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I had to share this because of how adorable it is.. <3




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Henna Feet Designs

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A few weeks ago I did these henna feet designs on myself here in good ol’ Ypsilanti, Michigan. The weather has been so lovely here the past few days so its a great time to do henna on my feet because I’ll be wearing flip flops to show them off.

I hope you enjoy them!

bridal henna, feet design, canton, michigan

bridal henna, henna feet design


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Peacock Henna Art and Design

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For weddings, its very popular to have peacock henna designs on the bride’s hands and arms. I have done many bridal mehndi designs involving peacocks and brides just love it. Peacock artwork has always been very alluring to me so I have compiled some peacock artwork in varying mediums. Enjoy this wide range of talent!

First we have Karen’s Fine Art print of an original oil painting of hers. Look at how vibrant those colors are and how much movement is captured! Her painting is described in this way : “Karen’s oil paintings express her appreciation of nature with a simple intimacy that conveys a quiet emotion and a gentle strength. A versatile impressionist, her forte is plein air landscape. With a subtle play of light, color, and composition, her paintings have a moving sculptural quality.”

peacock, painting, oil, canvas, colorful

We move from literal interpretation of the beautiful peacock to an abstract representation with these gorgeous statement earrings by mint lilly . “Elegance, romance and simplicity. Vintage and nature inspired hand crafted jewelry ” is the description given for these decadent jewels and I think there’s no better way to describe them.

peacock, earrings, swarovski, jewelry

When I stumbled upon this peacock hobo bag by  Erica Maree I was stunned at the elaborate embroidery and design. The colors are so vivid! I would just love to own this bag…

peacock, hobo bag, handmade

This collar with peacock feathers and hand painted Viennese lace with a brooch and copper studs by Haus of Mirth is a total show-stopper! Walk into any event wearing this and you will have the most unique accessory (as well as the most coveted).

peacock, vintage, collar, necklace

Katy Marie Creations has crafted these killer peacock-blue swirled polymer clay gauged earrings that make me seriously reconsider having just regular (boring) ear piercings.. I mean how awesome are these?! I love the curves and design of them. They are two pieces of artwork that mimic a fantastical version of a peacock feather that you can wear as earrings! Yowza!

peacock, blue, gauged earrings, polymer clay

Let’s get serious about having fun here. Take a good look at the amazing details of this Peacock Queene costume by Fairy Nana Land. From the whimsical peacock feather head piece and the velvet choker to the hand-stitched belted bodice and detachable silk train you have a handmade, unique peacock costume that is the best one I have ever seen. Amazing craftsmanship.

peacock, queen, costume

Would you like to rest your pretty head on some lovely artwork? Sure – we all would. This pillow cover from Pictorial Boom is designed with a print reproduced from an original painting of his. Its just adorable and super cute! The colors are perfect and I really like the henna design quality it has.

peacock pillow

 We all love TOMS shoes and the great cause that each purchase goes towards- but what if you could have  a pair of TOMS and the donation to needy children PLUS a custom piece of artwork designed JUST FOR YOU? Well…. you can thanks to B Street Shoes . Each shoe pattern is custom designed for YOU, in your size, color and specification. This is a pair with glitter and hand painted peacock feathers.. could you get any better than that?

peacock, toms, shoes, painted

This peacock-blue Rivoli Swarovski Crystal bracelet by Ts Studio Jewelry would be a stunning addition to your jewelry collection. Look at the depth of color in the stones and the juxtaposition against the pure silver color of the setting. eep! so lovely..

peacock, bracelet

Sofisticata offers a great way to jazz up ANY shoe with these “pearl and peacock” shoe clips. Add them to heels in the front, back, strap or the side to get a completely customized look. Great accessory for a glam Indian wedding, too!

peacock feather, shoe clips

Handmade from brass stamping and plated with silver, we have this beautifully designed pendant necklace of two peacocks in perfect symmetry by rossana. There’s something about the delicate balance of this piece that gives me a peaceful sense of calm. Wonderfully done..

double peacock, necklace

From literal to whimsical and everywhere in between! I hope you enjoyed this selection of peacock art – I know I have.

