Bird Henna Design

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I got an opportunity to do a private henna appointment recently where the client requested a design that represented “strength and beauty” so we collaborated and I did this bird henna design on her back. I hope you enjoy it.


bird henna design, Phoenix henna, back henna, private appointment

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Man Henna Tattoo – Henna Michigan

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Man Henna Design  – Henna Michigan


I love doing henna tattoos for men – it really gets me to stretch my “henna tattoo muscle” outside of flowers & paisleys . Today I got to do henna tattoo for a cool guy who wanted a nature scene on his arm, with a different wave, inspired by a Sublime box set cover here :

henna design, box set cover, sublime, nature henna, henna michigan

"Everything Under the Sun" - Sublime

Here’s my take on it because he wanted a more abstract wave :

sun henna design, man design, sublime box cover, fish henna

Henna man design with sun & fish

henna man design, fish henna, sublime henna design

And a little extra  henna cuff design :

henna cuff design, henna tattoo, henna cuff

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Girly Birthday Henna Party

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Today I got to meet a lot of great girls for a cute, girly birthday party here in Ann Arbor. They had a yoga instructor to work with all the girls, personalized yoga mat party favors, a slip and slide, pastel-colored cupcakes and me! (doing henna for all the girls) It was a blast. <3 Here are just two quick pictures I snapped while I did at the henna party .


henna party, henna party michigan, girl party idea

simple henna design, henna flower, henna party

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Stacey’s Bridal Henna

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Here’s Stacey’s Bridal Henna – a lovely bride having a destination wedding in Hawaii. She wanted simple and sweet bridal henna for her wedding. She came to my henna salon to have her bridal henna applied and I got to meet her nice fiance. They make a cute couple. Here’s the pics! Enjoy

bridal henna, michigan henna tattoo, wedding mehndi

bridal henna, hands and feet, mehndi, wedding


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Henna Tattoos Michigan

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Henna Tattoos Michigan

Hello! Here are some recent henna tattoos I have done at parties around Michigan this summer. I’ve been at a lot of graduation parties , bachelorette parties & holiday parties in Michigan so far and I’ve met a lot of great people. Here are some fun kid henna designs, Dolphin tattoos, compass henna design, mother & daughter henna designs, scorpion henna tattoo design for boys, swirly henna tattoos, Superman logo henna tattoo and tree henna designs. Enjoy!

henna tattoo, indian wedding, michigan

henna tattoo, superman logo, michigan party

henna tree tattoo

swirly henna tattoo

miami dolphin, henna tattoo

henna compass tattoo

henna leg tattoo

mother daughter henna design, henna tattoo michigan

mehndi party, henna tattoo

floral henna tattoo

henna tattoo, mandala, michigan graduation party

manly henna, henna tribal tattoo, scorpion henna tattoo

floral henna design, shoulder henna tattoo, party michigan henna

floral henna tattoo, flower henna design, shoulder henna

henna foot tattoo, mandala

tribal henna tattoo, henna for boys

Henna Tattoos Michigan

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Jamie Bourgeois – Textile Artist

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My friend Jamie Bourgeois is a huge inspiration to me. She is a very thoughtful textile artist with a message on how humans interact with their environment.

(psst! I want this dress so badly!.. she needs to make many more of these..)

jamie bourgeois, colony, fungi dress

Having graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, she recently completed a series named Homogeneous :

“A series of screen printed silk scarves which explore the classification of non-human organisms in order to see more clearly into how we can perceive ourselves as humans, as entities with the same basic needs and fundamental desires as all living beings.”


jamie bourgeois, scarves, homogeneous

99% of all living species that have ever lived on this planet are now extinct.”


jamie bourgeois, scarves, homogeneous

“Parasites live on or in a host organism at the expense of the host, benefiting only itself.”


jamie bourgeois, scarves, homogeneous

“Invasive species invade foreign ecosystems, deplete resources, and crowd out other species.”

 All I can say is : incredibly inspiring, thought provoking with detail to make your head spin!  I can’t wait to see what Jamie has in store for us in the future.

+ All artwork is by Jamie Bourgeois +

Jamie Bourgeois – Fibers Collection from Gabby Garcia-Pardo on Vimeo.

