Kelly Caroline

Founder of Kelly Caroline Henna Art. She has been a professional henna artist for ten years. Originally a henna artist at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, she moved to Ann Arbor in 2008. She has been a henna artist for many popular events all around Michigan. See some of her past clients .

Frances R.

New York Henna Artist Team. As well as being a wonderful henna artist, Frances is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, acrylic painter and glassblower.

Jade J.

Michigan Henna Artist Team. Jade is vivacious, jovial, fun and an all around joy to be around – not to mention her awesome henna skills. She is very creative with henna and will make a beautiful and unique piece of art for you. Jade makes every event, a party!

Bridget B.

Bridget loves henna as both an outlet for creative energy and heartfelt connection between the artist and human canvas. Whenever her two little boys are both napping, you will find her baking treats, hand altering her clothes, restoring broken pottery, or refining whatever new skill has most recently caught her eye.

Sarah M.

New York Henna Artist Team. Sarah has worked for Kelly Caroline Henna Art for 3 years. Also an accomplished violinist, Sarah has a true love for the arts, music, and fashion.