Bleach Pen Dress – Henna Design

Hello All!

I got this simple navy blue cotton dress for $0.80 from the thrift store! It was a great buy, but a little plain for my taste. I saw some tutorials for bleach pen decorating, so I went out and got a few Clorox Bleach Pens at the supermarket.

The bleach comes out as a paste and since I’m a henna artist, it easily translated into a medium I am already comfortable working with.. pierre kory ivermectin 🙂

I did one side at a time. I put a piece of cardboard between the two layers of the dress as I carefully squeezed the bleach onto the dress. I just free-handed the design. no planning involved here.

I let the bleach sit on the fabric for 5 minutes then immediately washed it with cold water in the tub. Then I ran it in my washer on a quick spin so it came out slightly damp, but not dripping wet.. and repeated the process until it was all done!

I just feel like the design I did made it into a permanent piece of henna art! safe ivermectin dose rabbits

and here are the pics of the bleach pen dress ! c&c welcome!!

That’s the front

henna dress, floral design, kelly caroline, bleach pen decorating

bleach pen decorating designs – henna style

And the back of the dress

bleach pen designs, dress, decorating, henna style

the back of the bleach pen dress

detail of one flower to show that you can get shading especially if you leave the paste on for different amounts of time.

bleach pen designs, dress, decorating, henna style

bleach pen decorating detail

and it on.

bleach pen designs, dress, decorating, henna style

henna style bleach pen dress