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Breakfast at Tiffanys Themed Bachelorette Party DIY

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Tiffanys Themed Bachelorette Party

Hello everyone! If you have been wondering why I have been pretty silent these past few weeks is because I have been in my studio preparing to throw my sister’s Breakfast at Tiffanys themed bachelorette party . I have been planning this party for 3 months which game me a good amount of time to devote to all the DIY touches . We had about 15 ladies that came and we all had so much fun! I can’t share all the details since it was a BACHELORETTE party, but it’s safe to say we all had a rowdy time ;-)   We stayed at the Marriott  suite here in Ypsilanti and  had a car service drive us to The Wurst Bar for a very special Drag Queen Bingo that I arranged. Then we headed back to the suite for party games, dessert, drinks & more entertainment.  The Tiffany’s party theme was so much fun to add fun touches to.


Here are the pictures I can share:

breakfast at tiffanys party diy , party,diy dessert table, decoration, bachelorette party, audrey hepburn, cupcakes

Breakfast at Tiffanys party DIY dessert table


I assembled each of those little Tiffany blue favor boxes, wrapped ribbon and tied them. Inside were rings from Wholesale Fashion Square  that everyone wore . A party favor that everyone can wear and enjoy after the party is really important . The 4 Tiffany blue champagne flutes filled with white Jordan Almonds.

white Jordan almonds

white Jordan almonds

breakfast at tiffanys bachelorette party favors , cupcakes, decorations, diy, dessert table

Tiffany blue party favors & dessert table

I ordered the Tiffany’s boxes and bought white stain ribbon and tied each of them after I placed the rings inside on their ring holder.

Tiffany blue favor boxes

Tiffany blue favor boxes


tiffany party diy

Tiffanys dessert table cupcake display

I added edible luster powder & pearls to the cupcakes and desserts.  I also added those lovely diamonds to every table surface . The cupcake toppers I made with my handy circle cutters and printed some icons I made in Photoshop off the computer, glued them together with a blue toothpick in between them and viola!

tiffanys blue, alcohol, drink, diy, party bachelorette party, drinks

Tiffanys blue alcohol drink – made with Vodka and something blue hah

Tiffanys blue alcoholic drink mix – yummy! I added my turquoise necklace to the top to add more flair to the drink dispenser. The martini drink glasses really were a big hit. I added a little tiffany’s blue ribbon to them.

tiffanys themed bachelorette party, decorations, diy, watercolor chandelier

I did a few watercolor paintings to hang up around the hotel suite – I gave this watercolor chandelier to my sister.

Watercolor chandelier painting to add to the theme – also, inexpensive party decor ! I made those hanging paper mobiles using a circle cutter and thread .

paper circle cutter

paper circle cutter


Yumm !

Grab this awesome glass drink dispenser here – I have used this SO many times, I’m glad I finally got one.

glass drink dispenser

glass drink dispenser

Tiffany’s Blue Punch Recipe :

1 part Blue Hawaiian Punch

blue hawaiian punch

blue hawaiian punch

1 part lemonade

country time lemonade

country time lemonade

Malibu Rum to taste ;-)

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.57.58 AM

paper flowers, diy , glass beads, diamonds, decorations

paper flowers with jewels DIY party decorations

I made these flowers from drawing paper , skewers, tape and I hot glued druzy cabochons to the top. I added the lantern below as an accent, drawing in the color. Chinese lanterns here

tiffany blue Chinese lantern

tiffany blue Chinese lantern

Drag Queen Bingo for bachelorette party

Drag Queen Bingo for bachelorette party


Everyone loved the Drag Queen Bingo. Find the Bingo cards here

disposable bingo cards

disposable bingo cards



bachelorette_party_game_gifts , diy

bachelorette party gift favors idea – diy

And last but not least, I made these watercolor paintings for one of the bachelorette party games ;-)

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Henna Artist in Michigan

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Hello all! Happy Fall! It’s this time of the year that I am so happy to be a henna artist in Michigan because I get enjoy this beautiful fall weather. When I was a henna artist in Orlando, Florida working at Universal Studios, the people were always so fun because they were on vacation, but after a long, hot summer I need a cool Fall and chilly Winter but living in Florida, you don’t get fun season changes . Being a henna artist in Michigan , specifically Ypsilanti, Michigan is what I love.

