Today I woke up to find these three Katie Brown “cozy mugs”, as I call them. Nathan surprised me with them and this great ceramic square plate to house them. I wanted one for Mother’s Day, but when we got home, the mug we thought we got wasn’t in our bags 🙁 .

But today he got me two others, along with mine, so I can have two friends over for tea! Wanna join me? ? 🙂

tea set, loose leaf tea, sugar, gift, katie brown, mugs, meijer

Chamomile anyone? <3 chamomile, tea, set, tea set, leaves, loose leaf

Judah and Nathan

Nathan and Judah, goodman, drums, snare, love

They are the best thing I could imagine. <3 Nathan and Judah Goodman, love, drums, dad, son

*Kelly* – happy & blessed mommy