Top 5 Most Popular Henna Tattoo Designs

Top 5 Most Popular Henna Tattoo Designs

As a henna artist, my clients will sometimes bring up photos of henna tattoo designs they want done that are by other henna artists or henna designs I have done in the past and most of the time the work they show me I have seen before. They will usually pull up images via Pinterest or Google Images . So I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the 5 most popular henna tattoo designs. I am also somewhat of a social science enthusiast so I know that a big factor that goes into what people like and what catches their eye is not only the henna design, but also the photo styling i.e. colors, placement, surroundings. It’s fascinating to me when I see the same images time and time again as I think to myself “what is it about this photo in particular that people love?” I have a drawing that I did a few years back that has really been very popular and about 10 ladies have had it tattooed on them (that I know of) – you can read more about that very popular tattoo design here as well as other tattoos I have designed . *Note – I will be giving proper credit to these lovely henna artists when I know whom to give credit to. If there is no credit given, it’s just because I’m unaware of who did it so PLEASE let me know if you know who created it!  I will be sure to make the proper corrections. 

Number 5

Most Popular Henna Tattoo Designs

The Henna Sleeve

I would say about 25% of client coming into the studio request a full henna tattoo sleeve design. These are lovely and end up coming out quite nice. And most of the time clients are using this to test out a tattoo they would like to have and using henna to envision having that much tattoo coverage on their skin. Henna is a great way to test out tattoo designs.

Number 4

Most Popular Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna Floral Design

This is a design I did several years ago. The beauty of this henna design is that it is universal –  it can be applied almost anywhere on the body. I have done this same floral henna tattoo on the arm, hand, chest, and back. ivermectin sheep drench for chickens Originally this design was created as a lower back henna tattoo. I am glad it has stood the test of time as has been repinned on Pinterest over 6,000 times!

Number 3

Most Popular Henna Tattoo Designs

The Shoulder Cap Tattoo

This design is by the incomparable Darcy Vasudev of Henna Lounge and I see it many times from clients as a henna tattoo inspiration. (Side note – I’ve been getting my organic henna supplies from Darcy’s shop Henna Guru for over 6 years and I can’t say enough positive things about the customer service and quality of product!) A shoulder henna design is very popular because it can be a hidden place to get henna if you have a job that doesn’t allow for visible tattoos but it is also the perfect place to highlight your henna design with a sleeveless dress, swimsuit, or tank top.

Number 2

Most Popular Henna Tattoo Designs

The Glove Style Henna Design

Many of my clients request this style – the henna glove hand tattoo. What is important to do with this type of design is the symmetrical point that ends midway down the hand and the henna finger details where it looks like rings. To make this design really POP – get a lovely manicure with a pink or red polish color. oh yes!

Number 1

Most Popular Henna Tattoo Designs

The Asymmetrical Henna Hand Design

And of course, if you’ve been a henna artist for more than a day, you have come across this design by Henna By Divya. It seems to have everything a client is looking for – intricacy, movement, finger details, and floral elements so can you blame people for choosing this design time and time again? I certainly can’t! Great capture with the proper manicure, delicate pinky ring, and flawless application of henna. Well done Divya!

Henna Huddle 2017 Michigan Henna

Henna Huddle 2017 Michigan Henna

Henna Huddle 2017  Review

by: Jade Johnson – Artist for Kelly Caroline Henna Art 
Two-day Henna Huddle 2017 workshop included 4 classes and one evening talk. Nic Tharpa Cartier is not a rookie to the henna scene. He has been in the industry for 20 years, and has taught classes and workshops
worldwide, and currently works as a tattoo artist. There were 12 women + Nic. Very small and
intimate, there was a pot luck lunch and plenty of henna to go around! The women were super
supportive and authentic. What I found most welcoming was that there where artist of all
different stories. I learned about hennas deep roots. Mauritius is an island located on the
southeast coast; their henna style constructed with basic shapes, yet very extravagant. We also
looked at henna styles in the following counties of Mali, Niger, Senegal and Egypt. I can’t wait
to explore future workshops and classes!
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Michigan henna huddle 2017

Traditional Henna Techniques: Hand extruded & Tape Resist.

Tape Resist is an old style, utilizing straight lines, squares and geometric shapes. This style is
created with a material called leokoplast. The Artist manipulates the material using a razor blade
millimeter’s above the client’s skin. This technique will give you very sharp, extremely fine and
fiercely intricate motifs. Once the leokoplast is placed the artist will then smear henna over the
design & then remove the strips of leokoplast. This is complex because it allows the artist to
have fun with positive and negative spaces.

