Tea Tree Oil Uses

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One of the main ingredients of my henna mixture is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has that fresh, mint-like smell that is invigorating to the senses.  Here’s some background information on tea tree oil and some tea tree oil uses : “Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is a pale yellow color to nearly colorless and clear essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor. It is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia.”

tea tree oil, tree, melaleuca alternifolia

Tea tree oil uses extend to medicinal as well. The indigenous Bundjalung people of eastern Australia use “tea trees” as a traditional medicine by inhaling the oils from the crushed leaves to treat coughs and colds. Some sources suggest beneficial medical properties when applied topically, including antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic qualities. The antiseptic properties can help in the fight against skin blemishes (acne). It also has beneficial cosmetic properties.


By using tea tree oil in my henna mixture, it actually adds a skin healing element to the lovely design you’ll receive. If you’re a fellow henna artist, I would suggest giving tea tree essential oil in your henna paste a try. Since there are so many uses for tea tree oil, it’s a win/win

tea tree essential oil[product id=”” sku=”HLTEATREE”]



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Henna Supplies

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Today is a special day:  the first day henna supplies are on sale on this site! The henna supplies are being shipped from Darcy at Henna Lounge  – let’s all take a minute to oggle her gorgeous designs *mmmmmm….*

henna powder, rajasthani

The henna powder that we carry is the very finest henna in the world. This is the same henna we use on our own clients. This henna powder is fresh Organic Rajasthani Henna directly from a farm in the Sojat region of Rajasthan. This henna is stringy and has a great reputation for a lovely dark mahogany stain.

henna stain, henna hands

Of course, with henna powder we cannot forget one of the “essential” henna supplies : essential oils .

The varieties we are currently carrying are :

egyptian geranium oil

And yes! Henna supplies for hair! Natural henna is a traditional method of dying the hair. Henna, or lawsonia inermis, imparts a natural red dye which is useful for covering gray hair, or adding a coppery sheen to your hair. Henna beard dye is simply henna, applied to the beard. Because there are no chemicals or additives it is a safe and natural way to dye almost any hair.

henna hair dye

If you’re a beginner, here is a complete henna kit to get started in making your own unique henna designs.  It also comes complete with henna instructions of how to mix the paste together.

henna kit

Need ideas for henna designs? Pick up my henna design ebooks that are instantly delivered to your email.

henna ebook

Need some design inspiration right away? Check out my Free Henna Ebook <3

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Men Henna Designs

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Hello everyone.

Yes, that’s right, Spring is HERE! That means people remember they have skin again and like to show it!

Even though there is a woman walking around New York without a shirt (AMEN sister!)  the rest of our nation may have to play the waiting game until that becomes legal. Okay, back to henna designs…


Anyways, men henna designs are almost as rare as a woman who walks around in public without a shirt.  Here is a simple one for those of you looking for ” men henna designs ” . Just some simple Roman numerals  along the collarbone depicting the birthdays of his parents.

men henna designs, michigan, kelly caroline, henna artist

men henna designs


mandala henna tattoo, henna tattoo, henna tattoo design

And another picture of men henna designs is from a while back at my salon in Ypsilanti, Michigan

henna, men, men henna design, tribal tattoo

henna tribal tattoo for men


A close up shot of the tree of his tribal tattoo design

pine tree, henna tattoo, men design

pine tree henna tattoo

Last henna design for men today. This client wanted to try out a tattoo idea he had. Instead of going right for the tattoo, he decided to try it out using henna first. He was one happy guy when we were all done and deided he WOULD get this tattoo done permanently.

tribal body tattoo, men henna, design, tattoo trial

tribal body tattoo for men

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Another LOVELY pair of Dear Golden shoes..

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Ladies *(and gentlemen if there are gentlemen that peruse this blog), I once again have found an AMAZING pair of shoes from my favorite vintage shop: Dear Golden here in Ypsilanti. Some of you may remember these shoes I bought for a wedding. I now am IN the wedding of a great friend and we were tasked with finding our own bridesmaid dress, shoes etc. and I was jazzed for the opportunity. The only perimeters was it needed to be a pastel sundress. Any pattern, brand or color choice was up to us as long as it fell into the pastel/sundress category. When my friend told us the requirements my brain was like: “You mean, I get to be apart of your big day and you’re giving me an excuse to buy a dress I’ll actually WEAR AGAIN??!?… OKAY!”

dear golden, ypsilanti, michigan vintage shop

Soooo. what did I do? Of course I directed myself to contact my go-to  lady team of “people who let me buy their lovely items” : THREADBEAT  and Dear Golden .    Rebecca Tanner-Russell , the wonder woman behind THREADBEAT  created a beautifully detailed sundress for me to wear in the wedding. (You’ll have to wait for pictures of that)  After the dress arrived and fit perfectly, I found the necklace I’ll be wearing at a cute resale shop in Grand Rapids for $6!

