I am totally blessed and happy with my life. Of course there are ups and downs, but there are too many wonderful things to let anything keep me sad.

Life lately has just shown me how truly grateful I need to be for the big things like my supportive husband, perfectly healthy happy baby boy, my humble house, my working legs & arms and the smaller things like the flowers I planted outside, chocolate milk, carpet and stickers.

There are few better ways to enjoy your life than to inspire others to a appreciate theirs, too.

Here are some recent pictures of the garden and life around here lately.

red poppy

This is a red poppy. I love that its such an intense color, but its less than paper-thin and fragile.


a sprig of blueberries that are coming in nicely


The strawberry plant that is roommates with the raspberry bush.

flowers in teacup

Wildflowers from the garden. Also, this is a great holder for flower. I made it with a regular teacup. The teacup I got for Mother’s Day. (this would make such a cute gift!)