Translate Resist Designs

When recreating a design, it’s easiest to work in layers and follow the
contour of the motifs. Double lines will give your piece volumes of elegance. موقع رهانات
Modern western henna especially in the urban areas artist create very full, or scattered designs.
As a henna artist it’s extremely important to create the design as it appears oppose to creating
what your brain tells you what to see. Although; modern henna is folk art, meaning there no
convention to commit too.
“Tattoo it until it looks like a thing.” – Nic
Many artists beat themselves up over perfection; however, the level of perfection has minimal importance. In the
western world henna artist take their time.
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Michigan Henna Huddle 2017

 Design Issues That Appear

Body part switch: When confronted with a client that would like a palm design on their upper
arm. The artist needs to evaluate the new placement area, and think “what is the overall shape? I
want the design to be.” Once the artist has a placement they can then pull motifs from the palm
design to complement the upper arm design.
Working with clients can be challenging. Particularly when the artist is presented with an
extravagant tattoo the client found on Pinterest. With all the hope in the world the artist can
duplicate. I learned a simple, friendly response to such a request, and that is “I can use this as an
inspiration.” I feel inspired saying it!
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Michigan Henna Huddle 2017

Henna tattoos need to flow, and an easy way to keep the flow is create dark and white spaces
equal. Sometimes this can be tricky because a simple design is a simple design. قمار اون لاين Over
manipulation will give you a tattoo that isn’t flattering.
Clients will tell you they like unicorns, eyeballs, clouds, lizards etc. and would like to
incorporate it all into one design. It’s OK to ask them to condense! الرهانات As an artist pull part elements
to tastefully combine into a tattoo.

Dumb to Pretty

Being a henna artist, you are going to get tattoo request that seem to come out the wood work.
Request like pawprints, hearts, butterflies etc. How do you make those shapes pretty, and
incorporate a mehndi style? The answer is simple. Start with enlarging the basic outline of the
pawprint, and then work the design into it. Moroccan is the easiest style to fill an outline with,
for it looks beautiful and extravagant.
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Michigan Henna Huddle 2017

Christmas Gifts for Henna Artists and Henna Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Henna Artists and Henna Lovers

Okay folks : That special time of the year is rapidly approaching. To help you prepare here are some AMAZING Christmas gifts for the henna artists and henna lovers on YOUR list  (and maybe a few gifts for yourself )

I have gathered a fantastic compilation of henna art, jewelry, home accessories, clothing & paper products . All of these artists and products can be found on Etsy . I’ll add the description the artists have used for each item below .


henna, hands, wall decal sticker, mehndi

henna hands wall decal sticker

I WILL be ordering this wonderful decal for my Henna Salon  ! Look at the awesome detail and crazy-good henna artistry . (I want that red chair, too – so sexy ) Yes – so good.

” Sticker brand The newest interior design trend is adding vinyl art on interior walls. It’s easier than hiring an artist and a lot cheaper. The smaller pieces can be put up within minutes. The measurements are: 42″ Tall x 27″ Wide also available at  

henna , mason jar lanterns, candles

henna mason jar lanterns for candles

I want 20 or so of these so I can hang them all around my house – inside and outside. The pink & gold is so striking to me  !

LIT decor This unique lantern takes the mason jar to a whole new level! Perfect for adding home crafted elegance to any event, from a lavish wedding to an evening dinner on your own patio. These lanterns can withstand outdoor conditions- stands up great to wind and rain. A collection of these strung up on a warm spring night could be a wonderful alternative to the usual paper lanterns- adding colorful mood lighting in a lavish new way.

mandala henna, greeting card

mandala henna greeting card

Who here doesn’t LOVE getting personal letters and mail that isn’t bills? I know I love it and these greeting cards -what henna artist or henna lover wouldn’t sending or receiving these. Pick up a set of these and send one to your favorite henna artist 😉

” Tribal Tara A set of 4 Mandala cards featuring prints of my hand drawn artwork. This is one of my favourite designs and I use elements of it in my henna work too.


indian wedding henna , invitation printables

Indian wedding henna invitation printables

Throwing a Bollywood party ? Henna party ? Mehndi ceremony ? Check out this customizable printable for invitations, thank you cards, napkin holders and more !

Press Print Party Great for theme weddings, Bollywood birthdays, baby showers, adoption parties or just because. Make your OWN BANNERS all over the house, give unique favors and more! Print as many as you like! One of my best friends adopted a little girl from India and asked for henna inspired printables for the adoption party. This set made a happy occasion even more fun and bright! Customize this suite yourself with YOUR OWN TEXT!


henna hands, screen printed , t shirt, henna tshirt

henna hands screen printed t shirt

Show your love for gorgeous, traditional mehndi designs with this symmetrical wedding henna design t shirt by Episode Graphics – also available in other colors .