Today I met a lovely client who wanted to pamper herself so she booked a private appointment at the henna salon. She requested fun, floral designs with vines for the tops of her hands and the tops of her feet . This was her first time having henna applied so before her appointment she read the FAQ – frequently asked questions about henna and how to prepare for her appointment.

Here are the photos of her henna on the tops of her hands and feet.


henna, hands, floral patterns, vine, design, mehndi

henna on the hands with floral patterns and vines

henna, top of foot, floral henna, mehndi, feet henna, vines

floral henna on the top of the feet


floral mehndi henna on the tops of hands


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Henna Party for Girls

Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in Henna, Henna Party designs, mehndi traditional, Private appointments, simple henna design | 0 comments

Today I had a henna party at the salon here in Ypsilanti, MI . This was a really fun group  – a family that is hosting their own henna party with one of our henna artists. They came into the salon to have their henna designs done before the party they are having. Each of the girls had picked out a henna design and I repeated a similar design on their hands and feet. Here are the pictures :

henna on hands, feet, manicure, henna party, pedicure

henna on hands and feet with pedicure and manicure

hands_feet_lo copy

henna on hands and feet with pedicure and manicure


henna on hands and feet

henna, feet, hands, design

henna on hands and feet

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Henna tattoos on the foot

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Henna, Henna Party designs, Michigan henna tattoo, Private appointments, simple henna design, tattoo | 0 comments

Hello all! Spring is in full swing here in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I will do a post on just the outdoor gardening work I have been up to soon. Right now I have some pictures of henna tattoos on the foot to share. I love henna tattoos on the feet because they get really dark red / brown and last for 2 weeks.

henna tattoos, foot, henna designs, feet, mehndi, henna tattoos

henna tattoos on foot

henna tattoo on the foot

henna tattoo on the foot

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Men Henna Designs

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Hello everyone.

Yes, that’s right, Spring is HERE! That means people remember they have skin again and like to show it!

Even though there is a woman walking around New York without a shirt (AMEN sister!)  the rest of our nation may have to play the waiting game until that becomes legal. Okay, back to henna designs…


Anyways, men henna designs are almost as rare as a woman who walks around in public without a shirt.  Here is a simple one for those of you looking for ” men henna designs ” . Just some simple Roman numerals  along the collarbone depicting the birthdays of his parents.

men henna designs, michigan, kelly caroline, henna artist

men henna designs


mandala henna tattoo, henna tattoo, henna tattoo design

And another picture of men henna designs is from a while back at my salon in Ypsilanti, Michigan

henna, men, men henna design, tribal tattoo

henna tribal tattoo for men


A close up shot of the tree of his tribal tattoo design

pine tree, henna tattoo, men design

pine tree henna tattoo

Last henna design for men today. This client wanted to try out a tattoo idea he had. Instead of going right for the tattoo, he decided to try it out using henna first. He was one happy guy when we were all done and deided he WOULD get this tattoo done permanently.

tribal body tattoo, men henna, design, tattoo trial

tribal body tattoo for men

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Another LOVELY pair of Dear Golden shoes..

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Ladies *(and gentlemen if there are gentlemen that peruse this blog), I once again have found an AMAZING pair of shoes from my favorite vintage shop: Dear Golden here in Ypsilanti. Some of you may remember these shoes I bought for a wedding. I now am IN the wedding of a great friend and we were tasked with finding our own bridesmaid dress, shoes etc. and I was jazzed for the opportunity. The only perimeters was it needed to be a pastel sundress. Any pattern, brand or color choice was up to us as long as it fell into the pastel/sundress category. When my friend told us the requirements my brain was like: “You mean, I get to be apart of your big day and you’re giving me an excuse to buy a dress I’ll actually WEAR AGAIN??!?… OKAY!”

dear golden, ypsilanti, michigan vintage shop

Soooo. what did I do? Of course I directed myself to contact my go-to  lady team of “people who let me buy their lovely items” : THREADBEAT  and Dear Golden .    Rebecca Tanner-Russell , the wonder woman behind THREADBEAT  created a beautifully detailed sundress for me to wear in the wedding. (You’ll have to wait for pictures of that)  After the dress arrived and fit perfectly, I found the necklace I’ll be wearing at a cute resale shop in Grand Rapids for $6!