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Red: The Color of Love – Henna Color

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When you get a rich, red henna color stain, it’s supposed to symbolize love in your life. When brides get their bridal mehndi done, its best to sleep with the henna paste on the skin to ensure that deep red henna color. That red color is a traditional way to show the world how much her husband-to-be and in-laws love her. In life, I like to think of red always representing love because I try to only focus on the positive in life! <3 To spread positive vibes, here are some handmade items for you to enjoy that are just lovely

When I had my son, he loved to be held snuggly and close. This deep garnet red ring sling from BabyEtte is superwide for extra close snuggles (and security). I always preferred this sling design and I would suggest this one to any mom-to-be.. plus, how cute is this picture?!?

baby carrier, ring sling, red

When we try to be more eco-friendly and walk to the farmer’s market, the store, post office etc. its always best to have the perfect backpack to put all your goodies in. That’s where ottobags come in! A sea foam-green waxed canvas bag with a perfect red strap accent is light enough to carry around everywhere but study enough to tote your special things.

green, canvas backpack

Handmade red flower statement earrings by Sysimust are ideal to add a FABULOUS flair to your day! I just love the different mediums used : fabric, bronze and beads! What’s not to adore?

flower earrings, red, statement jewelry

Glasshouse Designs brings us these cute beaded bobby pins that can take your simple, everyday hairstyle up a notch with incredible ease! Place this pins in your hair and you’ve amped up your look without taking a lot of time. .. because we can use all the extra time we can get.

santa fe, bobby pins, beaded hair pins

Another great way to jazz up your everyday look is this rockabilly hair bow by Oh Honey Hush. The red and white striped design is just one of the dozens of designs available. I think I love them all.

red, white, striped, rockabilly, retro, bow, hair

This necklace by Dawning Light  has a Moroccan henna design that is ornate and terrific. The design is really inspiring to me as a henna artist! Makes me want to get out a cone and do a detailed Moroccan pattern. She also added a “black diamond” bead to give it more drama.(and awesomeness)

Moroccan design, necklace

A medium I have never been able to become skilled with is clay. I think we all have considered a clay hobby after that certain scene in Dirty Dancing *sigh*……… anyways….

I cannot form clay into anything other than a big squishy ball which makes me have a real admiration for very talented sculptors like Clay Lick Creek Pottery . This hand thrown bowl is made with red earthenware clay and dipped into a homemade majolica glaze. Its hand painted, glazed and fired in a kiln over and over until something like this perfect red poppy is created. wow..

red poppy, clay bowl

Hope these red and lovely items fueled some creativity in your life today as they have in mine!

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Norah Downey – Jewelry Designer

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amethyst, crystal, necklace

green, sage, agate, druzy, necklace






I came across Norah Downey – a jewelry designer – on etsy and I liked so many of her pieces, I couldn’t choose just one to feature here so I decided to just feature a bunch!

She has two shops on etsy: Your Daily Jewels and Rustic Rock Jewelry  .

white, czech, glass, necklace

Here’s a little about Norah from her profile:

pyrite, druzy, ring“I love designing jewelry in my mind, creating it with my hands, and knowing someone is wearing my work and it is making them happy. Since childhood I have collected shiny and sparkling things: beads, stones, and baubles. As a new Physical Therapist, I needed ways to motivate my young patients with multiple disabilities. So, I dug into my lifelong collection of goodies that had been untouched for years and made some simple jewelry for them. I told them the funny little stories behind each bead or stone in their jewelry and they loved it! My pieces were a hit, my patients progressed, and I discovered a new creative outlet. lotus pendant, necklace

Now, everyday I am excited to get home to my workbench, to study and learn more about the art of jewelry design, and to create modern, glamorous and affordable jewelry that women will feel great wearing everyday.