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All Girls Prom

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My henna tattoo art was part of a New York Times Article – > The All Girls Prom  picture 3 on the slideshow.  I was really proud to be apart of such a great event – an all girls prom in Hamtramck, Michigan so girls who cannot “party with boys” as they said to me, could have a prom. The girls had a great time and I really enjoyed doing henna for them. I hope they make it an annual affair.


all girls prom, new york times, henna

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Indian Bridal Henna Michigan – Mehndi Party

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Indian Bridal Henna Michigan – Mehndi Party

Hello! I just got back from my trip to KawKawlin, Michigan  to do Indian Bridal Henna for a very sweet bride whose destination wedding is to Jamaica. She wanted elaborate Indian mehndi from her elbows to finger tips on the palm side and elaborate but less intricate design on the back of her hands. She also wanted to incorporate the peacock in her design. I also did her feet with pretty flowers and paisleys. I love the way it came out! I hope you like it, too.

bridal mehndi, michigan, indian bridal henna

indian bridal mehndi, michigan

indian bridal henna, wedding mehndi, mehndi party

bridal henna, bridal mehndi, indian wedding, michigan

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Henna Party Michigan – Baby Belly

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Henna Party Michigan – Baby Belly

This weekend I got to be apart of a very special henna party for a lovely pregnant girl and do henna on her baby belly. She’s having twins and her family & friends from New York  & Tulsa flew/drove in to be apart of her celebration. I felt a lot of love at this henna party. All the guests got some henna done on their hands or feet and sat and watched the mommy-to-be get her belly decorated with a tree design that she found online. Enjoy!

baby belly, henna design, tree

baby belly henna design

baby belly henna design, tree, henna

henna party, baby shower, baby belly, guest designs

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Bridal henna and Sweet 16 Henna Party

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Recently I got to do a Sweet 16 Henna Party with a really special birthday girl. Her party was dinosaur themed, but who says you can’t have a henna party / dinosaur party? – exactly! So for her 16th birthday she wanted henna done on her arm – a sugar skull henna tattoo ! Super cool. Here it is:

sugar skull, henna tattoo, sugar skull henna design

And then we have a lovely non-traditional bridal henna. Her dress is like a corset fit so she wanted a circular, Moroccan checker inspired, lace-like design all around her arms, chest and back. Enjoy!

bridal henna, checkerboard, Moroccan

Moroccan bridal henna

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Michigan Henna Pregnant Belly Design

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New Michigan henna pregnant belly design by Kelly Caroline . Our lovely soon-to-be momma here wanted a lotus flower and Rowan tree concept for her baby belly design in henna.

Enjoy this henna pregnant belly design!

henna baby belly, pregnant belly design, prenatal henna, rowan tree, lotus flower

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Michigan Henna Tattoo – Arms and Hands

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Michigan henna tattoo 

New Michigan Henna tattoo Designs ! Henna arm and hand designs that are all original designs of Kelly Caroline . Today 3 of 4 of these designs were done on violin players.. how odd is that? I think its pretty cool, but very odd that I would have 3 violin player clients on the same day.

The first design is an Indian henna inspired hand

indian henna, arm design

Next is a henna arm design with a mandala

henna arm design, mandala

Next is a henna glove design with lines and triangles for the fingers

henna glove design

And for her other hand was a similar design I did with triangles and lines

henna glove, hand design

And finally this picture is of the sweet 16 birthday girl (the 3rd violinist) and her mom who got henna done on their hands today for her birthday. How cute are they?

mother daughter, henna, sweet 16 birthday henna

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Arabic Henna on the hands

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Here are two recent Arabic henna designs on the hands that I did near Dearborn, MI.

arabic henna, hands, design

arabic henna, hands, design

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Super Mario Bros 3 Henna ! (and bodypaint)

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YES! I have done it : A scene from Super Mario Bros 3 henna and body paint! My dear friend Vaughn sat so perfectly still while I did about 90 minutes of  henna work on his back replicating a map of Super Mario Bros 3 and then did body paint to fill in the colors.  Here’s the results ! Note: He gets to have this on his back for 2 whole weeks.

 super mario bros 3, henna, body paint



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Henna Back Designs – Flowers !

