Do you enjoy quality clothing? Do you like spectacular vintage fashion? If you answered yes to either of those questions,  make your way as fast as possible to Dear Golden – an online vintage shop with a store front in downtown Ypsilanti.

However, if you get slightly aroused/salavate at the sight of lovely clothing, proceed with caution. I tell you no lies – this is the cream of the crop as far as curated vintage shops go. You get a little weak in the knees entering the store because you feel like you’ve traveled back into the dressing rooms of the classiest ladies from every decade. Wall to wall vintage wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, shoes, handbags, jewelry, coats and hats .

I was searching for a pair of shoes to go with a custom dress made by  THREADBEAT  (who is a first class seamstress and a magician at making very specific clothing dreams come true in no time at all). I brought a photo of the dress to Dear Golden’s owner – the quick witted and brilliant Lauren Naimola .

After briefly looking at the entire wall of gorgeous shoes, within moments I was handed the most perfect pair of black kitten heels to go with my dress (they were just my size!!)


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*sigh* (they’re so comfortable, barely worn and they were a bargin!) I want to buy them all over again.

 Okay, you’ve been sent on a mission – experience Dear Golden for yourselves. <3