Here are a few pics from a henna session last night at the salon. A family came in to have henna tattoos to celebrate their cousin coming back into town from Washington D.C. where she was an intern at NPR ‘s “All Things Considered”  . That’s such a cool position!

Anyways, on to the pictures of the bird design henna on the hand – I think this bird is a sparrow.  The other designs are two hand designs and a foot tattoo. One is a triquetra turned into a flower and the other hand is a floral henna design recreation from an ebook.  The foot was a custom request for a henna ankle bracelet with the flower falling down her foot.

bird henna design, sparrow henna, bird henna on hand, sparrow tattoo

bird henna design - sparrow tattoo

triquetra , triquetra henna , triquetra tattoo

triquetra henna tattoo

floral henna tattoo

floral henna tattoo

henna ankle tattoo, floral henna foot design

floral henna ankle bracelet