Hello Everyone! Here in Michigan we have been blessed with more and more sunshine lately, allowing us all to enjoy being outside more! I do love this time of the year. My flower garden is starting to sprout and I’m looking forward to a long growing season.

In other news, lately especially, I have been getting 1-2 requests per week for permanent tattoo designing for ladies as well as copyright requests for drawn art I have done to be permanently done by professional tattoo artists. I have always had clients at the salon have henna done at the salon to test out a permanent tattoo, which is a great idea.

I love that my art can touch individuals in such a way that they want to have it forever. I want to share a few emails I have gotten lately about permanent tattoo designing :

“I have absolutely fallen in love with one of your henna tattoo designs and I am actually interested in having it permanently tattoo-ed on my body” -B.K.
“This design catches my eye because it is like a Mandala, but very nature/floral which is something that is absolutely me. It is a beautiful reminder of how complex we are as human creatures, so beautiful and elegant, like flowers – and yet so connected to earth, simple, organic, fragile, like flowers.” – Brittany
“I would love for you to design something fun for me! I want to get it on the top of my foot. I definitely want it to be circular. A little bit about me that may help design– I am a yoga teacher so I work barefoot. I LOVE elephants!” -S.K

“Kelly! I LOVE THIS!! Thank you so much. I am making an appointment somewhere around Ann Arbor for the end of April/May. I will definitely keep you posted and give you credit in all social media posts. Again, thank you so much. I really appreciate this. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to promote you” – K

“First I’d like to tell you I absolutely adore your work. Every piece is just gorgeously done. I’m interested in tattooing one/two of your designs on my hip. I’d like permission to do that. I’d be looking to join two pieces together for the whole tattoo.” – Marisa

“I just wanted to share that I got one of your designs as a tattoo last April! I get sooooo many compliments! Love it!” – Whitney

“I saw it on Pinterest and fell in love. I looked at it for a month and I realized I’ld love to have it on my body forever. I now have seen it on my body these past couple day and I love it even more!”  – Amanda

*Blush* Thank you ladies – those words touch me deeply. Thank you!

Here are some photos of the henna tattoo designs of mine that have been turned into permanent tattoo designs and drawings that have been made into permanent tattoo designs as well.


henna mandala elephant tattoo

floral henna tattoo, permanent tattoo, henna tattoo, kelly caroline, michigan henna tattoo artist

floral henna tattoo turned into a permanent tattoo

Michigan henna artist, Kelly Caroline, permanent tattoo, henna tattoo

flower henna tattoo turned into a permanent henna tattoo by Michigan henna artist, Kelly Caroline

Check-out-this-lovely-permanent-tattoo-on-@theklemm-inspired-by-my-drawing-How-sweet-she-sent-me-a-p A-great-recreation-of-one-of-my-favorite-henna-tattoo-designs-I-did-.-.-.Repost-from-@tattoosbychris