Henna Tattoos – Baby Belly Henna

Henna Tattoos – Baby Belly Henna

Happy Spring everyone! Starting to see more skin lately, here in the great state of Michigan. The majority of the Arctic weather hasĀ about passed here and once again it is the beginning of sandal & tank top weather which means the salon is starting to be buzzing with clients once again.

Lately the majority of my clients have been lovely mothers-to-be getting baby belly henna, pregnancy henna, prenatal henna (whatever you call it, it is so adorable!) I have said it before and I’ll say it again, as a henna artist in Michigan, one of my favorite henna designs is prenatal henna – mandalas henna designs, tree henna tattoos, floral henna – all of it is so fun!

Check out my latest henna tattoos for pregnant women . For the first one here, this is the second time I have gotten to do a henna design for this mother. The first time she was carrying twins with this tree design some of you might remember

prenatal henna, pregnancy henna design, michigan henna tattoos

prenatal henna, pregnancy henna design

henna tree tattoo design for baby belly

tree henna tattoo design for a baby belly


This time around, she wanted a tree, but since it wasn’t twins, she wanted a similar design.

We did a single tree design with 5 flowers around it, symbolizing each member of her growing family. So sweet.

pregnancy henna design with a tree

pregnancy henna design with a tree

At her appointment, she had a few friends gathering around her as her support group. They each got henna tattoos done as well. Here are a few:

foot henna tattoo, henna tattoo, ann arbor, michigan , kelly caroline

foot henna tattoo Ann Arbor, Michigan

henna hand tattoo design, michigan henna artist

henna hand tattoo design

Another fun appointment lately was for a set of two good friends who were about 3 weeks apart in their pregnancy so they decided to get henna tattoos together to celebrate their upcoming births.

One of the women chose to have a mandala henna tattoo with a floral theme.

Mandala henna tattoo, Michigan henna artist

Mandala henna tattoo Michigan


Her friend chose also a symmetrical mandala design but with an OHM symbol in the center to represent peace for her birth.

ohm henna tattoo, michigan henna artist, kelly caroline, prenatal henna

OHM Henna tattoo for pregnancy symbol

And for my favorite picture, here is a very lovely picture of the two mommies together with their prenatal henna designs

prenatal henna designs, henna tattoos michigan

prenatal henna designs


Haven’t had enough mandalas? Here is a bonus