After that, I set my sights on Dear Golden for my shoes. Shoes are always tough for me to buy for a few reasons:

1. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on shoes

2. I need COMFORTABLE shoes

3. I would like them to be well made

4. I don’t like to support mass made shoes

5. I’d like them to be somewhat stylish

(Do you see how #s 2-5 contradict with #1??? yeah, so now you know why it’s tough)


Annnyways, all of this to say why I am very ,very happy with my new (to me) Italian leather janes

pink janes, dear golden, vintage shop, ypsilanti

mmmmm…. shoes



YAY! I’ll post pictures of the complete outfit when they all come together in a perfect harmony.




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Henna Party Tattoos at the Salon

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Hello all! Today was a busy day at the salon. Two different party groups came in today for some henna party tattoos . It was a girls day, for sure. Lots of lovely ladies and fun girl chat makes my job a lot of fun.

Here are a few of the henna tattoo designs clients got today. These ladies came in for a 16th birthday henna party celebration. I think it was a great idea – everyone got to participate and the birthday girl got the most henna, which made it special for her.

henna tattoos, hand design, henna artist michigan

henna tattoos on the hand

henna tattoo, hand, michigan, henna artist

intricate henna tattoo on the hand

henna tattoo, party, michigan

henna tattoo party

henna tattoo, party, michigan, ladies night

Henna tattoo party ladies!

henna tattoo, birthday, party

henna tattoo on hands for birthday



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Fun Prenatal Henna Design

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Here’s one of my favorite prenatal henna designs. This was such a fun belly blessing ceremony.

Baby belly henna design

Baby belly henna design

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Henna hand Designs

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Hi hi hi there. I had another great week .. Hope you did, too! Although, I’m Getting pretty pale and I wish the sun would come out once in a while. I can’t wait to do some henna designs on pretty sun-kissed skin. Here are two henna hand designs that I did on the hands Of two new clients. One wanted some coverage on the tops of her hands and then the other one wanted pretty dense Henna coverage on her palms.

Henna, hand, design, Henna hand design, Henna artist Michigan

Henna hand design

Henna, hand, henna hand design, tattoo

Henna tattoo on hand

Henna tattoo on hand, henna hand design

Henna tattoo on palm

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Floral henna tattoo

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Hello all! Spring is around the corner and you know what that means! Henna tattoo season is almost here

Here’s a Henna tattoo design that I did on my forearm. It was inspired by a picture I found on the Internet. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this design and I really like it. This is the Henna stain design four days after I applied it.

Make an appointment for your henna tattoo design today!


floral henna tattoo, henna tattoo michigan, henna tattoo design, kelly caroline

henna tattoo design

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Baby Belly henna with butterflies

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Here is another baby belly henna with butterflies and flowers. This momma to be is 37 weeks along, the perfect time to have your baby belly henna design done so it most likely will still be visible when your baby is born.


Baby belly henna, henna design, flowers and butterflies henna

Baby belly henna design

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Baby belly henna

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Today I had the opportunity to do one of my favorite gigs – a baby belly henna design at a belly blessing ceremony / henna party in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The pregnant belly is such a beautiful canvas. Today all the ladies there were incredibly nice and complimentary.

The design she choose was a large mandala flower and she wanted to incorporate orchid lady slipper flowers in the design, too. I suggested we place one on either side of her belly, and she just loved it. The orchid design is a replication of her mother’s lady slipper orchid tattoo so that was really special. All the other ladies at the party got simple henna designs done so they could carry a piece of the ceremony with them as they left.

Hrre are the pictures of the baby belly henna

Baby belly henna Michigan, pregnancy henna, henna artist Michigan, belly tattoo

Baby belly henna design in progress

Baby belly henna design

Baby belly henna design

Baby belly henna design, henna Michigan, henna tattoo artist, flower henna, orchid henna

Orchid and mandala henna tattoo

Baby shower, henna party, belly blessing ceremony, henna, baby belly henna

Belly blessing ceremony henna designs

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Henna tattoo on the back

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Here’s a picture from the photoshoot where I did the henna tattoo on the model’s back and I also did the hair arrangement.

