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Prepare for a Henna Appt.

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A question I am frequently asked is “How do I prepare for my henna appointment?” Here are a few key things to remember before having henna done and how to care for henna:

1. Henna stains the best on clean, dry skin. Please do not apply any lotions or oils to the area where you want your design. Its a good idea to shower and exfoliate before your appointment, too.

2. For brides, make sure you have someone to assist you after your appointment if your arms, hands, feet, legs will be covered in henna.

3. Be sure to eat, use the restroom, take out your contacts, etc BEFORE we get started doing your henna since it will be very difficult to do these tasks after the henna is applied to your hands.

4. Remember that henna takes anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes to totally dry depending on the environment and amount of henna applied. Be mindful of this before deciding where your design will go. The less you move before it dries, the better. You want to avoid smearing and premature cracking of the dried paste.  You’ll want to leave the dried paste on for as long as you can. The longer it stays on your skin, the darker you stain can get. At least 2 hours but overnight it best.

5. When the paste eventually falls off, the design will be a light orange / yellow. It will oxidize over the next 24 – 48 hours to be a rich dark brown / mahogany color.

6. Avoid scrubbing the area with water or soap. Apply a natural oil such as sesame oil, olive oil or a waxy body balm like Mama Bee Belly Balm from Burt’s Bees.

7. ENJOY the pampering experience of having henna done!

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Henna Crown

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Today I got the privilege to decorate Patricia’s head with a Henna Crown – She’s a lovely, upbeat lady who also lives in Ypsilanti. Here are the pics of the floral, medallion motif henna crown I did.

henna on head, floral, henna crown

henna on head, floral, henna crown

henna crown, henna on head

henna crown

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Henna in Ann Arbor

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I had the privilege to work recently with Ann Arbor photographers Robin Sloan and Mike Frieseman, fashion hair stylist Sandy Bambi, and three lovely models, Jessica, Karin & Nadia.

Getting the opportunity to collaborate with this great group of artists & models really makes what I do such a dream career.

Mike & Robin’s low-key / high-key work really captures the delicate henna lines on the skin perfectly.

Here are a few sample photos from the shoot:

karin, outdoor, henna, snake, arm

henna, floral, back, body art, ann arbor

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Henna on Hands & Palms

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Henna, Private appointments, Weddings | 0 comments

I met two lovely ladies in Dearborn, MI on Friday night to do a few pretty henna designs on their hands – palm & top of the hand for both of them.

The designs were floral and feminine and accentuated their style.

Here’s what the 4 designs looked like :
henna, hands, palms, dearborn, michigan
henna, hands, palms, dearborn, michigan

Also, I did a cute back tattoo with a floral design
flora design, back tattoo, henna

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Bridal / Party Henna Video

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Henna application on an arm &palm/ The design is floral & paisley. An original design by me. This would be nice for an elegant occasion or a wedding.

This design took 30 minutes to complete.

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Henna Design eBook

Posted by on Aug 15, 2011 in Henna | 0 comments

Pleased to announce my first Henna design eBook out for Kindle :
“Modern Mehndi – A Collection of Henna Designs”

You can find it on Amazon here: Modern Mehndi

modern mehndi, collection of henna designs, henna design book, kelly caroline henna art, henna ebook, amazon, kindle, henna

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Back and Arms Henna

Posted by on Aug 7, 2011 in Henna | 0 comments

This is henna I did on Maralyn for her Warrior Dash. She wanted decoration on her body for her marathon she was running. I think we did a great job picking a design that was feminine, yet had an edge.
henna, kelly caroline, ypsilanti, michigan, flower, henna body art, designs, paisley

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Henna Photo Shoot and Pregnant Belly

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I have been very busy lately! Summer is the best time of the year for meeting people and doing henna on them. The past few events I have done have included a party of lovely ladies for a henna photoshoot to celebrate our bodies and a prenatal belly with such a lovely mommy-to-be.
Henna on a pregnant belly is a symbol of good luck and good health for the mom and baby.
henna, baby belly, pregnant mehndi

This photo shoot was so much fun! I want to thank every wonderful lady that participated.
henna, photo shoot, body henna, belly henna, mehndi, kelly caroline, summer

henna, beautiful, body, henna, outdoor, floral, kelly caroline

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Wedding Henna

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Here are images of the beautiful wedding dress and her henna. Her wedding was in Canton, Michigan.

setu, wedding henna, bridal mehndi, wedding dress, hindu wedding, hindu temple canton, michigan

setu, wedding henna, hindu temple canton michigan, kelly caroline henna art, mehndi michigan, bridal

hindu temple canton michigan, kelly caroline henna art, bridal mehndi, paste removed, floral arabic henna

henna palms, henna paste removed, wedding henna, bridal mehndi, canton, michigan, kelly caroline henna art

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Bridal Henna – Fatima in Saginaw, Michigan

Posted by on Jun 4, 2011 in Henna, mehndi traditional, Weddings | 0 comments

Thursday I traveled to Saginaw, Michigan for a bridal appointment. I met the lovely bride-to-be, Fatima. She was so bubbly and fun. I really enjoyed the time we got to spend together as I did her bridal mehndi for her wedding. Here are the pictures from it.
Fatima bridal henna feet
Fatima bridal henna hands and arms, indian henna pattern
Fatima bridal henna hands and arms, indian henna pattern
Fatima bridal henna hands and arms, indian henna pattern, tops of hands
Fatima bridal henna hands and arms, indian henna pattern

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Traveling all Over Michigan

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I have been VERY busy with parties, private appointments & events this past week! Here is a small sample of the henna I’ve been doing for groups, a Sweet 16 party, brides & proms. I have travelled from Farmington Hills to Jackson, Michigan and locally here in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti & Saline. Hope you enjoy these recent photos.

group_hands_henna_small copy
henna_flower_cluster_hand_small copyhenna_hand_bw_small copy_flower
bride, hand, henna, flowers
henna, hand, circle, pattern

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Palm and Foot design

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Here are two new designs. One for the hand and one for the foot. Both are utilizing shading for the flowers.

