Men Henna Designs

Men Henna Designs

Hello everyone.

Yes, that’s right, Spring is HERE! That means people remember they have skin again and like to show it!

Even though there is a woman walking around New York without a shirt (AMEN sister!)  the rest of our nation may have to play the waiting game until that becomes legal. Okay, back to henna designs…


Anyways, men henna designs are almost as rare as a woman who walks around in public without a shirt.  Here is a simple one for those of you looking for ” men henna designs ” . Just some simple Roman numerals  along the collarbone depicting the birthdays of his parents.

men henna designs, michigan, kelly caroline, henna artist

men henna designs


mandala henna tattoo, henna tattoo, henna tattoo design

And another picture of men henna designs is from a while back at my salon in Ypsilanti, Michigan

henna, men, men henna design, tribal tattoo

henna tribal tattoo for men


A close up shot of the tree of his tribal tattoo design

pine tree, henna tattoo, men design

pine tree henna tattoo

Last henna design for men today. This client wanted to try out a tattoo idea he had. Instead of going right for the tattoo, he decided to try it out using henna first. He was one happy guy when we were all done and deided he WOULD get this tattoo done permanently.

tribal body tattoo, men henna, design, tattoo trial

tribal body tattoo for men

Henna for men

Henna for men

Henna for men

Here’s a henna design for my good friend Matt – he’s on a 60 day trip around the United States and he stopped into Ypsilanti for a visit with us. He wanted a henna tattoo the symbolized life on one side and death on the other so I did a vine that looked like Spring and a vine that looked like Fall. He really likes it. He’s about half way through his trip so he will have his henna design for 2 of the final weeks of his journey. where to inject ivermectin in goats

Here’s the pictures of henna designs for men :

henna for men, matt yancey, henna designs for men, henna on hands, life henna, death henna, henna hand design for men

life and death symbol henna design for men

Man Henna Tattoo – Henna Michigan

Man Henna Tattoo – Henna Michigan

Man Henna Design  – Henna Michigan


I love doing henna tattoos for men – it really gets me to stretch my “henna tattoo muscle” outside of flowers & paisleys . Today I got to do henna tattoo for a cool guy who wanted a nature scene on his arm, with a different wave, inspired by a Sublime box set cover here :

henna design, box set cover, sublime, nature henna, henna michigan

"Everything Under the Sun" - Sublime

Here’s my take on it because he wanted a more abstract wave :

sun henna design, man design, sublime box cover, fish henna

Henna man design with sun & fish

henna man design, fish henna, sublime henna design

And a little extra  henna cuff design :

henna cuff design, henna tattoo, henna cuff