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Henna Michigan


A lovely bride from this weekend in Novi. She chose lovely henna designs for her engagement ceremony henna. She wanted traditional Indian style henna with paisleys for the top of the hands and mandalas with negative space for the palms.

I just couldn’t get over that hand embroidered pattern on her dress!

Here is the picture of her wedding henna design :

see more henna designs here

Michigan henna,  Indian wedding, henna michigan

henna by Kelly Caroline – Henna Michigan


Henna Party Pictures

As promised, here are the henna party pictures from the 2-day event for a great bride. I really enjoyed meeting all her family – traveling from all over the world from San Francisco, CA  to Brooklyn, NY to Frankfort, Denmark ! The second day’s event was held at the lovely Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, Michigan.

It’s not often I am around to see the bridal henna stain the next day but since I was, I made sure to get a picture of her henna 24 hours after it was applied.

Day 1 – henna application


bridal henna designs with flowers

Day 2 – 24 hours later .  It still has darkening to do over the next 12 hours.


bridal henna design stain the next day


Here are the henna party pictures from the two days of mehndi parties .

oh! I loved the beading on her beautiful dress!

mehndi_party_henna_designs, mehndi party henna ideas, simple henna designs, festival henna

mehndi party henna ideas

henna_party_henna_artist, henna party designs, mehndi ceremony

mehndi ceremony henna designs

henna_party_michigan_artist, bridal henna, mehndi ceremony, indian fusion wedding

mehndi ceremony for fusion wedding


full_bridal_henna, bridal henna on hands and feet, mehndi, indian wedding henna artist

bridal henna on hands and feet


Breakfast at Tiffanys Themed Bachelorette Party DIY

Tiffanys Themed Bachelorette Party

Hello everyone! If you have been wondering why I have been pretty silent these past few weeks is because I have been in my studio preparing to throw my sister’s Breakfast at Tiffanys themed bachelorette party . I have been planning this party for 3 months which game me a good amount of time to devote to all the DIY touches . We had about 15 ladies that came and we all had so much fun! I can’t share all the details since it was a BACHELORETTE party, but it’s safe to say we all had a rowdy time 😉   We stayed at the Marriott  suite here in Ypsilanti and  had a car service drive us to The Wurst Bar for a very special Drag Queen Bingo that I arranged. Then we headed back to the suite for party games, dessert, drinks & more entertainment.  The Tiffany’s party theme was so much fun to add fun touches to.


Here are the pictures I can share:

breakfast at tiffanys party diy , party,diy dessert table, decoration, bachelorette party, audrey hepburn, cupcakes

Breakfast at Tiffanys party DIY dessert table


I assembled each of those little Tiffany blue favor boxes, wrapped ribbon and tied them. Inside were rings from Wholesale Fashion Square  that everyone wore . A party favor that everyone can wear and enjoy after the party is really important . The 4 Tiffany blue champagne flutes filled with white Jordan Almonds.

white Jordan almonds

white Jordan almonds

breakfast at tiffanys bachelorette party favors , cupcakes, decorations, diy, dessert table

Tiffany blue party favors & dessert table

I ordered the Tiffany’s boxes and bought white stain ribbon and tied each of them after I placed the rings inside on their ring holder.

Tiffany blue favor boxes

Tiffany blue favor boxes

tiffany party diy

Tiffanys dessert table cupcake display

I added edible luster powder & pearls to the cupcakes and desserts.  I also added those lovely diamonds to every table surface . The cupcake toppers I made with my handy circle cutters and printed some icons I made in Photoshop off the computer, glued them together with a blue toothpick in between them and viola!

tiffanys blue, alcohol, drink, diy, party bachelorette party, drinks

Tiffanys blue alcohol drink – made with Vodka and something blue hah

Tiffanys blue alcoholic drink mix – yummy! I added my turquoise necklace to the top to add more flair to the drink dispenser. The martini drink glasses really were a big hit. I added a little tiffany’s blue ribbon to them.

Here’s what I bought for the Tiffany’s Blue Bachelorette Party theme:

tiffanys themed bachelorette party, decorations, diy, watercolor chandelier

I did a few watercolor paintings to hang up around the hotel suite – I gave this watercolor chandelier to my sister.

Watercolor chandelier painting to add to the theme – also, inexpensive party decor ! I made those hanging paper mobiles using a circle cutter and thread .

paper circle cutter

paper circle cutter


Yumm !

Grab this awesome glass drink dispenser here – I have used this SO many times, I’m glad I finally got one.

glass drink dispenser

glass drink dispenser

Tiffany’s Blue Punch Recipe :

1 part Blue Hawaiian Punch

blue hawaiian punch

blue hawaiian punch

1 part lemonade

country time lemonade

country time lemonade

Malibu Rum to taste 😉

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.57.58 AM

paper flowers, diy , glass beads, diamonds, decorations

paper flowers with jewels DIY party decorations

I made these flowers from drawing paper , skewers, tape and I hot glued druzy cabochons to the top. I added the lantern below as an accent, drawing in the color. Chinese lanterns here

tiffany blue Chinese lantern

tiffany blue Chinese lantern

Drag Queen Bingo for bachelorette party

Drag Queen Bingo for bachelorette party


Everyone loved the Drag Queen Bingo. Find the Bingo cards here

disposable bingo cards

disposable bingo cards



bachelorette_party_game_gifts , diy

bachelorette party gift favors idea – diy

And last but not least, I made these watercolor paintings for one of the bachelorette party games 😉

Henna for Weddings

The importance of henna for weddings, especially Indian weddings, doesn’t just stop at the bridal henna design. The mother of the bride and sister of the bride’s henna needs to be very special, too. Often time the bride’s mother and sister will come to my henna salon the day before before the official Mehndi party and have their henna applied so that their stain has already developed by the time of the henna party. Today the mother and sister came in to the salon because they wanted more elaborate henna designs than time would allow for tomorrow when we have 70 guests to henna-up at the Mehndi party. The bride is also getting married in Troy, Michigan with the reception the next day in Ohio.

Here are pictures of the henna for the weddings :

mother of the bride, henna design, indian wedding

Mother of the bride henna design for Indian wedding


henna for weddings, sister of the bride, henna design, henna on palms

Sister of the bride henna for weddings