After that, I set my sights on Dear Golden for my shoes. Shoes are always tough for me to buy for a few reasons:

1. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on shoes

2. I need COMFORTABLE shoes

3. I would like them to be well made

4. I don’t like to support mass made shoes

5. I’d like them to be somewhat stylish

(Do you see how #s 2-5 contradict with #1??? yeah, so now you know why it’s tough)


Annnyways, all of this to say why I am very ,very happy with my new (to me) Italian leather janes

pink janes, dear golden, vintage shop, ypsilanti

mmmmm…. shoes



YAY! I’ll post pictures of the complete outfit when they all come together in a perfect harmony.




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Floral henna tattoo

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Hello all! Spring is around the corner and you know what that means! Henna tattoo season is almost here

Here’s a Henna tattoo design that I did on my forearm. It was inspired by a picture I found on the Internet. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this design and I really like it. This is the Henna stain design four days after I applied it.

Make an appointment for your henna tattoo design today!


floral henna tattoo, henna tattoo michigan, henna tattoo design, kelly caroline

henna tattoo design

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Henna Michigan – Wedding Henna

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Henna Michigan

Hello! Long time no talk, eh? Well, I apologize for my recent absence – lots of positive things have been happening that have kept me quite busy! Anyways, here is a wedding henna design that incorporates my two favorite things : flowers and paisleys . I hope you enjoy this wedding henna as much as I do.


michigan, wedding henna, henna artist, henna design, wedding, bridal floral

wedding henna

michigan, wedding henna, henna artist, henna design, wedding, bridal floral

bridal mehndi


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Bridal Henna in Michigan

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Bridal Henna in Michigan

I met with a great bride-to-be today at my henna salon. She’s marrying her fiance in Mackinaw Island and came to Ypsilanti first to have her bridal henna for her wedding. She really liked the paisley / floral design for the top of her arms. Here are the pics. I can’t wait to see the photos from her wedding.

bridal henna, bridal mehndi, michigan, henna for wedding

bridal mehndi

bridal henna on arms, henna in michigan

bridal henna on arm

henna on arms, henna for wedding, michigan henna artist

bridal henna on left arm

bridal henna in michigan, henna artist, mehndi for wedding

bridal henna on right arm


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Baby Belly Henna Design

Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Henna, mehndi traditional, Pregnant belly | 0 comments


Met with a really nice mom-to-be with her second child. She came to my henna salon in Ypsilanti and got to relax on our really comfy couches there. She wanted a mandala baby belly henna design – my favorite prenatal belly henna designs to do. She really liked it – I hope you do to.

baby belly henna, henna design, flower henna

baby belly henna, pregnant belly design, henna flower design

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Henna Photos

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Here are the henna photos from the shoot with Ka Xiong . Our lovely model, Polly Theism & make up artist / hair stylist Sandy Bambi and of course, henna by Kelly Caroline (me)  shot in Ypsilanti, Michigan – Depot Town

henna, bridal design, michigan, artist, ka xiong, polly theism

henna, hand design, vintage, wedding, photo, ka xiong, polly theism

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Ka Xiong Photoshoot

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Here is a sneak peek at the photos from the shoot with Ka Xiong . Our lovely model, Polly Theism & make up artist / hair stylist Sandy Bambi and of course, henna by Kelly Caroline (me)  shot in Ypsilanti, Michigan – Depot Town <3
henna photo shoot with ka xiong, polly theism, sandy bambi, ypsilanti, make up, henna, hair stylist, model

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Henna with Tana

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Excitement! Photos are up from the shoot with Emi – our lovely model & Tana Helene Photography. Please enjoy – this was such an amazing collaboration. Wonderfully talented ladies on a beautiful Michigan day. <3
henna artist, michigan, henna photoshoot, emi, tana helene, photography, flower design, arm
henna tattoo artist kelly caroline
henna on back, henna tattoo, artist michigan
henna tattoo, artist, michigan, henna back, flowers

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Henna Tattoo Michigan

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This is a back Henna tattoo for Ashley . I met her at The Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti. (awesome food, awesome people) She wanted an organic, flowing design up her back. Enjoy !