I proudly use 100% reclaimed 99.9% pure silver combined with gemstones from ethical vendors in many of my pieces. As I grow, this number grows. The options for custom design in reclaimed or recycled metals are endless. When using recycled or reclaimed metals, the negative impact on the environment during mining, and the potential for human rights abuse and poor/dangerous working conditions is eliminated. As much as possible, I purchase gemstones from Fair Trade businesses that commit to fair wages, cooperative workplaces, consumer education, environmental sustainability, respect for cultural identity, and public accountability.”

purple, geode, necklace

That’s the kind of business owner we should all strive to be and to support. I’m very happy I found a business woman like Norah who is a great inspiration of creativity and environmental responsibility. 

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Mehndi Party Accessories

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Henna really lends itself to the warm spectrum of colors – red, orange, brown and yellow. I’ll be featuring some great red, yellow and orange accessories to have for a Mehdni Party in different mediums today.

This handmade necklace by Chocolate Angel is such a yummy, warm honey yellow with such intricate detail in the tiny seed beads. It has a Moroccan feel which would go great with symmetrical Moroccan henna designs.

yellow seed bead, necklace, honey color

Amber browns, oranges and reds melding perfectly in this nice necklace by Beca’s Beaded Jewelry. I also really like the added beauty with the copper clasp at the ends.

autumn brown, red, orange, bead necklace

Michele Buttons  brings us a beautiful piece of art.. that can also be a reusable grocery tote bag! Seriously, can you think of a more lovely way to support your “green spirit” other than this? Made from  100% cotton canvas, this unique tote is great! You can have these for party favors at your mehndi party!

cotton tote bag, orange floral print, reusable grocery bag

Whimsical and adorable, this handmade polymer clay pendant by Flowertown Originals is hung on a hand-braided cord as well. Super cute!

polymer clay, pendant, floral necklace

I was shocked (in a great way) to find out that these beautiful red floral beads were made by hand! Here’s how Blue Morning Expressions explains the creating process “My handmade polymer clay beads were created on a lemon yellow base, with yummy blue berry flowers, pink cherry and orange flowers and lime green wire wrapping woven in between the beads…Every polymer clay bead has been completely handcrafted and hand rolled and all the flowers have been added individually before baking.”   bravo!!

blue, yellow, clay beads, necklace

If you are looking for something orange & fabulous for an upcoming mehndi party or Indian wedding, this pendant necklace by TartanHearts, inspired by The Hunger Games, is a great accent to add to any outfit.

hunger games necklace, orange, color, copper

And who doesn’t love bright red and orange poppies? They make me so happy when I see them … but pair them with a turquoise background and an antiqued chain you can see me do a happy dance! This necklace by Wear It Out!  is one I would cherish in my collection. ( I’m sure you would, too)

orange flower, necklace

That wraps it up for red and orange accessories (today, at least..) Hope you found some pieces that you adore.. I know I have!

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Druzy Jewelry

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Annnnd my love of druzy jewelry will be illuminated here seeing as I am dedicating an entire post to it. Druzy “is a coating of fine crystals on a rock fracture surface, vein or within a vug or geode” according to Wikipedia. According to me, druzy is gaga gorgeous in every shape, color and variety. I especially love flowing, floral henna when its paired with something so course and tactile as druzy.

Without further adieu, let’s check it out some of the best druzy jewelry on Etsy.