Foot design, simple henna

Simple Henna design for foot

Henna Hand design, for palm

Henna Hand design, for palm

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Palm Design & Top of Hand

Posted by on Apr 27, 2011 in Henna | 0 comments

These two designs were both custom designs I did. The palm is more of a circular, geometric pattern & the top of the hand is an organic shape.

circular henna pattern, palm design, hand

Circular henna pattern

henna paste removed, henna stain

Henna paste removed. 24 hours later.

hand, paisley, flowers, henna, design

Organic henna pattern on top of hand.

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Henna Foot Design

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Here’s a henna foot design. Something simple, but cute. Great for a summer design.
henna foot, sun design

For a client in Dearborn, Mi

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Latest Henna Designs

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Here are two recent henna design. For the first one, I couldn’t wait for my older henna to completely disappear before I decorated my hand again. =-)

Henna hand checkered design

For the second one, I just snapped a quick picture in the kitchen before I went to work at the Henna booth in Briarwood Mall.
henna flower and paisley hand design

The weather here in Ann Arbor is beautiful lately. I love being a henna artist here in Michigan. When I worked in Florida, I really missed the season changes. <3

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Bridal Henna

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Today I did three new bridal henna designs. These are original designs. They each took about 35 minutes to do. I really love doing intricate work. It really lets me be more involved in each piece.

bridal, henna, hand, kelly caroline, design

bridal henna hand design, kelly caroline
bridal, henna, hand, kelly caroline, design

From The Henna Page
“For the bride, the mehndi (henna) day is a very important day. The house is decorated with flowers and filled with friends and family members and there is music and dancing. The bride’s feet and palms are decorated with beautiful, intricate henna designs. As the henna artwork signifies the strength of love in a marriage, the bride makes an effort to keep it on as long as possible. The function ends with friends and family sitting down to
an extravagant dinner”

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Henna on my arm

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Here is an original henna design by me. It has paisleys, flowers and accent lines. Its on my arm and I’ll be sad when this one starts to fade.
henna, arm, hand, design, paisley, kelly caroline, ypsilanti

P.S. Its a beautiful day here in Ypsilanti !

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Henna Hands, Palms & Feet

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This Friday and Saturday I will be at my henna booth at the Michigan Roots Jamboree Festival in Riverside Park in Ypsilanti!
Michigan, Roots Jamboree Festival, Ypsilanti, Riverside Park

The Michigan Roots Jamboree is a two-day outdoor music and art festival showcasing the finest talent the midwest has to offer. This exciting, family-friendly camping event will bring together both local and regional acts on two stages in beautiful Riverside Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan. From rock to bluegrass to jazz and funk, The Michigan Roots Jamboree has over 25 acts providing something for everyone to enjoy. Sponsored by the Depot Town Community Development Corporation, all proceeds from this non-profit event go to support our local parks and improve community spaces. ”

To prepare for the event, my lovely friends have been gracious volunteer canvases.

Here is a traditional henna design on the top of my hand.
Henna Hand, mehndi, bridal

A paisley design on Megan’s foot.
henna foot, henna menhdi, paisley

And another traditional design on Emily’s palm.
Henna Palm, paisley, design, idea

Hope to see you this weekend!

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Henna Instructions

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Hello Crafty ladies & gents. Here are some recent henna designs I have done.

I have also included the how to care for henna instructions that are a collaboration of many sources that I have found most useful.

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

Henna looks different on everyone. Body , temperature and location ont he body have a lot to do with how dark the stain will be. Drier skin on the hands and feet stains much darker than the softer skin on the upper arm or back. Henna stains are darkest during the first 5-7 days, then gradually fade. The following are some steps you can follow to ensure a nice stain and get the most from your Henna.

1. Leave Paste on for as Long as possible
It is recommended to leave the paste on at least 5-6 hours or more. Leave the paste on overnight for best results. The longer the paste stays on the skin, the darker the stain will be.

2. Heat and Moisture Help
The warmer the body temperature, the faster the henna will stain.

3. Wrap it up
You can wrap the are with an elastic bandage, paper medical tape or toilet paper. Wrapping isn’t required, but it helps conserve heat and moisture, which help to make the stain darker. It also protects sheets if paste is left on overnight.

4. Remove the paste
Don’t use water. You can use lemon juice or olive oil to remove the paste. You can also gently scrape the paste off or let it fall off naturally. Try not to get the area wet for at least 6-12 hours after paste removal although waiting a full 24 hours is best. The longer you prevent the area from getting wet with water, the better. The design will be bright orange at first then gradually darken to brown. Henna stains take 48 hours to develop.

5. Moisturize
Apply some kind of natural oil or butter after the paste is removed to protect henna design and prevent exfoliation. A lot of store bought moisturizers contain chemicals that can prematurely lighten the stain, so its best to use something natural.

6. Avoid Friction

Exfoliation of the skin is what causes henna to fade. Excess washing and friction from clothing will make the stain fade faster. The less you touch the area, the better. Wear gloves when washing dishes is the design is on your hand.

Please remember, henna body are is not an exact science. Everyone stains differently due to countless variables. If you follow the above guidelines, your henna stain should last 5-10 days depending on body location and aftercare.

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