I really loved working with this model ( and she says she loves her henna tattoo, so it works for both of us) hehe

The photoshoot was today at my henna salon in Ypsilanti, Michigan.


Here’s the picture :

henna tattoo, henna tattoo michigan, henna on the back

henna tattoo on the back

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Henna tattoo Michigan

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Henna tattoo Michigan

Hello lovely people.

Here is another henna tattoo I have done recently on the hand. This was done at my henna salon in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Notice the small details in the flowers, that’s the part I like the best. I love to do henna tattoos on the hands.

I hope you enjoy it.

Henna tattoo Michigan, henna Michigan, tattoo  artist, henna on the hands

Henna tattoo Michigan

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Lego Birthday Party

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My son turned THREE this past weekend and he loves LEGOS so we threw him a themed lego birthday party! Here are pictures from his lego birthday party . We had our good friends Spiderman and Superman show up, too!

For decor I did a balloon wall where the kids got their pictures taken with Spiderman. He also signed autographs for everyone.

spiderman birthday party

Spiderman birthday party


spiderman birthday party autographs

spiderman autographs

To hold the forks and spoons I made a lego silverware holder with my son’s Legos.

lego birthday party

Lego birthday party

lego birthday party

lego birthday party

lego birthday party

lego birthday party

Here is the AWESOME Lego Birthday cake made by the amazingly talented Meg Marimotes

lego birthday cake

lego birthday cake

For activities I printed blank Lego minifigures and set out crayons for all the kids / adults to color their own figure. They could also hang them up in the corner to display

lego figure coloring page

lego figure coloring page

lego figure coloring page

lego figure coloring page

Another activity we had was Guess How Many Legos Are in This Jar ! Everyone took a guess and wrote their name.. whoever was closest without going over won a $10 Target gift card. There were 1,245 Legos personally counted by ME.

And each kid got Lego Minifigure Crayons by CrayonMeCrazy off Etsy

lego minifiure crayons, lego party favors

Lego party favors - Lego minifigure crayons

And a birthday party Lego Minifigure I received from Lego.com

Lego birthday party favors

Lego birthday party favors


Also, I got this awesome Lego sorting head  to decorate with

lego sorting head, lego birthday party, lego themed party

lego birthday party

and lego storage brick

lego storage brick, lego brick, lego storage, lego birthday party

lego storage brick


Essentially it was one of the BEST days of my life because of HOW HAPPY my son was meeting his friend Spiderman. I hope these ideas for a Lego birthday party inspire you to have a great themed party for someone special in your life. <3


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Henna party designs

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Here are some recent henna party designs I have done at henna parties around Michigan.

A henna crown design for a woman going through chemotheraphy

Henna crown design, henna for chemotherapy

Henna crown

Henna octopus tattoo on the back

octopus henna tattoo

octopus henna tattoo

Floral Henna on feet

feet henna, floral henna, henna on feet

henna on feet

Henna sun tattoo on the shoulder

sun henna tattoo on the shoulder

sun henna tattoo on the shoulder

Henna tattoo on the foot

henna tattoo on the foot

henna tattoo on the foot

Mandala henna tattoo on the wrist

mandala henna tattoo on wrist

mandala henna tattoo on wrist



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Michigan henna tattoo

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Here is a quick simple henna tattoo on the back. The design is an original floral motif I created. Enjoy!

Henna is a paste that is applied to the top of the skin.

As it dries, it stains your skin. simple. see more here


Floral Michigan henna tattoo, Michigan henna, henna artist

Floral Michigan henna tattoo

henna stain, henna tattoos, henna artist kelly caroline, model henna, henna designs, henna art, mehndi, mandala henna, henna on the head

henna tattoo style by Kelly Caroline – michigan henna artist

Private Appointment henna designs 

michigan henna artist kelly caroline

Michigan henna artist

Michigan henna tattoos, henna tattoos, henna, henna tattoos, michigan , mehndi, kelly caroline, henna artist

Michigan Henna tattoos by Kelly Caroline

Prenatal Henna – baby belly henna designs

prenatal henna design, baby belly henna, pregnancy henna design, henna artist michigan