First off is this stunning natural druzy necklace that is brown quartz from Little Metal Merchant. Raw and lovely.. the brown in this would be amplified against the brown henna stain.

raw brown druzy, druzy jewelry, etsy, necklace

This Citrine cluster of druzy really has a special sparkle. Its large and makes a statement naturally, but 443Jewelry paired it perfectly with a delicate gold colored feminine chain that would go great with a dress for a mehndi party.

orange, citrine, druzy, pendant, mehndi party, gold chain

Druzy can be both bold and quietly understated as we can see in these next two examples of rings:

This white druzy agate ring by Vivid Design is classic and delicate. A perfect accessory to add just a touch of glitter to an elaborate bridal henna design.

white druzy, agate ring

Sharply contrasted to the white druzy ring is this luscious, rainbow show-stopping ring by NaturalGlam . Wowza!  Look at the differences nature can produce…

rainbow, druzy ring, etsy

Need sparkly mint-colored druzy? Who doesn’t. Find what you are looking for in these lovely earrings by The Wooden Nest with antiqued brass.

druzy earrings

This next piece I would wear everyday – a bracelet of pure white druzy centered between lilac-blue angelite beads from Julianne Blumbo.

white druzy bracelet, beads

Another great rainbow druzy piece is this wire-wrapped pendant by Bead Bargains  . I really dig the variety of colors.

druzy pendant, rainbow

A great example of the beauty of pure amethyst druzy is this pendant by Magic Loot . Its also set in gold- how awesome is that? (very!)

amethyst, druzy, necklace

And that wraps up my overall obsession with druzy.. hope I spread it to some of you.

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Turquoise Accents for Henna

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The brown/red/orange color of henna goes so well with the vibrant color of turquoise. I just love it. Here is some great turquoise jewelry and accessories that accent henna perfectly.

This vintage 1950’s art deco necklace from Kettle of Fish has pretty turquoise-colored floral accents.

turquoise, art deco, necklace

When you get your ankle & foot henna-ed, you can accent it with a pretty bracelet like this brass and turquoise anklet from Xtra Virgin.

turquoise, ankle bracelet, brass

Ah! Gorgeous turquoise cuff! from Startup Sterling!  I love the bezel and how it has a henna quality, but in metal . Picture a full arm covering in lovely red henna and with this turquoise wrist cuff.. *sigh* so nice!

turquoise, silver bracelet, cuff

If you’re going to get all henna-ed up, you’re going to need a beautiful mirror to gaze upon the loveliness right? Well that’s where this gorgeous, vintage turquoise hand mirror from EightySix56 comes in “handy” .. heh

turquoise, hand mirror

The combination of turquoise pieces and freshwater pearls here with the statement necklace by AudreyJewelry is chunky yet feminine – in a perfect balance.

turquoise, bead, pearl necklace

I know I always have a purpose for a cute clutch.. and this one would be no exception! This unique, Russian floral print clutch made by JordaniSarreal is a cozy home for any items that can be easily misplaced.

turquoise and red, hand bag, floral print

Delicate, paisley, turquoise bead, silver… what’s not to adore here? Nothing?… exactly. This handcrafted necklace by Noria Elements would be a great gift for someone special in your life (even yourself) .

turquoise, silver necklace, paisley

A turquoise shirt with a henna print? The loveliness of this speaks for itself. NaturalHennaArt’s  line of henna print shirts are just fantastic!

natural henna art, turquoise shirt, screenprint

And to round out the turquoise post, let’s remember that henna-ed feet are happy feet – anyone will tell ya that! But what makes them even happier is having a CUTE turquoise and copper toe ring like this one from The Whimsy Wire . Oh.. I can barely get over the cuteness..

turquoise, copper, toe ring

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Inspiration from Kite Flyer Art

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I love being in the art world. There’s just something so sincere about artists. When you come across someone with a real passion for what they do, that’s something special .

