Jamie Bourgeois – Textile Artist

Jamie Bourgeois – Textile Artist

My friend Jamie Bourgeois is a huge inspiration to me. She is a very thoughtful textile artist with a message on how humans interact with their environment. ivermectin rat dosage

(psst! I want this dress so badly!.. she needs to make many more of these..)

jamie bourgeois, colony, fungi dress

Having graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, she recently completed a series named Homogeneous :

“A series of screen printed silk scarves which explore the classification of non-human organisms in order to see more clearly into how we can perceive ourselves as humans, as entities with the same basic needs and fundamental desires as all living beings.”


jamie bourgeois, scarves, homogeneous

99% of all living species that have ever lived on this planet are now extinct.”


jamie bourgeois, scarves, homogeneous

“Parasites live on or in a host organism at the expense of the host, benefiting only itself.”


jamie bourgeois, scarves, homogeneous

“Invasive species invade foreign ecosystems, deplete resources, and crowd out other species.”

 All I can say is : incredibly inspiring, thought provoking with detail to make your head spin!  I can’t wait to see what Jamie has in store for us in the future.

+ All artwork is by Jamie Bourgeois +

Jamie Bourgeois – Fibers Collection from Gabby Garcia-Pardo on Vimeo.