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I love flowers – I think that’s more than apparent with my henna back designs . Enjoy another florally henna back design <3 and have a wonderful day <3

henna back design

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Henna Back Design

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Hello! What a lovely day it was today – perfect weather here in Michigan. Perfect day to do a summery henna back design. One of my favorite motifs – flowers & leaves. Enjoy this great henna back design – an original design by Kelly Caroline Henna Art.

henna, back design, flowers, leaves

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Henna Flower – simple henna design

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Here’s a simple henna design – took about 7 minutes. Very easy to do : one large flower, two paisleys, some rays & dots.

simple henna design

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Kelly Caroline – Michigan Henna Artist

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Kelly Caroline – Michigan Henna Artist

Here are a few photos of me doing henna again today in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan. I really love doing henna outside on a lovely afternoon like today. I feel very blessed to be a henna artist in the great state of Michigan. Living in Michigan, we get to experience every season (although we have had some strange occurrences with the weather this year).

Anyways, its lovely to live here in Michigan. <3 hope you enjoy the pics.

*This is not an original design by Kelly Caroline Henna Art – my client found the design online and I’m not sure where so I cannot properly credit the artist*

henna artist, michigan

henna artist, michigan

henna artist, michigan, hand design

*This is not an original design by Kelly Caroline Henna Art – my client found the design online and I’m not sure where so I cannot properly credit the artist*

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Detroit Michigan Henna

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Detroit Michigan Henna

Today I got to meet a nice lady who met me in Ypsilanti at the B-24 cafe and she and her friends drove in from Detroit Michigan to get some henna done. She really liked her “sexy” designs (as she called them)   :-) I love making my clients feel great! Here are the pictures :

floral henna arm design, henna detroit michigan

floral henna foot design, henna detroit michigan


I also met with a nice couple who each got henna done for their wedding anniversary gift to each other. Their daughter got this cute Indian style peacock henna design :

peacock henna design

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Artwork of Misha Blaise

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A new feature today:  a very talented & creative artist (and busy mom- like me)  Misha Blaise  from Austin, TX. I am very inspired by her mixed media artwork that is a take on nature and cultural embroidery designs. I really love the floral prints as well as the intricate embroidery representations. Super excited to see what she comes up with next!

**Also, note that each purchase from her Etsy page  goes to help support a woman survivor of war that Misha sponsors through **

Meet Misha :

misha blaise, photo magic was the dawn, misha blaise, print

Where do you get your inspiration?
I am obsessed with beautiful and elegant textile design from around the world.

croatia embroidery, misha blaiseFor example, my father is from Croatia, and I have been collecting old Yugoslavian embroidery patterns to transfer into some of my digital pieces. These people make some of the coolest designs: the colors are super bold and the images are elegant and complex. I like reinventing patterns like this within my pieces by merging them with more modern elements.

What is your creative process ? 
My creative process took a major blow when I had my first child because I just didn’t have very much time to work anymore. But this limitation eventually became an asset to me. I started planning my art mentally ahead of time as detailed as possible. Then, when I would finally have the time to work all I would have to do is execute my ideas. So my usual process now is that I think through a piece of art while I am doing something with my son, like taking him on a walk or whatever, and then when he goes to sleep I run to my studio space like a bat out of hell and work as fast as I can!!!

misha blaise, embroidery print

What’s your favorite item you make? 
I love making mixed media prints! I enjoy just throwing down paint and drawing and then scanning it all into the computer where I can merge it all together into a cohesive piece. This format is also cool because it allows the final product to be printed at any size and on various mediums.

our lady of zapopan, misha blaise print

misha blaise, flower print









What’s your artistic philosophy?
I think the spirit of uninhibited experimentation is crucial to being an artist. It can be so hard to work when you are worrying if the piece will look good or if will be well received. I think there is something very mysterious about the creative process in the sciences and the arts that we can’t ever really understand—somehow humans have the capacity to bring forth something new that never existed before. I guess my philosophy is just to treat that process as something important and crucial to the human experience, even if all I am doing is making a pretty little art print. (Is that philosophical enough☺ )


When did you start creating ? misha blaise, rainbow whale Like most people I made art as a child. I was influenced by other design around me that was cool at the time, so Idefinitely went through a phase of drawing psychedelic dolphins leaping over rainbows and hearts as inspired by the Lisa Frank art on my Trapper Keeper. Then I made some really bad art in college which I have most thrown away or kept hidden. I would say I only really started finding my “voice” as an artist when I was in my mid-twenties. I was living in Chicago and I was starting to meet a whole community of artists who lived and breathed their craft. This really pushed me to take my art more seriously and to develop my style in a more focused way.

What’s the future for your business?
I am working really hard this year to improve my on-line presence. I would love to be able to show art locally, and at the same time have an international audience who can browse and buy my work online!