Here’s an interview with artist Christina Steele of Kite Flyer Art . As I read her reasons for creating its truly inspiring!  I hope you really enjoy it, too.

light in darkness, kite flyer art, painting

Q: How did your business get started? What was the motivation?
Christina: Kite Flyer Art got started in 2008 shortly after I graduated college with my BFA. I knew from day one that God  henna hands paintingcreated me to create, so I made an intentional decision to pursue art as a career. I started out teaching art lessons and painting simply to develop my portfolio, but in 2010 I started my Etsy shop (which was original art and prints), began showing in galleries, and began receiving commissions. It felt so epic! It wasn’t until last December that I began working with the pointe shoes, and when I listed them in January, they quickly began selling. Everything I do is motivated by relationship! it is all birthed out of my relationship with God. I want to share that relationship with the people, and display it to the best of my ability through the art I create.

mehndi pointe shoes, hand painted

Q: Where did the inspiration come from?
Christina: I’m a bit of a chameleon and pull inspiration from all over the place, but my deepest inspiration comes again from my relationship with the Lord. He shows me images, designs, dreams, we have conversations…I see the most amazing things and want to share them with people. That’s what happened with the pointe shoes! They were given to me by a close friend and fellow ballet dancer. They sat in my studio for nearly two years. I was laying in bed in December (certainly not thinking about them) and God showed them to me with the mehndi designs on them. Each pair is different. I usually sit down, begin, ask Him what He thinks and if He has any ideas. He always shares designs with me. We basically work together.

peacock painting, kite flyer art

Q: What’s your process in creating your products? 
Christina: My process in creating my pointe shoes is somewhat simple. I have had shoes old and new donated to me. I prep the old shoes by cutting off unraveled fabric, re-gluing parts as needed, and by making them presentable while still preserving their history. Then I simply dye them with fiber-reactive dyes. Once they have dried, I apply the mehndi designs with acrylic paint using the same application methods as most henna artists.

ballet pointe shoes, kite flyer art, henna

Q: Are you planning on expanding your product line?

Christina: Well…I’m never entirely sure where things will go next. Does expanding my product line on to skin count?

kite flyer art, painting, artist

Q: What’s your most popular item? Which is your personal favorite? 
Christina: In the 1.5 year I’ve been open I’ve always offered prints and original art. It wasn’t until January that I listed the pointe shoes, but those have by far been my most popular item! It is so difficult to pinpoint a personal favorite because I pour all I’ve got into each piece I create.

Q: What’s the future for your business?
Christina: In the immediate future, I will continue to creating and developing the shoes. With time I would like to move onto skin (but not abandon my paintings). I have a deep love for body art (henna and tattoos). I’m not sure when or how that will happen, but God always brings things around in perfect time when I’m hanging out with Him!

Thank you Christina! Keep up the amazing and inspiring work <3
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Henna Art – Off the Body

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Here is a beautiful array of henna art in many forms off the body! Showcasing artists who have taken the allure of henna designs and used them on other mediums.

A great example of henna design off the body, but still lovely traditional design, is Carry The News’  mehndi-inspired wedding invite. And what’s better? You don’t have to wait for these to be shipped to you because they are PRINTABLE! When you send your info, Carry The News emails a file for you to print and email to your guests. How awesome (and green-friendly!)

henna art, wedding invites, mehndi hands

I really like this henna-inspired peacock by  Sometimes I Swirl  because of the bold colors and the fluidity of the motion.

hand drawn, henna peacock, painting

But the embroidery by Sometimes I Swirl is equally as impressive.. I don’t know which one I like more.. !

embroidered mandala, henna inspired, purple

Lime and Purple! Such a hot combination. <3 Then add a high heel and henna design into the mix and you have one radical shoe! These yummy heels from Kezbirdie make me drool a little on the keyboard….

hand painted, henna, heels, green, purple

Like elephants? Like vividly colorful elephant paintings? Me too! That’s why this next painting by Masala Memories is a favorite.

colorful indian elephant painting

From fellow Michigan Henna Artist Be*Henna*ed  we get this great “Iceberg Blue Canvas Henna Mandala” – Perfect title for such a saturated, deep blue and stark white design.

