Norah Downey – Jewelry Designer

Norah Downey – Jewelry Designer

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I came across Norah Downey – a jewelry designer – on etsy and I liked so many of her pieces, I couldn’t choose just one to feature here so I decided to just feature a bunch!

She has two shops on etsy: Your Daily Jewels and Rustic Rock Jewelry  .

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Here’s a little about Norah from her profile:

pyrite, druzy, ring“I love designing jewelry in my mind, creating it with my hands, and knowing someone is wearing my work and it is making them happy. Since childhood I have collected shiny and sparkling things: beads, stones, and baubles. As a new Physical Therapist, I needed ways to motivate my young patients with multiple disabilities. So, I dug into my lifelong collection of goodies that had been untouched for years and made some simple jewelry for them. I told them the funny little stories behind each bead or stone in their jewelry and they loved it! My pieces were a hit, my patients progressed, and I discovered a new creative outlet. lotus pendant, necklace

Now, everyday I am excited to get home to my workbench, to study and learn more about the art of jewelry design, and to create modern, glamorous and affordable jewelry that women will feel great wearing everyday.

I proudly use 100% reclaimed 99.9% pure silver combined with gemstones from ethical vendors in many of my pieces. As I grow, this number grows. The options for custom design in reclaimed or recycled metals are endless. When using recycled or reclaimed metals, the negative impact on the environment during mining, and the potential for human rights abuse and poor/dangerous working conditions is eliminated. As much as possible, I purchase gemstones from Fair Trade businesses that commit to fair wages, cooperative workplaces, consumer education, environmental sustainability, respect for cultural identity, and public accountability.”

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That’s the kind of business owner we should all strive to be and to support. I’m very happy I found a business woman like Norah who is a great inspiration of creativity and environmental responsibility.