Celebration Henna Crowns Event !

Celebration Henna Crowns Event !

Kelly Caroline Henna Artist Michigan


February 27th we are hosting “Celebration Henna Crowns” at the Wyandotte Public Library, Bacon Memorial District Library . “Celebration Henna Crowns” is an afternoon of beautiful henna designs for men, women, and children with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. The event is from 2:00-5:00 pm.

Henna Crowns offer a beautiful alternative to the traditional hats, scarves, and wigs that many use. Henna is a natural way to beautify the body and celebrate life. This is a free event for anyone who has lost his or her hair due to chemotherapy or alopecia.

“Kelly decorated my bald head when I lost all my hair to chemo treatment.” said Patricia Berry from Ypsilanti. “The design was beautiful and her presence was lovely at the celebration henna party we threw to mark the event.  She’s an amazing artist, a consummate business professional and a good soul.”

Guests may choose from floral designs, tribal and geometric designs, or bring their own ideas. Each guest will get a unique, personal design. It is recommended that the head is free of lotions or oils prior to the henna being applied. There will also be brief presentation of the history and use of henna as well as how the natural paste is made from organic henna leaves and pure essential oils

The event is free, so call to reserve your spot (734) 536-1705

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Join us February 27th 2-5pm for “Celebration Henna Crowns”

Henna Crown Designs

Henna Crown Designs

Henna crown designs are henna designs applied to a shaved head – usually due to hair loss from chemotherapy treatments. Henna crown designs are a great way to celebrate life and adorn yourself with art – in the midst of a hard situation. العاب اون لاين My most recent henna crown design was for a great girl, who was on her way to the 7th annual stupid cancer OMG2014 Summit for Young Adults .

And for the record, cancer IS stupid .

You can check out the video for the last year’s conference here :

OMG2013 Sizzle Reel from Stupid Cancer on Vimeo.

Note * Is henna safe when you have cancer ? My answer is to check with your doctor before having henna applied because every medical situation is unique. I have never had a client being treated chemotherapy have any negative reaction to henna. موقع المراهنات That being said, check with your doctor first. Before you have henna applied, you should ALWAYS check the ingredients with the artist to ensure the henna paste only has henna leaves, pure essential oils (ex:  tea tree, lavender or eucalyptus ) , sugar, & water. This is true for anyone having henna done, but ESPECIALLY true for people who have cancer or extremely sensitive skin . لعبة بوكر حقيقية Never (without exception) let anyone use “black” henna on your skin.

As for her henna crown designs , she brought in a few ideas with flowers and leaves and paisleys so I just combined them all together for one great look .

She was really thrilled with the results.


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henna crown design – side view


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henna crown design with flowers