Henna Private Event Information

Here you will find more details about booking a henna artist for your event. Our team has been entertaining guests at great parties for over 13 years. We do private parties, weddings, birthdays, bat/bar mitzvahs, girl’s weekends, bachelorette parties, graduation parties, senior all night lock-ins and more! See our list of past corporate clients.

What should I expect?

Your artist will arrive at your event at the scheduled time. Your artist brings a book of designs for your guests to choose from. Each design is done freehand and can be customized or your guest can choose a design they want online.  The henna paste your artist uses is made fresh using our small batch organic henna recipe . You may want to tell your guests to get the best result possible, the skin should be clean and dry, free of lotions, oils, or fragrances. Your artist will hand out care instructions to each guest so they can get the most from their henna experience.


How many designs can be done in an hour?

Your artist will always strive to make sure everyone at the party gets henna during the time that she is there. If there is a line, she will keep each design to 3-4 minutes a piece making it possible for roughly 15 people to get henna in an hour. If no one is waiting, each guest can get something more elaborate; your artist fills the time frame that you reserve. You may also book additional artists if you want to avoid a line as henna at a party is very popular. Additional artists are suggested if your party will have 50+ guests.  Here’s a visual example of time estimates for henna designs. 

For parties, we only bring 3-7 minute design options, unless you request otherwise.

What does my artist need?

All that is needed to be provided is 1 chair per artist and a chair for guests at a small table. The area should be lit enough to read and if the event is outdoors, your artist needs to be in a shaded location.

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What is the rate to book a party?

Your henna artist is $120 an hour, with a 2 hour minimum. It is $110 per hour for each additional artist if requested. The travel compensation varies depending on location. Our team travels to all of Michigan/Ohio. You can get an idea by using this map:

Any further questions email Kelly & Bridget : bridget@kellycaroline.com

or call 810-265-8494