Henna Accessories

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I get so thrilled when I see amazingly creative people making such cute things! How about these henna accessories? Its great to wear one thing like this everyday just as a little “pop” of color to brighten up your day or to add some flair to your step.

Having a sturdy cuff around your wrist adds a bit of confidence to your day. This hot, handmade leather artisan cuff from STRAP by Alexander is just the one you want.

henna cuff, leather cuff, bracelet, custom

Rainnua Art Pendants showcases this lovely silver OM Pendant with a mehndi design. Gotta love that!

om pendant necklace, henna pendant

The day I discovered Tagu seed jewelry I fell in love! They are seeds from a palm tree found along the Amazon river. Look at these “henna red” tagua seed earrings from Dennise and Jon. I see them and think “spicy” !

red tagua nut, earrings, henna red

Hand drawn henna shoes by Stealth Fox! These are so popular and I just adore them. Such a great feeling putting on a clean pair of white shoes but then add custom artwork and you have a unique pair of kicks that give you a boost all day!

henna shoes, custom design

Speaking of giving you a boost, bright red lip stain says to the world “Yes, I’m ready for you.” This water-proof lip stain by  Henna King is special because its organic, chemical free made with only Henna, JoJoba Seed Oil, Mica, Rose Petals, Burberry Root, Bees Wax and Water. Can you say “sexy”? .. I can.

organic, red lip stain, no chemicals


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Henna Wedding Items

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Henna wedding invitations, cookie favors, shoes & jewelry  – watch out ladies  – this is a TEMPTING post! <3

Before you have your amazing wedding, you need invitations. That’s where Citlali Creativo comes in with their beautiful henna inspired wedding invitations .


Next you need your delicate henna style silver necklace and ring by AbellaBlue

Henna wedding necklace, silver

henna ring, silver

For your Mehndi Ceremony, wear Kelka Jewelry ‘s stunning gold Moroccan henna cuff

henna wedding, gold cuff, mehndi

This hot, hand painted, henna style heels from Coco Belle Boutique are show stopping!

henna wedding heels, shoes, hand painted

And to give all your guests, these yummy and cute sugar cookie elephants from Baked are a great wedding favor

henna wedding favors, cookies, elephant


Enjoy these great ideas for your perfect henna wedding!


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Henna Clothing

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Henna clothing – clothes with mehndi & henna print! Could there be a better way to show off your love of henna? – I think not! With these amazing henna clothing items, your love of henna doesn’t have to fade after 2 weeks! It can last forever <3

From Cyveroptix, see these henna style ties for your man! Perfect accent to a Mehndi Ceremony or even a wedding reception.

henna clothing, henna ties, wedding

From Meg Stang , these adorable hand painted henna shoes are perfect for everyday wear to say to the world “I LOVE HENNA!”

Henna clothing, Henna tennis shoes, hand painted

From V.O. CLOTHING, this sexy henna inspired asymmetrical top is ideal for going out with your girlfriends for a night .. rrawr!

henna clothing, henna shirt


So there you have it! Three great new henna clothing items – one for your man, one for everyday and one for a great party! Look for more henna inspired clothing items soon!


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Henna Decorated Tray

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Here’s a quick serving tray I decorated with a henna style design for my neighbor’s wedding anniversary. I used Copic Markers and a thrift store found wooden serving tray. Enjoy!

henna serving tray, decoration, design, copic markers

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Henna Photos

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Here are the henna photos from the shoot with Ka Xiong . Our lovely model, Polly Theism & make up artist / hair stylist Sandy Bambi and of course, henna by Kelly Caroline (me)  shot in Ypsilanti, Michigan – Depot Town

henna, bridal design, michigan, artist, ka xiong, polly theism

henna, hand design, vintage, wedding, photo, ka xiong, polly theism

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Ka Xiong Photoshoot

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Here is a sneak peek at the photos from the shoot with Ka Xiong . Our lovely model, Polly Theism & make up artist / hair stylist Sandy Bambi and of course, henna by Kelly Caroline (me)  shot in Ypsilanti, Michigan – Depot Town <3
henna photo shoot with ka xiong, polly theism, sandy bambi, ypsilanti, make up, henna, hair stylist, model

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Photoshoot with Ka Xiong

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I have an exciting upcoming photoshoot with an amazing Michigan photographer, Ka Xiong . Stay tuned for the pictures!

henna, dearborn, michigan

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Henna with Tana

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Excitement! Photos are up from the shoot with Emi – our lovely model & Tana Helene Photography. Please enjoy – this was such an amazing collaboration. Wonderfully talented ladies on a beautiful Michigan day. <3
henna artist, michigan, henna photoshoot, emi, tana helene, photography, flower design, arm
henna tattoo artist kelly caroline
henna on back, henna tattoo, artist michigan
henna tattoo, artist, michigan, henna back, flowers

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Modern Mehdni – Vol. 2 Festival Henna Designs is now on Kindle!! Soon to be available here on my website. Is NOW Available on my website: Henna ebook  .  Yay! So exciting. This is volume 2, second to Modern Mehdni- A Collection of Henna Designs. Here are pages from the ebook for free! Free henna ebook



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Henna Tattoo Michigan

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This is a back Henna tattoo for Ashley . I met her at The Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti. (awesome food, awesome people) She wanted an organic, flowing design up her back. Enjoy !

