Henna Tree Tattoo

Here’s a henna tree tattoo design my client requested for her birthday – a slender short tree, small root system with fantastical, spreading, intricate & elaborate braches stretching from her lower back up and over her shoulder. She as thrilled to see the end result. I hope you like it, too.


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Man Henna Tattoo – Henna Michigan

Man Henna Design  – Henna Michigan


I love doing henna tattoos for men – it really gets me to stretch my “henna tattoo muscle” outside of flowers & paisleys . Today I got to do henna tattoo for a cool guy who wanted a nature scene on his arm, with a different wave, inspired by a Sublime box set cover here :

henna design, box set cover, sublime, nature henna, henna michigan

"Everything Under the Sun" - Sublime

Here’s my take on it because he wanted a more abstract wave :

sun henna design, man design, sublime box cover, fish henna

Henna man design with sun & fish

henna man design, fish henna, sublime henna design

And a little extra  henna cuff design :

henna cuff design, henna tattoo, henna cuff

Henna Tattoos Michigan

Henna Tattoos Michigan

Hello! Here are some recent henna tattoos I have done at parties around Michigan this summer. I’ve been at a lot of graduation parties , bachelorette parties & holiday parties in Michigan so far and I’ve met a lot of great people. Here are some fun kid henna designs, Dolphin tattoos, compass henna design, mother & daughter henna designs, scorpion henna tattoo design for boys, swirly henna tattoos, Superman logo henna tattoo and tree henna designs. Enjoy!

henna tattoo, indian wedding, michigan

henna tattoo, superman logo, michigan party

henna tree tattoo

swirly henna tattoo

miami dolphin, henna tattoo

henna compass tattoo

henna leg tattoo

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floral henna tattoo

henna tattoo, mandala, michigan graduation party

manly henna, henna tribal tattoo, scorpion henna tattoo

floral henna design, shoulder henna tattoo, party michigan henna

floral henna tattoo, flower henna design, shoulder henna

henna foot tattoo, mandala

tribal henna tattoo, henna for boys

Henna Tattoos Michigan