Prenatal henna design baby belly henna

michigan henna, henna artist michigan, henna, kelly caroline, henna artists, baby belly designs, prenatal henna designs

baby belly prenatal henna design by michigan henna artist Kelly Caroline

Wedding Henna designs

henna, hands, floral patterns, vine, design, mehndi

henna on the hands with floral patterns and vines

wedding henna artist in Michigan - bridal henna michigan Kelly Caroline

wedding henna artist in Michigan – bridal henna michigan Kelly Caroline

henna artist, michigan, henna tattoos

wedding henna artist in Michigan – bridal henna michigan Kelly Caroline

henna stain, henna hands
Michigan henna tattoos by henna artist Kelly Caroline.

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Bridal Henna Sample

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For bridal packages, a free bridal henna sample is always included. If the bride chooses to, we meet at my salon few weeks ahead of time for a face to face to discuss the final bridal design and to a free bridal henna sample to showcase the stain she will be getting for her wedding. The sample is usually just a simple henna design, like one her bridesmaids can choose to have done at her mehndi party.

Here is a sample for a bride getting married in Livonia, Michigan.

Bridal henna sample

Bridal henna sample

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Henna tattoo on the side

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Hello! Merry almost Christmas! Even though this is a slower time of the year for henna in Michigan, I have still been seeing my regular clients and meeting new ones. Today I met with a fun client who wanted to surprise her boyfriend with an abstract henna tattoo on the side. She likes flowly vines and asymmetry so here is the look we developed for her:

Henna design on the side,vine henna, henna on ribs, flows henna tattoo

Henna tattoo on the side

And here is my henna design on my hand for Christmas in front of my tree this year :

Henna tattoo on hand

Henna tattoo on hand

Have a safe and happy new year!

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Simple henna design

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Here are a few simple henna designs for parties

Simple henna design, henna on hand

Simple henna design on the hand

Simple henna design, shoulder henna

Simple henna shoulder design

Simple henna design, hand henna, party henna

Simple henna design for the hand

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Henna in Detroit

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Tonight I did henna in Detroit at Flat 151 for the Young Presidents’ Organization . The party was a really lovely event planned by Mood Events. I stayed quite busy throughout the night and all of my clients were very friendly and thankful. Here are some of the photos that I took doing henna in Detroit.

Henna in Detroit, henna, ypo, event, mood events, Michigan, flat 151

Henna design for the arm

Henna on hand, henna design for the hand, henna for ypo, Detroit, Michigan

Henna design for the hand

Floral henna design, henna on arm, henna in Detroit, flat 151

Floral henna design

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Henna for baby shower

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Today at my salon I met a very nice client, mother to be who was on her way to her Indian-style baby shower in Ohio . She stopped by my salon over way to have her henna for pregnancy done for her hands. She selected a baby henna design for the palms with a baby in a carriage and the on her other hand, she wanted baby symbols like a rattle, blocks, a bottle and a pacifier in henna. She was very happy and her husband was, too.

Here are the photos for henna for baby shower where the henna is on the hands.

Henna for pregnancy, baby henna, mother to be henna design, baby henna design, baby shower

Baby carrage henna design

Indian henna for baby shower, henna on hands, baby shower, henna for pregnancy

Baby shower henna

Tops of the hands for the baby shower

Baby shower henna design, mother to be henna, henna design for baby shower

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Henna demonstration

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Hello all. Here’s a picture of the henna demonstration I did for the Greenroom in Ann Arbor. It tied into the series we’re doing on Our Creative Soul.

It’s design took about 20 minutes to complete.

Henna design, green room Ann Arbor, greenroom, Ann Arbor, henna on arms

Henna design

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Quick henna design

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Here is a photo of a quick henna design I did for myself today. Enjoy!


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Simple henna design

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Here is a simple henna design that I did on the top of a hand. It’s two dahlias with some vines trailing off it. Hope you enjoy it.


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Henna Michigan – Wedding Henna

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Henna Michigan

Hello! Long time no talk, eh? Well, I apologize for my recent absence – lots of positive things have been happening that have kept me quite busy! Anyways, here is a wedding henna design that incorporates my two favorite things : flowers and paisleys . I hope you enjoy this wedding henna as much as I do.


michigan, wedding henna, henna artist, henna design, wedding, bridal floral

wedding henna

michigan, wedding henna, henna artist, henna design, wedding, bridal floral

bridal mehndi


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