Want to start applying your own henna designs? Check out this list of henna supplies and start mixing and making henna :

All Natural

Henna Powder

Organic Lavender

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Organic Tea Tree

Essential Oil 

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Henna is a paste that is applied to the top of the skin. As it dries, it stains your skin. simple.

After application, the dried, raised paste FALLS OFF and you are left with a bright orange stain that oxidizes and darkens over the next 24-48 hours to become that nice red / brown henna color. Last 7 days – 14 days. Henna is an all natural dye for the skin. Henna is extracted from the Lawsonia inermis tree by drying and grinding leaves and stems. The greenish powder, when mixed with an lemon juice, makes a temporary red, brown, or orange design on a porous surface. People use henna in ritual skin painting, called Mehndi, for birth and marriage celebrations. Western cultures have adopted henna to make temporary tattoos and organic hair dye. The Lawsonia inermis grows in hot, arid regions like North Africa and India. For centuries, people ground the foliage of the plant into a powder to dye cloth and skin. The strong pigment, lawsone, actually temporarily stains the skin. The dye is a dark pigment, but does not alter the surface permanently.