Celebration Henna Crowns Event !

Celebration Henna Crowns Event !

Kelly Caroline Henna Artist Michigan


February 27th we are hosting “Celebration Henna Crowns” at the Wyandotte Public Library, Bacon Memorial District Library . “Celebration Henna Crowns” is an afternoon of beautiful henna designs for men, women, and children with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. The event is from 2:00-5:00 pm.

Henna Crowns offer a beautiful alternative to the traditional hats, scarves, and wigs that many use. Henna is a natural way to beautify the body and celebrate life. This is a free event for anyone who has lost his or her hair due to chemotherapy or alopecia.

“Kelly decorated my bald head when I lost all my hair to chemo treatment.” said Patricia Berry from Ypsilanti. “The design was beautiful and her presence was lovely at the celebration henna party we threw to mark the event.  She’s an amazing artist, a consummate business professional and a good soul.”

Guests may choose from floral designs, tribal and geometric designs, or bring their own ideas. Each guest will get a unique, personal design. It is recommended that the head is free of lotions or oils prior to the henna being applied. There will also be brief presentation of the history and use of henna as well as how the natural paste is made from organic henna leaves and pure essential oils

The event is free, so call to reserve your spot (734) 536-1705

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Join us February 27th 2-5pm for “Celebration Henna Crowns”

Henna Tattoo Design by Kelly Caroline

Henna Tattoo Design by Kelly Caroline

Henna Tattoo Design by Kelly Caroline

Wow has this been a BUSY Summer for henna tattoos in Michigan! I cannot thank my lovely clients enough for all the love! ivermectin oral administration equine This is the beautiful @hadnasty sporting her henna I did for her in the studio. This photo of her henna tattoo can be found on her insta feed. Go check out her amazing hair styling talent and beautiful pics – wow

See more henna designs here
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Henna Tattoo by Kelly Caroline

An Instagram photo by henna artist, Kelly Caroline.

Henna Tattoo Design

Henna Tattoo Design

Seeing that as of 2013, 45 MILLION Americans have at least one tattoo, I am often asked to do a henna tattoo design around or in collaboration with an existing, permanent tattoo – which is something I find fun and challenging because I don’t have full freedom with the skin. I have to study what the first artist did to see the style of the piece which is also a clue into what the client likes (obviously) . I have tremendous respect for tattoo artists. I feel so much pressure for bridal henna that I practice the designs over and over because this will be on their skin for their wedding . I can’t imagine the pressure I would feel if it was permanent .

Henna is so fun for people because you can really play with different looks.

Here is a piece I did recently around an existing unicorn shoulder tattoo – the client really loved it

shoulder, henna tattoo, henna artist, unicorn

shoulder henna tattoo


This henna tattoo I did in the fall for a great client who had the most intriguing tattoos. I really loved the beautiful bee tattoo here on her forearm .

henna tattoo, cuff

henna tattoo cuff design



Bridal Henna Pictures

Bridal Henna Pictures

Hello all! I had a lovely model in the henna salon and photo studio for a few moments to showcase some simple bridal henna designs on her hands. There is a photography studio set up at my henna salon at all times. When you get your henna done, you can get pics taken for free! I’ll email them to you so you can have professional photos taken of your special henna design.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did doing them.

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henna tattoo, Michigan, henna on hands, bridal henna

henna tattoo, wedding henna, henna in michigan

Michigan Henna Tattoo – Arms and Hands

Michigan Henna Tattoo – Arms and Hands

Michigan henna tattoo 

New Michigan Henna tattoo Designs ! Henna arm and hand designs that are all original designs of Kelly Caroline . Today 3 of 4 of these designs were done on violin players.. how odd is that? I think its pretty cool, but very odd that I would have 3 violin player clients on the same day.

The first design is an Indian henna inspired hand

indian henna, arm design

Next is a henna arm design with a mandala

henna arm design, mandala

Next is a henna glove design with lines and triangles for the fingers

henna glove design

And for her other hand was a similar design I did with triangles and lines

henna glove, hand design

And finally this picture is of the sweet 16 birthday girl (the 3rd violinist) and her mom who got henna done on their hands today for her birthday. How cute are they?

mother daughter, henna, sweet 16 birthday henna