Oh! Did someone say hand-painted pendant glass necklace with a henna design?!? Because that’s right up my alley. Awesome design by Mehndi Glass with a antiqued copper frame.. yes!

henna, hand painted, glass pendant, necklace

And last, but certainly not least, we have an adorable painted  tea cup and saucer by Heather with my favorite : flowers and paisleys . I love her description here, too : “Spot of tea? Oh, live a little – impress your grandmother with this hand painted porcelaine tea cup and serve in style.”

hand painted, henna, tea cup, saucer

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Henna Accessories

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I get so thrilled when I see amazingly creative people making such cute things! How about these henna accessories? Its great to wear one thing like this everyday just as a little “pop” of color to brighten up your day or to add some flair to your step.

Having a sturdy cuff around your wrist adds a bit of confidence to your day. This hot, handmade leather artisan cuff from STRAP by Alexander is just the one you want.

henna cuff, leather cuff, bracelet, custom

Rainnua Art Pendants showcases this lovely silver OM Pendant with a mehndi design. Gotta love that!

om pendant necklace, henna pendant

The day I discovered Tagu seed jewelry I fell in love! They are seeds from a palm tree found along the Amazon river. Look at these “henna red” tagua seed earrings from Dennise and Jon. I see them and think “spicy” !

red tagua nut, earrings, henna red

Hand drawn henna shoes by Stealth Fox! These are so popular and I just adore them. Such a great feeling putting on a clean pair of white shoes but then add custom artwork and you have a unique pair of kicks that give you a boost all day!

henna shoes, custom design

Speaking of giving you a boost, bright red lip stain says to the world “Yes, I’m ready for you.” This water-proof lip stain by  Henna King is special because its organic, chemical free made with only Henna, JoJoba Seed Oil, Mica, Rose Petals, Burberry Root, Bees Wax and Water. Can you say “sexy”? .. I can.

organic, red lip stain, no chemicals


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Henna Wedding Items

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Henna wedding invitations, cookie favors, shoes & jewelry  – watch out ladies  – this is a TEMPTING post! <3

Before you have your amazing wedding, you need invitations. That’s where Citlali Creativo comes in with their beautiful henna inspired wedding invitations .

Next you need your delicate henna style silver necklace and ring by AbellaBlue

Henna wedding necklace, silver

henna ring, silver

For your Mehndi Ceremony, wear Kelka Jewelry ‘s stunning gold Moroccan henna cuff

henna wedding, gold cuff, mehndi

This hot, hand painted, henna style heels from Coco Belle Boutique are show stopping!

henna wedding heels, shoes, hand painted

And to give all your guests, these yummy and cute sugar cookie elephants from Baked are a great wedding favor

henna wedding favors, cookies, elephant


Enjoy these great ideas for your perfect henna wedding!


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Henna Clothing

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Henna clothing – clothes with mehndi & henna print! Could there be a better way to show off your love of henna? – I think not! With these amazing henna clothing items, your love of henna doesn’t have to fade after 2 weeks! It can last forever <3

From Cyveroptix, see these henna style ties for your man! Perfect accent to a Mehndi Ceremony or even a wedding reception.

henna clothing, henna ties, wedding

From Meg Stang , these adorable hand painted henna shoes are perfect for everyday wear to say to the world “I LOVE HENNA!”

Henna clothing, Henna tennis shoes, hand painted

From V.O. CLOTHING, this sexy henna inspired asymmetrical top is ideal for going out with your girlfriends for a night .. rrawr!

henna clothing, henna shirt


So there you have it! Three great new henna clothing items – one for your man, one for everyday and one for a great party! Look for more henna inspired clothing items soon!


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Henna Decorated Tray

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Here’s a quick serving tray I decorated with a henna style design for my neighbor’s wedding anniversary. I used Copic Markers and a thrift store found wooden serving tray. Enjoy!