Henna tattoo Michigan

henna tattoo, design, flowing design, back, wurst bar

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Henna Tattoos for Hands

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Here are a few pictures of recent henna designs. One on a leg and two for the hands. These were done at the B-24s Cafe in Ypsilanti where I do some of my local private appointments. Enjoy the new pictures :

henna tattoo, michigan, henna artist

henna tattoo artist, hand henna design, mehndi

henna tattoo arm design, kelly caroline, flowers

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Henna Crown

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Today I got the privilege to decorate Patricia’s head with a Henna Crown – She’s a lovely, upbeat lady who also lives in Ypsilanti. Here are the pics of the floral, medallion motif henna crown I did.

henna on head, floral, henna crown

henna on head, floral, henna crown

henna crown, henna on head

henna crown

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Back and Arms Henna

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This is henna I did on Maralyn for her Warrior Dash. She wanted decoration on her body for her marathon she was running. I think we did a great job picking a design that was feminine, yet had an edge.
henna, kelly caroline, ypsilanti, michigan, flower, henna body art, designs, paisley

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Traveling all Over Michigan

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I have been VERY busy with parties, private appointments & events this past week! Here is a small sample of the henna I’ve been doing for groups, a Sweet 16 party, brides & proms. I have travelled from Farmington Hills to Jackson, Michigan and locally here in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti & Saline. Hope you enjoy these recent photos.

group_hands_henna_small copy
henna_flower_cluster_hand_small copyhenna_hand_bw_small copy_flower
bride, hand, henna, flowers
henna, hand, circle, pattern

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Henna on my arm

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Here is an original henna design by me. It has paisleys, flowers and accent lines. Its on my arm and I’ll be sad when this one starts to fade.
henna, arm, hand, design, paisley, kelly caroline, ypsilanti

P.S. Its a beautiful day here in Ypsilanti !

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Henna Hands, Palms & Feet

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This Friday and Saturday I will be at my henna booth at the Michigan Roots Jamboree Festival in Riverside Park in Ypsilanti!
Michigan, Roots Jamboree Festival, Ypsilanti, Riverside Park

The Michigan Roots Jamboree is a two-day outdoor music and art festival showcasing the finest talent the midwest has to offer. This exciting, family-friendly camping event will bring together both local and regional acts on two stages in beautiful Riverside Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan. From rock to bluegrass to jazz and funk, The Michigan Roots Jamboree has over 25 acts providing something for everyone to enjoy. Sponsored by the Depot Town Community Development Corporation, all proceeds from this non-profit event go to support our local parks and improve community spaces. ”

To prepare for the event, my lovely friends have been gracious volunteer canvases.

Here is a traditional henna design on the top of my hand.
Henna Hand, mehndi, bridal

A paisley design on Megan’s foot.
henna foot, henna menhdi, paisley

And another traditional design on Emily’s palm.
Henna Palm, paisley, design, idea

Hope to see you this weekend!

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Henna Instructions

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Hello Crafty ladies & gents. Here are some recent henna designs I have done.

I have also included the how to care for henna instructions that are a collaboration of many sources that I have found most useful.

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

Henna looks different on everyone. Body , temperature and location ont he body have a lot to do with how dark the stain will be. Drier skin on the hands and feet stains much darker than the softer skin on the upper arm or back. Henna stains are darkest during the first 5-7 days, then gradually fade. The following are some steps you can follow to ensure a nice stain and get the most from your Henna.

1. Leave Paste on for as Long as possible
It is recommended to leave the paste on at least 5-6 hours or more. Leave the paste on overnight for best results. The longer the paste stays on the skin, the darker the stain will be.

2. Heat and Moisture Help
The warmer the body temperature, the faster the henna will stain.

3. Wrap it up
You can wrap the are with an elastic bandage, paper medical tape or toilet paper. Wrapping isn’t required, but it helps conserve heat and moisture, which help to make the stain darker. It also protects sheets if paste is left on overnight.

4. Remove the paste
Don’t use water. You can use lemon juice or olive oil to remove the paste. You can also gently scrape the paste off or let it fall off naturally. Try not to get the area wet for at least 6-12 hours after paste removal although waiting a full 24 hours is best. The longer you prevent the area from getting wet with water, the better. The design will be bright orange at first then gradually darken to brown. Henna stains take 48 hours to develop.

5. Moisturize
Apply some kind of natural oil or butter after the paste is removed to protect henna design and prevent exfoliation. A lot of store bought moisturizers contain chemicals that can prematurely lighten the stain, so its best to use something natural.

6. Avoid Friction

Exfoliation of the skin is what causes henna to fade. Excess washing and friction from clothing will make the stain fade faster. The less you touch the area, the better. Wear gloves when washing dishes is the design is on your hand.

Please remember, henna body are is not an exact science. Everyone stains differently due to countless variables. If you follow the above guidelines, your henna stain should last 5-10 days depending on body location and aftercare.

Featured Henna Tattoo Artist in Ypsilanti on Gig Salad


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