Baby belly henna

Today I had the opportunity to do one of my favorite gigs – a baby belly henna design at a belly blessing ceremony / henna party in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The pregnant belly is such a beautiful canvas. Today all the ladies there were incredibly nice and complimentary.

The design she choose was a large mandala flower and she wanted to incorporate orchid lady slipper flowers in the design, too. I suggested we place one on either side of her belly, and she just loved it. The orchid design is a replication of her mother’s lady slipper orchid tattoo so that was really special. All the other ladies at the party got simple henna designs done so they could carry a piece of the ceremony with them as they left.

Hrre are the pictures of the baby belly henna

Baby belly henna Michigan, pregnancy henna, henna artist Michigan, belly tattoo

Baby belly henna design in progress

Baby belly henna design

Baby belly henna design

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Orchid and mandala henna tattoo

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Belly blessing ceremony henna designs

Henna tattoo on the back

Here’s a picture from the photoshoot where I did the henna tattoo on the model’s back and I also did the hair arrangement.

I really loved working with this model ( and she says she loves her henna tattoo, so it works for both of us) hehe

The photoshoot was today at my henna salon in Ypsilanti, Michigan.


Here’s the picture :

henna tattoo, henna tattoo michigan, henna on the back

henna tattoo on the back

Henna party designs


Here are some recent henna party designs I have done at henna parties around Michigan.

A henna crown design for a woman going through chemotheraphy

Henna crown design, henna for chemotherapy

Henna crown

Henna octopus tattoo on the back

octopus henna tattoo

octopus henna tattoo

Floral Henna on feet

feet henna, floral henna, henna on feet

henna on feet

Henna sun tattoo on the shoulder

sun henna tattoo on the shoulder

sun henna tattoo on the shoulder

Henna tattoo on the foot

henna tattoo on the foot

henna tattoo on the foot

Mandala henna tattoo on the wrist

mandala henna tattoo on wrist

mandala henna tattoo on wrist



Michigan henna tattoo

Here is a quick simple henna tattoo on the back. The design is an original floral motif I created. Enjoy!

Henna is a paste that is applied to the top of the skin.

As it dries, it stains your skin. simple. see more here


Floral Michigan henna tattoo, Michigan henna, henna artist

Floral Michigan henna tattoo

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henna tattoo style by Kelly Caroline – michigan henna artist

Private Appointment henna designs 

michigan henna artist kelly caroline

Michigan henna artist

Michigan henna tattoos, henna tattoos, henna, henna tattoos, michigan , mehndi, kelly caroline, henna artist

Michigan Henna tattoos by Kelly Caroline

Prenatal Henna – baby belly henna designs

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Prenatal henna design baby belly henna

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baby belly prenatal henna design by michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline

Wedding Henna designs

henna, hands, floral patterns, vine, design, mehndi

henna on the hands with floral patterns and vines

wedding henna artist in Michigan - bridal henna michigan Kelly Caroline

wedding henna artist in Michigan – bridal henna michigan Kelly Caroline

henna artist, michigan, henna tattoos

wedding henna artist in Michigan – bridal henna michigan Kelly Caroline

henna stain, henna hands
Michigan henna tattoos by henna artist Kelly Caroline.