Inspiration from Kite Flyer Art

Inspiration from Kite Flyer Art

I love being in the art world. There’s just something so sincere about artists. When you come across someone with a real passion for what they do, that’s something special .

Here’s an interview with artist Christina Steele of Kite Flyer Art . As I read her reasons for creating its truly inspiring!  I hope you really enjoy it, too.

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Q: How did your business get started? What was the motivation?
Christina: Kite Flyer Art got started in 2008 shortly after I graduated college with my BFA. I knew from day one that God  henna hands paintingcreated me to create, so I made an intentional decision to pursue art as a career. I started out teaching art lessons and painting simply to develop my portfolio, but in 2010 I started my Etsy shop (which was original art and prints), began showing in galleries, and began receiving commissions. It felt so epic! It wasn’t until last December that I began working with the pointe shoes, and when I listed them in January, they quickly began selling. Everything I do is motivated by relationship! it is all birthed out of my relationship with God. I want to share that relationship with the people, and display it to the best of my ability through the art I create. العاب ماكينات

mehndi pointe shoes, hand painted

Q: Where did the inspiration come from?
Christina: I’m a bit of a chameleon and pull inspiration from all over the place, but my deepest inspiration comes again from my relationship with the Lord. He shows me images, designs, dreams, we have conversations…I see the most amazing things and want to share them with people. That’s what happened with the pointe shoes! They were given to me by a close friend and fellow ballet dancer. They sat in my studio for nearly two years. I was laying in bed in December (certainly not thinking about them) and God showed them to me with the mehndi designs on them. Each pair is different. I usually sit down, begin, ask Him what He thinks and if He has any ideas. He always shares designs with me. We basically work together.

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Q: What’s your process in creating your products? 
Christina: My process in creating my pointe shoes is somewhat simple. I have had shoes old and new donated to me. I prep the old shoes by cutting off unraveled fabric, re-gluing parts as needed, and by making them presentable while still preserving their history. Then I simply dye them with fiber-reactive dyes. Once they have dried, I apply the mehndi designs with acrylic paint using the same application methods as most henna artists. لعبة قمار اون لاين

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Q: Are you planning on expanding your product line?

Christina: Well…I’m never entirely sure where things will go next. Does expanding my product line on to skin count?

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Q: What’s your most popular item? Which is your personal favorite? 
Christina: In the 1.5 year I’ve been open I’ve always offered prints and original art. It wasn’t until January that I listed the pointe shoes, but those have by far been my most popular item! It is so difficult to pinpoint a personal favorite because I pour all I’ve got into each piece I create. ربح المال مجانا

Q: What’s the future for your business?
Christina: In the immediate future, I will continue to creating and developing the shoes. With time I would like to move onto skin (but not abandon my paintings). I have a deep love for body art (henna and tattoos). I’m not sure when or how that will happen, but God always brings things around in perfect time when I’m hanging out with Him!

Thank you Christina! Keep up the amazing and inspiring work <3