henna serving tray, decoration, design, copic markers

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Henna Photos

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Here are the henna photos from the shoot with Ka Xiong . Our lovely model, Polly Theism & make up artist / hair stylist Sandy Bambi and of course, henna by Kelly Caroline (me)  shot in Ypsilanti, Michigan – Depot Town

henna, bridal design, michigan, artist, ka xiong, polly theism

henna, hand design, vintage, wedding, photo, ka xiong, polly theism

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Ka Xiong Photoshoot

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Here is a sneak peek at the photos from the shoot with Ka Xiong . Our lovely model, Polly Theism & make up artist / hair stylist Sandy Bambi and of course, henna by Kelly Caroline (me)  shot in Ypsilanti, Michigan – Depot Town <3
henna photo shoot with ka xiong, polly theism, sandy bambi, ypsilanti, make up, henna, hair stylist, model

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Photoshoot with Ka Xiong

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I have an exciting upcoming photoshoot with an amazing Michigan photographer, Ka Xiong . Stay tuned for the pictures!

henna, dearborn, michigan

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Henna with Tana

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Excitement! Photos are up from the shoot with Emi – our lovely model & Tana Helene Photography. Please enjoy – this was such an amazing collaboration. Wonderfully talented ladies on a beautiful Michigan day. <3
henna artist, michigan, henna photoshoot, emi, tana helene, photography, flower design, arm
henna tattoo artist kelly caroline
henna on back, henna tattoo, artist michigan
henna tattoo, artist, michigan, henna back, flowers

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Modern Mehdni – Vol. 2 Festival Henna Designs is now on Kindle!! Soon to be available here on my website. Is NOW Available on my website: Henna ebook  .  Yay! So exciting. This is volume 2, second to Modern Mehdni- A Collection of Henna Designs. Here are pages from the ebook for free! Free henna ebook



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Henna Tattoo Michigan

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This is a back Henna tattoo for Ashley . I met her at The Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti. (awesome food, awesome people) She wanted an organic, flowing design up her back. Enjoy !

Henna tattoo Michigan

henna tattoo, design, flowing design, back, wurst bar

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Big Bang Theory Poster!

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Big Bang Theory Poster.

I made a poster for a Big Bang Theory craft swap on . I love The Big Bang Theory and have been a big fan since its first season. I had the idea of drawing the characters and putting the quotes in the background like wallpaper. And here’s the result!

The poster is 18″ X 24″

big bang theory, poster, drawing, quotes, wallpaper, craftster, swap

Big Bang Theory Poster

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Mural @ Children’s Center

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I like to give back to community organizations when I can. The past 3 days I volunteered my time to paint this mural for The Children’s Center in Detroit, Michigan. “The Children’s Center is proud to offer a continuum of more than 20 programs and services on a multifaceted campus in midtown Detroit. Compared with other child and family agencies in Michigan, we offer the largest number of specialized therapeutic programs for at-risk children and youth. All our services are strength-based, family-focused, and embody a holistic approach to treating children and their families. Our mission to help children and families shape their own futures is an ever-present commitment in our menu of services.”

My inspiration for the painting of it came from this great book “I Love You So” by Marianne Richmond.

i love you so book, marianne richmond, book

"I Love You So" Marianne Richmond

Here is it: ** the hallway is very very narrow, so I could only take a pictures from the side. **

kids mural, childrens center, detroit, michigan

kids, mural, childrens center, detroit

trees, mural, childrens center, detroit, michigan

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Peacock Henna Tattoo

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I really love this new design! The idea was brought to me by a new, really cool client names Erin. She wanted a peacock henna design on her back. I am really loving how it came out. Enjoy the peacock henna tattoo:

peacock henna tattoo
peacock henna tattoo
peacock henna tattoo

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Henna in Michigan – Novi

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Henna in Michigan – Novi

For an event at the Dirty Martini Bar in Novi I needed a model. Here are the henna tattoos I did for Farah, my henna model.

Enjoy <3
henna, shoulder, model, farah, novi
henna on hands, henna tattoo, model, novi, michigan
henna tattoo, michigan, novi, model, shoulder

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Video with Copic Markers

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Here’s the video I made featuring my new drawing I featured here . I used Prismacolors, Copic Markers & Faber-Castell pens. This took about 3.5 hours to complete. Enjoy!

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