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Henna Arm Designs – Michigan Henna Artist

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One of my favorite areas of the body to do henna is the forearm. Henna arm designs are really fun to do because you have a pretty smooth, obstruction-free canvas to work with. Here are two new henna arm designs that just came from my imagination. I hope you enjoy them!

This first design I was going for a modern Indian bridal mehndi concept but I made it shorter so it didn’t go down the rest of the hand.

indian bridal, mehndi design, henna on arm

And this second one is an Arabic floral design that would be perfect for a festival henna design. Festivals are coming up for the Michigan Henna Artist – time to make more henna paste! hehe

henna arm design, henna flower, festival design, arabic henna



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Henna Designs – Nature-Inspired Art

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Many of my henna designs are inspired by nature  – hibiscus flowers, vines, daisies, water, succulents, dahlias, peacocks, feathers etc. I like to make what nature gives us as inspiration and make it more fantastical in my henna designs. Today’s feature is nature-inspired art to reference many design elements in nature that inspire us all.

henna tree design, henna on side, henna tree, henna body art

henna tree design on ribcage at the henna salon

This adorable Micro Marimo moss in a glass gourd by  MyZen is a cool display and has an interesting story: “About Marimo Balls:
These delightful little balls of algae also called Cladophora originate in Lake Akan Japan. They are revered and adopted as “pets” in Japanese homes and offices and are believed to bring good luck. Marimo name is derived from Mari meaning “bouncy play ball” and “mo” meaning underwater plant in Japanese.” Neat!

mini terrarium

Shadow boxes make a great frame for art. But what’s more beautiful than something nature has designed? -nada! Gaze at the loveliness of nature with this air plant terrarium and hand-built shadow box by MIDNIGHTinSEATTLE .

shadowbox terrarium

 Happiknits brings us a lovely knit chartreuse cowl that has a cozy, mossy feel as well as being quite stylish.

knit cowl

A natural, beautiful stone is mystic topaz.  Passionate Jewelry sets mystic topaz in a great silver bezel to create this unique ring.

mystic topaz ring

This nature-inspired origami lotus flower by Fish & Lotus is crafted so perfectly that you almost don’t realize its made of paper! These would be great as wedding favors or given as a gift.

origami lotus flower

I will admit, if I owned this incredible miniature terrarium necklace by Woodii I would wear it EVERYDAY.. Between the small pebbles at the bottom, the variety of moss and the adorable cork stopper, this pendant has en entire little slice of nature in an adorable glass vile.

terrarium necklace

If you want the more traditional yet elaborate nature display in your house, these succulent terrariums by Another World Plants and Terrariums is the way to go. I have a soft spot for terrariums with succulents because there’s just something so cool about moss and succulents mixed together. <3

glass terrarium

Another great mini collection of nature is this moss, lichen & citrine filled rectangle glass pendant made by fawn . Ideal to “keep nature close to your heart”

moss lichen necklace

Mojo Spa Style brings us this ahhhhdorable stylish accessory that has almost limitless potential for where it can be placed. Its a made-to-order, crocheted  flower pin that is a must-have accessory in your collection.

crocheted flower pin

If all this nature has inspired you to get into the terrarium lifestyle, then pick up this air plant zen garden terrarium kit by Xerces Art . Easy to care for, the air plant inside “requires little attention and happily sits amongst the other items in the terrarium.” Perfect for first-time terrarium owners.

zen garden, terrarium kit, air plant

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UntamedMenagerie – Modern Art Accessories

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The feature today is UntamedMenagerie  – Penny & Nikki – a mother & daughter creative team that specializes in making whimsical, wearable modern art accessories.

carpe diem necklace

Here’s the Q&A with UntamedMenagerie :

Where do you get your inspiration? — We are inspired by so many things, but our primary inspiration comes from nature and architecture. An unexpected influence is music. The music we listen to while designing can sway us from edgy to sweet or from subtle to bold.

peacock feather necklace ►What is your creative process? — A design usually starts as a sketched doodle that Nikki both adds to and takes from until the paper is completely smudged and worn thin. When we are satisfied with the design, it is scanned to her computer where she cleans up the image so she can resize and perfect the lines and curves before cutting the test piece. From sketch to finish, this usually takes around 2-3 weeks. We’ve had some breakthroughs where we have worn the finished piece just days after the idea came, and at least half a dozen that we have been working on for more than a year. In-progress designs hang all around while we wait for ideas to spark until a piece feels complete — and wearable. Sometimes a design may not be practical for wear and we choose to start over. wing necklace

What’s your favorite item you make? — Nikki’s favorite is Triple Threat (a very industrial feeling three finger ring). Penny loves the Eccentric bangles best.