Episode Graphics  This Ethnic Henna print is soft, 50% cotton &25% poly fabric $ 25% rayon Tri-Blend “American Apparel” tee. also used environmentally friendly ink that sets in the vintage looking printing process – Episode Graphics designs are original, unique, and retro mind image. “Episode Graphics” creates printed artworks in Los Angeles, California that fit the retro and vintage American theme. Our vibe is light-hearted, witty, and fresh all throughout the week. All garments are tested for quality and longevity and are each individually handcrafted by our families.”

henna, hamsa, earrings

henna hamsa earrings

Subtle and lovely describes these Hamsa stud earrings . These are awesome earrings to show your love for henna everyday.

DD Femme The Hamsa has been used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history, and is believed to provide defense against the evil eye. These awesome Hamsa oval sterling silver post earrings are hand stamped, oxidized, than buffed to a shiny finish. They measure 11x9mm and are soldered to a sterling post with matching clutch. They are a perfect addition to your everyday earring collection!


white, henna, teacups

white henna teacups

There’s something so right about a pair of freshly henna’d hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea – ya feel me? Pick up this set of 4 henna’d tea cups and you’re half way there!

ibleedheART These white 6oz teacups have been hand painted with a lace henna design in black and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Set of 4 teacups.


henna , linen dress

henna printed linen dress

Taking a winter vacation this year to someplace tropical (or at least above 60 degrees) ? I would suggest picking up this linen dress with a whimsical henna print .

Peg Bessie This is a beautiful linen dress upcycled and revamped by me. Carefully hand painted with swirling patterns, hearts and circles. With splatter effect details to add to that hand crafted look. I loved complementing the style with my own detailing, a very inspiring piece! The contrast of the coral pink painting against the rich warm brown is strong but subtle and beautiful. The dress itself is 100% natural linen and an expensive designer piece of fine quality. originally made by Paul Berman. Pulls on over head, spaghetti straps, mermaid tail back (ie it hangs lower at the back, this is a dress with very fluid, feminine lines) frill detail towards bottom. Unlined so perfect for warmer days. This dress has a very bohemian feel but is very elegant and would not look out of place at a summer wedding or a special occassion at a restaurant.”


henna, letterpress card

henna letterpress card

Oooh ! There is a special place in my heart for such detailed letterpress – especially a letterpress card depicting some beautiful henna design.

Wild Ink Press From our Henna series: “Henna No. 1”. A hand drawn design, inspired by beautiful ancient and modern henna body art, is letterpressed in soft dark brown on white card stock. Blank inside. Letterpress printed in one color: henna brown. The card is printed on 100% recycled card stock (made in the USA by a hydro-powered paper mill), and comes with a recycled envelope (saffron). One card and one envelope. (see our other listing for sets of six) We also have two other henna designs available.”

organic henna , leggings, screen printed

organic henna leggings

Organic . Henna . Leggings . — Three lovely words that when put together, you get this CRAZY GORGEOUS accessory! ahh! NEED!

Sea of Wolves Design  This beautiful original henna style wing print has spirit. The placement on the hip makes for a very sexy legging as the design wraps around the front and the back. The unique and flattering print is created by a process of lifting the colour from the pitch black creating a very organic look to the design, easily worn at any time of year. The organic bamboo fabric is incredibly soft and with the option to fold down the high waist and shorten the length at the ankle, these easy leggings are a great fit for many body types and are ultra comfortable to wear. Once you slip into these leggings, you will never want to take them off.

Henna Artist in Michigan

Henna Artist in Michigan

Hello all! Happy Fall! It’s this time of the year that I am so happy to be a henna artist in Michigan because I get enjoy this beautiful fall weather. When I was a henna artist in Orlando, Florida working at Universal Studios, the people were always so fun because they were on vacation, but after a long, hot summer I need a cool Fall and chilly Winter but living in Florida, you don’t get fun season changes . Being a henna artist in Michigan , specifically Ypsilanti, Michigan is what I love.

Today I met a lovely client who wanted to pamper herself so she booked a private appointment at the henna salon. She requested fun, floral designs with vines for the tops of her hands and the tops of her feet . This was her first time having henna applied so before her appointment she read the FAQ – frequently asked questions about henna and how to prepare for her appointment.

Here are the photos of her henna on the tops of her hands and feet.


henna, hands, floral patterns, vine, design, mehndi

henna on the hands with floral patterns and vines

henna, top of foot, floral henna, mehndi, feet henna, vines

floral henna on the top of the feet


floral mehndi henna on the tops of hands