spin so it came out slightly damp, but not dripping wet.. and repeated the process until it was all done!

I just feel like the design I did made it into a permanent piece of henna art!

and here are the pics of the bleach pen dress ! c&c welcome!!

That’s the front

henna dress, floral design, kelly caroline, bleach pen decorating

bleach pen decorating designs – henna style

And the back of the dress

bleach pen designs, dress, decorating, henna style

the back of the bleach pen dress

detail of one flower to show that you can get shading especially if you leave the paste on for different amounts of time.

bleach pen designs, dress, decorating, henna style

bleach pen decorating detail

and it on.

bleach pen designs, dress, decorating, henna style

henna style bleach pen dress


Modern Mehndi – Henna Instruction Video now on Amazon Stream !


Love our henna? Want to know how we do what we do? Check out our Henna Instruction Video! It is over 2 hours covering everything from the history of henna to modern day uses.

Best part? You can watch it right now!

Modern Mehndi – A Henna Instruction Video is now available on Amazon Stream !  That means our henna video is available as a DVD and now also as a rental video or instant stream downloaded right to your computer. No wait time !

modern mehndi, henna instruction, henna video, how to, diy, mixing henna video, henna design video, dvd, amazon, stream, rental henna

Henna instruction how to video – Modern Mehndi

This DVD is a great guide for henna artists to starting out in your career as a professional henna artist. In this video, we cover mixing henna paste, henna for festivals, henna for parties, private henna appointments, henna pattern making, essential henna patterns, bridal mehndi, applying henna to the feet, picture slideshow and much more .

Check it out 🙂