Henna in Michigan – Novi

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Henna in Michigan – Novi

For an event at the Dirty Martini Bar in Novi I needed a model. Here are the henna tattoos I did for Farah, my henna model.

Enjoy <3
henna, shoulder, model, farah, novi
henna on hands, henna tattoo, model, novi, michigan
henna tattoo, michigan, novi, model, shoulder

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Video with Copic Markers

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Here’s the video I made featuring my new drawing I featured here . I used Prismacolors, Copic Markers & Faber-Castell pens. This took about 3.5 hours to complete. Enjoy!

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Drawing with Copic Markers

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The henna season is just getting going so since I am excited to get it going, my creative energy is flowing. Here’s a picture of the final product of an art drawing I did using Copic Markers, Prismacolor markers & Faber-Castell art pens. This took about 3.5 hours to complete. I also created a video of this that should be online shortly.

henna season, drawing, flowers, copic markers, prismacolors

drawing done with Copic Markers and Prismacolors by https://www.kellycaroline.com

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Paper Bag Art

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Stretching my creative muscle, its always nice to work off the body and do some art. Here I took a regular Kroger paper grocery bag we used for groceries and used my Copic Markers , white Prismacolor colored pencil, and the fine tip Faber-Castell art pen to create this. I really like how it came out. It will be hanging up at the Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti.

drawing, copic markers, prismacolors, wurst bar, art, paper bag

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Arabic henna video

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Here is the video for my recent Arabic style mehndi on my hand.

Arabic henna video

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Mehndi on Hand

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Mehndi I did on my hand today. I also made a henna video of this design. I like designs on my hand to feature flowers and paisleys. I don’t think that’s a surprise =-)


henna, tattoo, artist, flowers, michigan, kelly caroline

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4 Leaf Clover Henna

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Heres a four leaf clover abstract design with henna. This is on the side torso area.

henna 4 leaf clover, four, torso, abstract design

four leaf clover in henna

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Mandala Tattoo Design

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New henna Mandala design! I really enjoy doing circular henna designs with elaborate lines.

henna, tattoo, hand, design, mandala

Henna Mandala Design

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Arm Henna Tattoo

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Another fun henna tattoo style design on a forearm. This is an original floral & paisley – my favorite type of design :-)

henna tattoo, forearm, design, floral, paisley

Henna arm tattoo

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Henna Tattoos for Hands

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Here are a few pictures of recent henna designs. One on a leg and two for the hands. These were done at the B-24s Cafe in Ypsilanti where I do some of my local private appointments. Enjoy the new pictures :

henna tattoo, michigan, henna artist

henna tattoo artist, hand henna design, mehndi

henna tattoo arm design, kelly caroline, flowers

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Henna Tattoo Video

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A new Henna tattoo design on the back. Floral elements & organic shapes. Enjoy this new YouTube video!

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Henna in Troy, Michigan

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Last night I was in Troy, Michigan and did a few designs and I liked this foot design I did. The client asked for a henna tattoo on her foot with flowers & leaves . I think I did what she asked seeing as she was really excited when it was all finished. Here is the tattoo from last night:

henna tattoo, troy michigan, henna tattoo michigan, foot design

Henna Foot Tattoo

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Henna in Dearborn

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Hello. I did this design for a great client in Dearborn, Michigan. I really enjoy mandala designs with henna. Where I live isn’t too far from Dearborn so I meet many clients to do henna there frequently. Anyway, enjoy the new mandala design!

henna, dearborn, michigan, henna artist, mandala design

Henna design done in Dearborn

henna dearborn, michigan, henna artist, kelly caroline

Mandala design in Henna

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Henna on an Arm

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Here is a new henna design on an arm that I did. I love getting to do a simple floral motif. Something therapeutic about the lovely repetition.

<3 henna on arm with henna, floral henna design

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Henna Ebook Free Download

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The second volume of my Modern Mehndi henna ebook series has been released! Its a Festival Henna Design ebook with over 150 designs perfect for doing henna at parties and festivals.

It is available for an instant download here as well as on Amazon for Kindle. I just couldn’t wait to let you see a sample of the ebook ~ !

Both henna ebooks are available HERE on my site : Henna ebooks – they download straight to your computer in PDF format to easily be printed.


You can download a free sample so you can see the examples of the Henna Designs found in this ebook volume.

Just enter your email below and push the download button, you’ll receive a free henna ebook sample in your email box.



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New Henna Designs

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Hello all!

Here are a few new henna designs . I have REALLY enjoyed using the back as a canvas lately. Less restrictions and more room to make LARGE art. These photos were taken by Linda Michele-Dobel Photography in Howell, Michigan with model Shalisa Goodman.

kelly caroline, henna art, michigan

kelly caroline, henna art, michigan

henna, kelly caroline, michigan

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Henna Photography

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Another fantastic photograph taken by Tana Helene of an original henna design I did.

A back design that was completed in about 35 minutes.

henna, back design, tana helene, photograph
Henna on back. Photography by Tana Helene

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Christmas Cookie Party!

