Henna Belly Designs

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What a fun day! Two henna belly designs at the salon today. Two friends who just happened to become pregnant around the same time decided it would be fun to get their bellies henna-ed together in celebration  . They chose a matching design they found online- from Blue Lotus Henna, I believe.  I really enjoyed doing the design that twice in a row was a-okay for me. Henna belly designs are some of my favorite henna designs to do.

This henna design for the belly is a pretty flower mandala – a design I really like because flowers make me happy .

Here are the pictures of the two matching designs – enjoy!


matching henna baby belly designs



baby belly henna design flower


flower henna baby belly design



prenatal henna designs for the belly

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Phoenix Henna Tattoo

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Today a great client, one of my regulars, came by the salon today. She always has fun & different design ideas to work with. Today she had the idea to do a phoenix henna tattoo design. She came in today to have this design done to test out making it permanent.

The phoenix represents rising up from the ashes to be reborn – I think many of us have related to a phoenix at one time in our lives.

We went bold with a big phoenix henna tattoo on her back  and she loved it.

phoenix, henna tattoo, back tattoo, henna artist michigan, bird henna

phoenix henna tattoo on the back

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Henna Tattoo Design

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Seeing that as of 2013, 45 MILLION Americans have at least one tattoo, I am often asked to do a henna tattoo design around or in collaboration with an existing, permanent tattoo – which is something I find fun and challenging because I don’t have full freedom with the skin. I have to study what the first artist did to see the style of the piece which is also a clue into what the client likes (obviously) . I have tremendous respect for tattoo artists. I feel so much pressure for bridal henna that I practice the designs over and over because this will be on their skin for their wedding . I can’t imagine the pressure I would feel if it was permanent .

Henna is so fun for people because you can really play with different looks.

Here is a piece I did recently around an existing unicorn shoulder tattoo – the client really loved it

shoulder, henna tattoo, henna artist, unicorn

shoulder henna tattoo


This henna tattoo I did in the fall for a great client who had the most intriguing tattoos. I really loved the beautiful bee tattoo here on her forearm .

henna tattoo, cuff

henna tattoo cuff design



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Fun Floral Henna Tattoos on the Back

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Spring is officially here on the calendar .. but here in Ypsilanti, Michigan  I still see a hefty coverage of brown, dirty snow still.

(snow, I love ya baby.. but you just gotta go)

I am feeling Spring – with my seedlings going strong, I felt inspired by flowers and seeds & came up with fun floral henna tattoos on the back of my dear friend. I love how the only space I had to work with on her back was the perfectly sweet little teardrop . I really like having a CREATIVE space to work with . Plus, this sweet girl just got back from a 3 week exploration trip in New Zealand & Australia so she has a nice glow to her skin. (She has such a pretty face, too)

I have been itching to do some creative henna tattoos on the back & in other sexy places. I have a creative leg henna design in mind, I just need the right gams to pull it off… coming soon.

Without further adieu, here is the sexy henna tattoos on the back that will have my friend’s lab coworkers curious . . .

 see more designs here

Henna tattoos for the back, kelly caroline, henna art, michigan henna artist, back tattoos

Henna tattoos for the back


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Henna Tattoos for a Party

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Tis the season for baby bellies ! I had a great opportunity to do a fun baby belly design and henna tattoos for a party at the same time here in Ann Arbor at the Bead Gallery . The mommy-to-be was having a boy so she wanted a sun for her son , but still some flowers so I did a “son-flower” (sunflower) design with floral elements around it.

We also did henna tattoos on both her hands to compliment her baby belly design  ::  see more baby belly designs here

baby belly, henna design, sunflower, floral, prenatal henna design, henna tattoos

baby belly henna design with a sunflower

paisley henna tattoo design

paisley henna design

A fun floral mehndi design from the finger to the wrist .

mehndi design henna tattoo

mehndi design henna tattoo for the hand

One henna tattoo design for the top of the hand and one for the palm – complimentary designs of paisley and florals

henna tattoos on the palm and top of hands

henna tattoos on the palm and top of hands

And the last impromptu design, which I found to be the most fun to be creative with ! I rarely will apply henna to the face, but she wanted it SO badly – and I think it looked super cute :) xoxo

henna tattoo design on face

henna tattoo design on face

need more henna inspiration? Check out our HENNA VIDEO 




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Henna Tattoo

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Here’s a new henna tattoo design I did for the lower forearm . It’s a simple flower with just a few vines & swirls – very feminine and I just love how it came out .

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henna tattoo , henna flower

henna tattoo flower


Need more henna inspiration? Watch my Henna Video


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Safari Party – DIY Food & Decorations

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Safari Party – DIY Food & Decorations

My son turned 4 this January – I can hardly believe a year has past since his last birthday party ! Last year we did a Lego themed birthday party. This year he wanted to have a Safari Party (with Lego Ninja Turtles as the accent theme hah ) . With our friends at the Ann Arbor Creature Conservancy , we planned an interactive animal presentation for the kids & adults with food, cake & presents to boot . We had a blast ! Our animal guests were the three-banded armadillos, a sloth, the boa constrictor, a giant tortoise & a skunk . Anyone who lives in or around the Ann Arbor area, I would highly suggest hosting an event at the Creature Conservancy – they are a great non-profit that works with rescue animals and they help you host a great party.


For the food, I wanted the Safari party theme to be apparent so I enlisted my talented sister-in-law & went with all fruit and vegetables since Judah is a vegetarian anyway. Our guests gobbled up most of the food, but the left over fruit and veggies we left and donated to the animals to eat – and they were happy to have it, too.


Here are the pictures we have of the safari party food & event space, food table design, food ideas &  easy decorations I set up .

I love throwing fun, kid parties – little people have the best taste xo

food table, safari party, dessert table

food table set up for safari party

safari party, fruit lagoon, food ideas, birthday party

safari party food ideas – fruit lagoon

vegetarian kid party food ideas

vegetarian kid party food ideas


Snake sandwich – roasted red pepper, mushroom, pesto & mozzarella sandwich – What a hit! Everyone loved that one. The kids had an option of a almond butter and grape jelly sandwich on  gluten free bread that we used an elephant sandwich cutter to cut them out which was so helpful because you can get two elephants per sandwich.. brilliant!

snake sandwich , elephant sandwiches

snake sandwich and elephant sandwiches



snake sandwich, safari party food

snake sandwich – safari party food

Fun monkey head we made with a cantaloupe , oranges, sliced strawberry and blueberry eyes

safari party decoration, monkey, cantaloupe

Monkey head made of cantaloupe and oranges – safari party decoration

Gorilla grape kabobs with ants on a log with animal crackers

gorilla grape kabobs

gorilla grape kabobs

The juice bar for the kids . I love those monkey cups !

safari party juice bar

safari party juice bar


All the kids LOVED the explorer safari hats they received as a party favor .

kids table for safari party , party favors

kids table for safari party and party favors

And of course, it’s so helpful to let them just color all over the table so cover it with a big roll of paper – they are having fun, giving mom & dad a breather & decorating – a win win win.

kids party activity

kids party activity


My cute sister in law and her adorable safari party outfit showing her food labels she made with animal stickers .

safari party outfit

safari party outfit

His Lego Ninja Turtle cake made by my cake girl and safari cupcakes with plastic animals on each

Lego Ninja Turtle Cake

Lego Ninja Turtle Cake


Lego Ninja Turtle Cake

Lego Ninja Turtle Cake


We had a great time. I hope this helps you throw your own fun safari party for a birthday party.


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