What’s your artistic philosophy? — We create what we love. We’re whimsical, bold, and quirky. We want to make you smile.

When did you start creating? — We began making jewelry together in 2005. Nikki previously worked as a seamstress; Penny dabbled in interior design.

What’s the future for your business? — We hope to expand our business to include household items and large wall art, and we want to explore different mediums and learn new techniques. It has long been our dream to open a brick and mortar shop to display our work as well as that of other artisans.

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Green Like Fresh Henna

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When it comes to knowing if the henna paste you are using is quality, the color of fresh henna is key. This is something only henna artist or henna enthusiasts know but henna powder is actually a leafy green color and when its mixed with essential oils, sugar, lemon and black tea, the fresh henna paste is a dark kelly-green color. After the paste undergoes dye release is when it changes to that familiar chocolate brown color and its applied to the skin. When I tell my clients henna actually starts out green, most are surprised.

Here is a collection of beautiful handmade items that remind me of the color of fresh henna powder and henna paste (as well as some other items that are just a lovely shade of green!)

This is a great “everyday bag” by Marbled Bag . I really like the large bow and the functional yet appealing quality of the design.

green handbag

Hope Johnson brings us these hand built ceramic dishes that are painted with chartreuse green to make this simple yet elegant decoration. I really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into these.

green leaves, ceramic dishes

We always need an effortless, fashionable accessory and Rayna Robinson gives us just that with this chartreuse turban headband. .. and how cute is she?! hah

green turban headband

Can you tell I’m diggin the chartreuse? I just love the color and how it just makes items POP! and this elephant from The Original Animal Magnet is no exception! I can think of the perfect spot on my bookshelf for this little guy.

chartreuse elephant

Yummy watermelon scented bath salts by Sudz ‘N Saltz ! A great way to take your relaxing time in the tub and make it a spa-like experience .

green watermelon bath salt

From Angie’s Sweatshop is a really AWESOME screen printed octopus on a chartreuse green skirt. I like maxi skirts and all things octopus and this skirt falls right into those categories.

green skirt, octopus screenprint

Asymmetry is a great way to shake up the expected. I dig this asymmetrical black and green Czech glass beaded necklace with small lime seed beads by chr designs .

lime green, bead necklace

This “chuplette” by Chuppy Love is a baby “chuppy” Amigurumi – read as: an adorable stuffed friend made of yarn. These are some adorable creatures and I want a whole collection!

yellow, chartreuse, chuppy love

Bright Bold & Beautiful brings us this lovely watercolor print of a hydrangea in all its green-hued glory!

green hydrangea, watercolor

Do you know an adorable little boy who this bow tie by Sharp Dressed Little Man would look so cute on? I know I do and the cuteness level he projects would go through the roof if he wore this!

green bowtie

I admire hand beading and embroidery because it takes serious devotion and concentration to bring an overall vision together. Not to mention the amount of time attaching each thread or bead takes. Hats off to MillieICARO for this intricate beaded peacock sash.

peacock sash

Heron and Lamb‘s rustic moss necklace is such a uniquely designed accessory! “This beautiful, earthy design features a lead-free soldered glass circle, which encases live preserved reindeer moss. An ode to spring, this necklace is finished with an rustic antique copper patina and and sealed for maximum protection.”

green moss pendant

I am a big fan of stacked rings that’s why these peacock stacked rings by CameraSHY Photography really caught my eye. I like that each ring is different by fits together as a cohesive set very nicely.

peacock, stacking rings

I don’t often find statement bracelets so when I came across this wire wrapped bracelet by Vera Nasfa I knew it had a special place in this collection. I am fond of the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

peacock, statement bracelet

This stylish linen dress by Camellia Tune is custom made for each person! How cool is that?

teal dress, linen dress

Laura Kingrey presents a handmade bracelet with matte light green sea glass as the focal point accented with Czech glass, copper wire and bronze framing. I appreciate when something has such a hands-on & made-with-love look as this bracelet does.

seaglass bracelet

A stunning blue-green turquoise cabochon ring with silver bezel from Bones & Stones finishes up the feature today. The long natural stone is just the right accessory for some henna-ed hands!

green blue ring

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I had to share this because of how adorable it is.. <3




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