Hope you’re all having a WONDERFUL beginning to 2019. Spring is fast approaching and our henna calendar is filling up quickly! We have so many events coming up – some very exciting ones that I’ll tell you about in a bit and some I can’t mention yet (secret!) But I wanted to share our most popular henna designs this year so far . 

Tribal & Geometric Henna Tattoos

Tribal and geometric henna tattoos are really popular this Spring like the one we did here for the hand . This was at our henna studio in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Cute Floral Henna Tattoos

I mean – like the Little Black Dress, cute floral henna tattoos on the hand will always be on trend! Our favorites to do because we LOVE floral henna designs . 


Wrist Henna Tattoos

A popular place to put a henna tattoo is the wrist or forearm – more area so you can get a larger henna design plus the ability to keep it hidden if you need to for school or work. We LOVE wrist henna tattoos


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