Sangeet Henna Artist Michigan

Sangeet Henna Artist Michigan

Oh boy have I had such a fun summer! So many of you have had excellent henna parties all across the state of Michigan and I and Lisse have been able to attend as your henna artists. Lisse and I have both travelled to Traverse City and Cadillac Michigan for different events : a henna workshop at the Traverse City Library  , two graduation parties and a few corporate events. I have been to Canton, Royal Oak, Troy and Rochester Hills for many Michigan high school grads this summer and Lisse has been to Saline, Ann Arbor, and Dexter for birthday parties and girls nights. My henna studio in Ypsilanti has been buzzing with private appointments all season. We thank you for such an amazing Summer and are looking forward to a great Autumn.

This past week I did two henna parties for the same family, who previously had me as their henna artist for their son’s wedding two years ago in Cincinnati. Now it was the daughter’s turn to be married, and I have to say how thrilled I was to be working for this great, warm, friendly and super fun family again. On Wednesday was the bride’s mehndi party for her closest friends, aunties and family members. what are the side effects of taking ivermectin I was overwhelmed at how much love and joy was in the room! I also got to meet a few new ladies, including Monika who’s musing blog is over at Quibbling : Observations of the World Around Me – if you like to take a deep observational look at the ordinary, check her work out.

On Friday was the Sangeet at the Eagle Crest Marriott in Ypsilanti. A Sangeet is a party the day before an Indian wedding, filled with fun presentations, dances, speeches, and games put on by the bride and groom’s family and friends. MDR1 mutation dog ivermectin toxicosis I always have a great time attending a Sangeet as a henna artist because you get to see the fun and silly side of the families. can ivermectin pour on wormer for cattle work for fleas in dogs Not to mention the amazing color and decorations! The decorations were done by the ladies at JDV Events . Go look at their AMAZING gallery of weddings including their traditional weddings as well as their fusion weddings – so lovely. I snagged some pictures at the Sangeet this weekend. I was set up in this colorful jewel-toned lounge for henna.

Henna lounge area for Sangeet - Decor by JDV Events Henna by Kelly Caroline Henna Art

Henna lounge area for Sangeet – Decor by JDV Events Henna by Kelly Caroline Henna Art


Henna lounge area for Sangeet - Decor by JDV Events Henna by Kelly Caroline Henna Art

Henna lounge area for Sangeet – Decor by JDV Events Henna by Kelly Caroline Henna Art

Henna lounge area for Sangeet - Decor by JDV Events Henna by Kelly Caroline Henna Art

Henna lounge area for Sangeet – Decor by JDV Events Henna by Kelly Caroline Henna Art

I also got a few photos of the henna tattoos from two days before that were done at the Mehndi party. It’s rare when I see designs after they have walked away! Such is the life for henna artist Michigan .

indian_sangeet_henna_designs_wedding, Henna after pictures - henna red stain on the hands at Sangeet

Henna after pictures – henna red stain on the hands at Sangeet

indian_sangeet_henna_designs_hands_wedding, Henna after pictures - henna red stain on the hands at Sangeet , henna michigan

Henna after pictures – henna red stain on the hands at Sangeet

Here are a few pictures of the mehndi I did for the guests the night of the Sangeet

Michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline - henna for Indian wedding

Michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline – henna for Indian wedding

Michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline - henna for Indian wedding

Michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline – henna for Indian wedding

Michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline - henna for Indian wedding

Michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline – henna for Indian wedding

And of course, no Indian wedding post would be complete without seeing the bride’s mehndi ! I was so lucky I got to spend so much time doing this lovely bride’s henna because she is such a loved person by her friends and family, and I can see why!

She wanted traditional henna, fitting for a bride.

Indian wedding henna by Michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline

Indian wedding henna by Michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline

I love my business and how many great people I get to meet through it!

Sangeet Henna Artist Michigan

Henna Tattoo Design by Kelly Caroline

Henna Tattoo Design by Kelly Caroline

Wow has this been a BUSY Summer for henna tattoos in Michigan! I cannot thank my lovely clients enough for all the love! This is the beautiful @hadnasty sporting her henna I did for her in the studio. This photo of her henna tattoo can be found on her insta feed. Go check out her amazing hair styling talent and beautiful pics – wow

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Henna Tattoo by Kelly Caroline

An Instagram photo by henna artist, Kelly Caroline.

Permanent Tattoo Designing

Hello Everyone! Here in Michigan we have been blessed with more and more sunshine lately, allowing us all to enjoy being outside more! I do love this time of the year. My flower garden is starting to sprout and I’m looking forward to a long growing season.

In other news, lately especially, I have been getting 1-2 requests per week for permanent tattoo designing for ladies as well as copyright requests for drawn art I have done to be permanently done by professional tattoo artists. I have always had clients at the salon have henna done at the salon to test out a permanent tattoo, which is a great idea.