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As a henna artist, I fair well. As a chef, however, I do not. This year I thought I would try my hand at the latter. I had a cookie exchange party for a few of my friends & family. We had some AMAZING cookies and the food I made even went over well.

I made a mac & cheese muffin recipe, a nutty-sweet brie & spinach cheese swirls and a cheese plate I am PARTICULARLY proud of on my Katie Brown cheese plate.

The cookies that were made were just too good. We had double chocolate peppermint cookies, chocolate chip, sugar cookies, nanaimo bars (which won Best Tasting of the evening) , cannoli, Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake that my husband had delivered here, snowball cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate and rolled in peanuts etc etc etc YUMM!!

Singing carols & eating yummy treats with your friends and family REALLY makes the holidays come alive. I just love this time of the year .

Without further adieu.. here are the pictures to feast your eyes on:

cookie party, cheese plate, appitizer, honey

the cheese plate with havarti & mozzarella cheese appetizer with grapes and honey comb

cookie party, sparkly cranberries

sparkly Michigan cranberries coated in a sugar pomegranate mixture

cookie party drinks, wine, cider, coffee

the drinks: coffee, apple cider, & Our Daily Red wine

cookie party, dessert table

the dessert and appetizer table

cookie party, dessert, cheesecake factory cheesecake, chocolate truffles, raspberries

and the cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory with chocolate truffles and raspberries

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Henna on a Pregnant Belly

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Have I mentioned how much I LOVE to decorate pregnant bellies with henna? Since its usually a large area I am designing on, my clients and I get to chat about babies, toys, diapers and all that fun stuff. Another amazing aspect of doing henna for a baby belly is getting so see little feet & arm movements while you’re working. So adorable. Well, here is a boy baby belly design I recently did. The mommy-to-be loves lines and dots & flowers, but she wanted It to represent her little boy, so she choose a cute elephant for the middle instead of the floral design.

It took about 45 minutes to complete.

pregnant belly, henna design, kelly caroline, michigan artist

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Prepare for a Henna Appt.

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A question I am frequently asked is “How do I prepare for my henna appointment?” Here are a few key things to remember before having henna done and how to care for henna:

1. Henna stains the best on clean, dry skin. Please do not apply any lotions or oils to the area where you want your design. Its a good idea to shower and exfoliate before your appointment, too.

2. For brides, make sure you have someone to assist you after your appointment if your arms, hands, feet, legs will be covered in henna.

3. Be sure to eat, use the restroom, take out your contacts, etc BEFORE we get started doing your henna since it will be very difficult to do these tasks after the henna is applied to your hands.

4. Remember that henna takes anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes to totally dry depending on the environment and amount of henna applied. Be mindful of this before deciding where your design will go. The less you move before it dries, the better. You want to avoid smearing and premature cracking of the dried paste.  You’ll want to leave the dried paste on for as long as you can. The longer it stays on your skin, the darker you stain can get. At least 2 hours but overnight it best.

5. When the paste eventually falls off, the design will be a light orange / yellow. It will oxidize over the next 24 – 48 hours to be a rich dark brown / mahogany color.

6. Avoid scrubbing the area with water or soap. Apply a natural oil such as sesame oil, olive oil or a waxy body balm like Mama Bee Belly Balm from Burt’s Bees.

7. ENJOY the pampering experience of having henna done!

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Henna Crown

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Today I got the privilege to decorate Patricia’s head with a Henna Crown – She’s a lovely, upbeat lady who also lives in Ypsilanti. Here are the pics of the floral, medallion motif henna crown I did.

henna on head, floral, henna crown

henna on head, floral, henna crown

henna crown, henna on head

henna crown

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Michigan Henna Artist

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You can now find more information about me at Thumbtack

Henna Artist - Professional Artist

Henna Artist – Professional Artist

I have been creating professional, beautiful henna art for 7 years. I was a henna artist at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for 2 years and now I work throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio &…

Contact Now

Brought to you by thumbtack.com

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Henna in Ann Arbor

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I had the privilege to work recently with Ann Arbor photographers Robin Sloan and Mike Frieseman, fashion hair stylist Sandy Bambi, and three lovely models, Jessica, Karin & Nadia.

Getting the opportunity to collaborate with this great group of artists & models really makes what I do such a dream career.

Mike & Robin’s low-key / high-key work really captures the delicate henna lines on the skin perfectly.

Here are a few sample photos from the shoot:

karin, outdoor, henna, snake, arm

henna, floral, back, body art, ann arbor

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Henna on Hands & Palms

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I met two lovely ladies in Dearborn, MI on Friday night to do a few pretty henna designs on their hands – palm & top of the hand for both of them.

The designs were floral and feminine and accentuated their style.

Here’s what the 4 designs looked like :
henna, hands, palms, dearborn, michigan
henna, hands, palms, dearborn, michigan

Also, I did a cute back tattoo with a floral design
flora design, back tattoo, henna

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Bridal / Party Henna Video

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Henna application on an arm &palm/ The design is floral & paisley. An original design by me. This would be nice for an elegant occasion or a wedding.

This design took 30 minutes to complete.

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