Indian Bridal Henna Michigan – Mehndi Party

Indian Bridal Henna Michigan – Mehndi Party

Hello! I just got back from my trip to KawKawlin, Michigan  to do Indian Bridal Henna for a very sweet bride whose destination wedding is to Jamaica. She wanted elaborate Indian mehndi from her elbows to finger tips on the palm side and elaborate but less intricate design on the back of her hands. She also wanted to incorporate the peacock in her design. I also did her feet with pretty flowers and paisleys. I love the way it came out! I hope you like it, too.

bridal mehndi, michigan, indian bridal henna

indian bridal mehndi, michigan

indian bridal henna, wedding mehndi, mehndi party

bridal henna, bridal mehndi, indian wedding, michigan

Henna Party Michigan – Baby Belly

Henna Party Michigan – Baby Belly

This weekend I got to be apart of a very special henna party for a lovely pregnant girl and do henna on her baby belly. She’s having twins and her family & friends from New York  & Tulsa flew/drove in to be apart of her celebration. I felt a lot of love at this henna party. All the guests got some henna done on their hands or feet and sat and watched the mommy-to-be get her belly decorated with a tree design that she found online. Enjoy!

baby belly, henna design, tree

baby belly henna design

baby belly henna design, tree, henna

henna party, baby shower, baby belly, guest designs

Bridal henna and Sweet 16 Henna Party

Recently I got to do a Sweet 16 Henna Party with a really special birthday girl. Her party was dinosaur themed, but who says you can’t have a henna party / dinosaur party? – exactly! So for her 16th birthday she wanted henna done on her arm – a sugar skull henna tattoo ! Super cool. Here it is:

sugar skull, henna tattoo, sugar skull henna design

And then we have a lovely non-traditional bridal henna. Her dress is like a corset fit so she wanted a circular, Moroccan checker inspired, lace-like design all around her arms, chest and back. Enjoy!

bridal henna, checkerboard, Moroccan

Moroccan bridal henna

Michigan Henna Tattoo – Arms and Hands

Michigan henna tattoo 

New Michigan Henna tattoo Designs ! Henna arm and hand designs that are all original designs of Kelly Caroline . Today 3 of 4 of these designs were done on violin players.. how odd is that? I think its pretty cool, but very odd that I would have 3 violin player clients on the same day.

The first design is an Indian henna inspired hand

indian henna, arm design

Next is a henna arm design with a mandala

henna arm design, mandala

Next is a henna glove design with lines and triangles for the fingers

henna glove design

And for her other hand was a similar design I did with triangles and lines

henna glove, hand design

And finally this picture is of the sweet 16 birthday girl (the 3rd violinist) and her mom who got henna done on their hands today for her birthday. How cute are they?

mother daughter, henna, sweet 16 birthday henna