I love that my art can touch individuals in such a way that they want to have it forever. I want to share a few emails I have gotten lately about permanent tattoo designing :

“I have absolutely fallen in love with one of your henna tattoo designs and I am actually interested in having it permanently tattoo-ed on my body” -B.K.
“This design catches my eye because it is like a Mandala, but very nature/floral which is something that is absolutely me. It is a beautiful reminder of how complex we are as human creatures, so beautiful and elegant, like flowers – and yet so connected to earth, simple, organic, fragile, like flowers.” – Brittany
“I would love for you to design something fun for me! I want to get it on the top of my foot. I definitely want it to be circular. A little bit about me that may help design– I am a yoga teacher so I work barefoot. I LOVE elephants!” -S.K

“Kelly! I LOVE THIS!! Thank you so much. I am making an appointment somewhere around Ann Arbor for the end of April/May. I will definitely keep you posted and give you credit in all social media posts. Again, thank you so much. I really appreciate this. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to promote you” – K

“First I’d like to tell you I absolutely adore your work. Every piece is just gorgeously done. I’m interested in tattooing one/two of your designs on my hip. I’d like permission to do that. I’d be looking to join two pieces together for the whole tattoo.” – Marisa

“I just wanted to share that I got one of your designs as a tattoo last April! I get sooooo many compliments! Love it!” – Whitney

“I saw it on Pinterest and fell in love. I looked at it for a month and I realized I’ld love to have it on my body forever. I now have seen it on my body these past couple day and I love it even more!”  – Amanda

*Blush* Thank you ladies – those words touch me deeply. Thank you!

Here are some photos of the henna tattoo designs of mine that have been turned into permanent tattoo designs and drawings that have been made into permanent tattoo designs as well.


henna mandala elephant tattoo

floral henna tattoo, permanent tattoo, henna tattoo, kelly caroline, michigan henna tattoo artist

floral henna tattoo turned into a permanent tattoo

Michigan henna artist, Kelly Caroline, permanent tattoo, henna tattoo

flower henna tattoo turned into a permanent henna tattoo by Michigan henna artist, Kelly Caroline

Check-out-this-lovely-permanent-tattoo-on-@theklemm-inspired-by-my-drawing-How-sweet-she-sent-me-a-p A-great-recreation-of-one-of-my-favorite-henna-tattoo-designs-I-did-.-.-.Repost-from-@tattoosbychris

Henna Tattoos – Baby Belly Henna

Happy Spring everyone! Starting to see more skin lately, here in the great state of Michigan. The majority of the Arctic weather has about passed here and once again it is the beginning of sandal & tank top weather which means the salon is starting to be buzzing with clients once again.

Lately the majority of my clients have been lovely mothers-to-be getting baby belly henna, pregnancy henna, prenatal henna (whatever you call it, it is so adorable!) I have said it before and I’ll say it again, as a henna artist in Michigan, one of my favorite henna designs is prenatal henna – mandalas henna designs, tree henna tattoos, floral henna – all of it is so fun!

Check out my latest henna tattoos for pregnant women . For the first one here, this is the second time I have gotten to do a henna design for this mother. The first time she was carrying twins with this tree design some of you might remember

prenatal henna, pregnancy henna design, michigan henna tattoos

prenatal henna, pregnancy henna design

henna tree tattoo design for baby belly

tree henna tattoo design for a baby belly


This time around, she wanted a tree, but since it wasn’t twins, she wanted a similar design.

We did a single tree design with 5 flowers around it, symbolizing each member of her growing family. So sweet.

pregnancy henna design with a tree

pregnancy henna design with a tree

At her appointment, she had a few friends gathering around her as her support group. They each got henna tattoos done as well. Here are a few:

foot henna tattoo, henna tattoo, ann arbor, michigan , kelly caroline

foot henna tattoo Ann Arbor, Michigan

henna hand tattoo design, michigan henna artist

henna hand tattoo design

Another fun appointment lately was for a set of two good friends who were about 3 weeks apart in their pregnancy so they decided to get henna tattoos together to celebrate their upcoming births.

One of the women chose to have a mandala henna tattoo with a floral theme.

Mandala henna tattoo, Michigan henna artist

Mandala henna tattoo Michigan


Her friend chose also a symmetrical mandala design but with an OHM symbol in the center to represent peace for her birth.

ohm henna tattoo, michigan henna artist, kelly caroline, prenatal henna

OHM Henna tattoo for pregnancy symbol

And for my favorite picture, here is a very lovely picture of the two mommies together with their prenatal henna designs

prenatal henna designs, henna tattoos michigan

prenatal henna designs


Haven’t had enough mandalas? Here is a bonus

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Henna Tattoos Michigan, henna michigan, kelly caroline henna artist, henna tattoos michigan, mehndi , henna crown, henna for the head, alopecia, henna tattoos, ypsilanti, ann arbor henna

henna crown by michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline

Engagement Mehndi party henna – Henna Michigan

Henna Michigan


A lovely bride from this weekend in Novi. She chose lovely henna designs for her engagement ceremony henna. She wanted traditional Indian style henna with paisleys for the top of the hands and mandalas with negative space for the palms.

I just couldn’t get over that hand embroidered pattern on her dress!

Here is the picture of her wedding henna design :

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Michigan henna,  Indian wedding, henna michigan

henna by Kelly Caroline – Henna Michigan