Henna Michigan – Wedding Henna

Henna Michigan

Hello! Long time no talk, eh? Well, I apologize for my recent absence – lots of positive things have been happening that have kept me quite busy! Anyways, here is a wedding henna design that incorporates my two favorite things : flowers and paisleys . I hope you enjoy this wedding henna as much as I do.


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wedding henna

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bridal mehndi


Bird Design Henna

Here are a few pics from a henna session last night at the salon. A family came in to have henna tattoos to celebrate their cousin coming back into town from Washington D.C. where she was an intern at NPR ‘s “All Things Considered”  . That’s such a cool position!

Anyways, on to the pictures of the bird design henna on the hand – I think this bird is a sparrow.  The other designs are two hand designs and a foot tattoo. One is a triquetra turned into a flower and the other hand is a floral henna design recreation from an ebook.  The foot was a custom request for a henna ankle bracelet with the flower falling down her foot.

bird henna design, sparrow henna, bird henna on hand, sparrow tattoo

bird henna design - sparrow tattoo

triquetra , triquetra henna , triquetra tattoo

triquetra henna tattoo

floral henna tattoo

floral henna tattoo

henna ankle tattoo, floral henna foot design

floral henna ankle bracelet

Traverse City Henna Party

Traverse City Henna:

Hello! Today I am travelling to Traverse City for a Henna Party . Its beautiful up there. I’ll be doing henna for an Indian wedding. I’m very excited to get to go. I’ll post pictures when I get back.

Also, I am doing FREE HENNA for you at the Eastern Michigan University University Christian Fellowship house . They are having a CARNIVAL from 9:30pm – midnight. Come check it out! Free food, free games, free rides and FREE HENNA



Bridal Henna Pictures

Hello all! I had a lovely model in the henna salon and photo studio for a few moments to showcase some simple bridal henna designs on her hands. There is a photography studio set up at my henna salon at all times. When you get your henna done, you can get pics taken for free! I’ll email them to you so you can have professional photos taken of your special henna design.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did doing them.

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