Man Henna Tattoo – Henna Michigan

Man Henna Tattoo – Henna Michigan

Man Henna Design  – Henna Michigan


I love doing henna tattoos for men – it really gets me to stretch my “henna tattoo muscle” outside of flowers & paisleys . Today I got to do henna tattoo for a cool guy who wanted a nature scene on his arm, with a different wave, inspired by a Sublime box set cover here :

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"Everything Under the Sun" - Sublime

Here’s my take on it because he wanted a more abstract wave :

sun henna design, man design, sublime box cover, fish henna

Henna man design with sun & fish

henna man design, fish henna, sublime henna design

And a little extra  henna cuff design :

henna cuff design, henna tattoo, henna cuff