Henna tattoo Michigan

henna tattoo, design, flowing design, back, wurst bar

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Big Bang Theory Poster!

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Big Bang Theory Poster.

I made a poster for a Big Bang Theory craft swap on Craftster.org . I love The Big Bang Theory and have been a big fan since its first season. I had the idea of drawing the characters and putting the quotes in the background like wallpaper. And here’s the result!

The poster is 18″ X 24″

big bang theory, poster, drawing, quotes, wallpaper, craftster, swap

Big Bang Theory Poster

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Mural @ Children’s Center

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I like to give back to community organizations when I can. The past 3 days I volunteered my time to paint this mural for The Children’s Center in Detroit, Michigan. “The Children’s Center is proud to offer a continuum of more than 20 programs and services on a multifaceted campus in midtown Detroit. Compared with other child and family agencies in Michigan, we offer the largest number of specialized therapeutic programs for at-risk children and youth. All our services are strength-based, family-focused, and embody a holistic approach to treating children and their families. Our mission to help children and families shape their own futures is an ever-present commitment in our menu of services.”

My inspiration for the painting of it came from this great book “I Love You So” by Marianne Richmond.

i love you so book, marianne richmond, book

"I Love You So" Marianne Richmond

Here is it: ** the hallway is very very narrow, so I could only take a pictures from the side. **

kids mural, childrens center, detroit, michigan

kids, mural, childrens center, detroit

trees, mural, childrens center, detroit, michigan

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Peacock Henna Tattoo

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I really love this new design! The idea was brought to me by a new, really cool client names Erin. She wanted a peacock henna design on her back. I am really loving how it came out. Enjoy the peacock henna tattoo:

peacock henna tattoo
peacock henna tattoo
peacock henna tattoo

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Henna in Michigan – Novi

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Henna in Michigan – Novi

For an event at the Dirty Martini Bar in Novi I needed a model. Here are the henna tattoos I did for Farah, my henna model.

Enjoy <3
henna, shoulder, model, farah, novi
henna on hands, henna tattoo, model, novi, michigan
henna tattoo, michigan, novi, model, shoulder

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Video with Copic Markers

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Here’s the video I made featuring my new drawing I featured here . I used Prismacolors, Copic Markers & Faber-Castell pens. This took about 3.5 hours to complete. Enjoy!

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Drawing with Copic Markers

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The henna season is just getting going so since I am excited to get it going, my creative energy is flowing. Here’s a picture of the final product of an art drawing I did using Copic Markers, Prismacolor markers & Faber-Castell art pens. This took about 3.5 hours to complete. I also created a video of this that should be online shortly.

henna season, drawing, flowers, copic markers, prismacolors

drawing done with Copic Markers and Prismacolors by https://www.kellycaroline.com

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Paper Bag Art

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Stretching my creative muscle, its always nice to work off the body and do some art. Here I took a regular Kroger paper grocery bag we used for groceries and used my Copic Markers , white Prismacolor colored pencil, and the fine tip Faber-Castell art pen to create this. I really like how it came out. It will be hanging up at the Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti.

drawing, copic markers, prismacolors, wurst bar, art, paper bag

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Arabic henna video

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Here is the video for my recent Arabic style mehndi on my hand.

Arabic henna video

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Mehndi on Hand

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Mehndi I did on my hand today. I also made a henna video of this design. I like designs on my hand to feature flowers and paisleys. I don’t think that’s a surprise =-)


henna, tattoo, artist, flowers, michigan, kelly caroline

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4 Leaf Clover Henna

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Heres a four leaf clover abstract design with henna. This is on the side torso area.

henna 4 leaf clover, four, torso, abstract design

four leaf clover in henna

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Mandala Tattoo Design

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New henna Mandala design! I really enjoy doing circular henna designs with elaborate lines.

henna, tattoo, hand, design, mandala

Henna Mandala Design

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Arm Henna Tattoo

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Another fun henna tattoo style design on a forearm. This is an original floral & paisley – my favorite type of design :-)

henna tattoo, forearm, design, floral, paisley

Henna arm tattoo

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Henna Tattoos for Hands

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Here are a few pictures of recent henna designs. One on a leg and two for the hands. These were done at the B-24s Cafe in Ypsilanti where I do some of my local private appointments. Enjoy the new pictures :

henna tattoo, michigan, henna artist

henna tattoo artist, hand henna design, mehndi

henna tattoo arm design, kelly caroline, flowers

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Henna Tattoo Video

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A new Henna tattoo design on the back. Floral elements & organic shapes. Enjoy this new YouTube video!

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Henna in Troy, Michigan

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Last night I was in Troy, Michigan and did a few designs and I liked this foot design I did. The client asked for a henna tattoo on her foot with flowers & leaves . I think I did what she asked seeing as she was really excited when it was all finished. Here is the tattoo from last night:

henna tattoo, troy michigan, henna tattoo michigan, foot design

Henna Foot Tattoo

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