Shit From Pinterest

Shit From Pinterest

Have you noticed that Pinterest is filled with things? I bet you have.

Have you ever actually gotten to the bottom of a Pinterest page, where it doesn’t refresh anymore pictures for your to ogle over?

Have you gotten off of Pinterest only to feel like your lazy and uncreative because the only things you did that day involved unglamorous tasks, not just sugar, glitter and paint?

Have you ever noticed that Pinterest is filled with a perfect blend of the most saccharin-sweet treats that cause you to drool on yourself and a super buff woman that looks like she’s carved from marble which makes you hate on yourself?

Have you realized it’s a perfect balance to keep the vicious cycle continuing ? (I made that and ate it, now I have to work out, but then I get to reward myself….)

Well if you’ve said “yes” to any of those questions, ┬áthen YOU will appreciate this “Shit From Pinterest” poster I made. This was more of a cathartic approach to feeling “lazy” or “unproductive” or to squelch the desire to buy EVERY pretty thing I see.

Hope you can appreciate this, too <3

remember : you are creative & lovely just as you are – Pinterest is just fun to look at, don’t get too caught up xoxo