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Brown henna stain after 5 days #henna #mehndi #kellycaroline #hennaartist #michigan #ypsi #ypsilanti #brown #red #indian #flower #floral #design #art #artist #tats #tattoo #tattoos #vines

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Brown henna stain after 5 days #henna #mehndi #kellycaroline #hennaartist #michigan #ypsi #ypsilanti #brown #red #indian #flower #floral #design #art #artist #tats #tattoo #tattoos #vines

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Honor Courage Beloved henna tattoo on the ribs – at my salon in Downtown Ypsilanti #henna #hennaartist #kellycaroline #tattoo #tats #tattoos #honor #courage #beloved #mehndi #ypsi #ypsilanti #script #words #art #design #artist #salon #hennadesigns #tattoodesign

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Honor Courage Beloved henna tattoo on the ribs - at my salon in Downtown Ypsilanti #henna #hennaartist #kellycaroline #tattoo #tats #tattoos #honor #courage #beloved #mehndi #ypsi #ypsilanti #script #words #art #design #artist #salon #hennadesigns #tattoodesign

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Wedding Ganesh henna cuff for a wonderful girl!

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A wedding Ganesh henna cuff for a wonderful girl! One of my favorite clients. Best part? She’s getting this design tattooed to be permanent after the wedding. She’s getting married in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

see more henna designs here
A wedding Ganesh cuff for a wonderful girl! One of my favorite clients. Best part? She's getting this design tattooed to be permanent after the wedding.#henna #ganesh #wedding #weddinghenna #bride #mehndi #flowers #floral #tattoo #tattoos #hennaartist #hennatattoo #hennadesigns #art #artist #cuff #leaves #elephant #india #ypsi #ypsilanti #michigan #michiganhennaartist #kellycaroline #love #salon

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DIYpsi – Henna Art in Ypsilanti

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Hello ! What a FUN Summer it has been! I have been most busy with private appointments lately because Lisse has been our main event artist for the graduation parties and birthday parties this summer.

I usually only do one public event each year and it happens to be coming up !  Summer DIYpsi 2014 is at the Corner Brewery on Saturday August 23 from 11-11 and Sunday August 24 from 12-6 . DIYpsi  (dip-see) is a handmade art fair that takes place in Ypsilanti’s Depot Town District . I’ll be there in the beer garden. Come be apart of this amazing weekend!

DIYpsi Art Fair Summer 2014 , Ypsilanti, Michigan, Corner brewery

DIYpsi Art Fair Summer 2014

In other news, here are some pictures of  my most recent henna clients :

Here’s a henna mandala design on the upper forearm


henna flower design on the arm


Henna Baby Belly design with a few flowers.

Here’s more henna baby belly designs baby_belly_henna_design

& a new tribal henna design up the hand



for more henna designs check here

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Henna Tattoo on the Back

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I always get the question :

How long does henna last?

My answer is that it really depends on the area you have it done. The stain takes a little longer to develop fully on softer areas of the body, like the back. Usually though, henna lasts 10-15 days with the hands and feet lasting the longest.

Five days ago I did this henna tattoo on the back design . Today I got a chance to capture a picture of it. The stain came out so dark ! The dark brown color should last about 1 week and then gradually fade. Check out my newest henna tattoo on the back . This is day 5 for her henna design.

I love to do big, trailing flower designs on the back.

henna tattoo, back tattoo, henna, mehndi, flowers, henna stain, henna design

henna tattoo on the back

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Henna Party Pictures

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As promised, here are the henna party pictures from the 2-day event for a great bride. I really enjoyed meeting all her family – traveling from all over the world from San Francisco, CA  to Brooklyn, NY to Frankfort, Denmark ! The second day’s event was held at the lovely Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, Michigan.

It’s not often I am around to see the bridal henna stain the next day but since I was, I made sure to get a picture of her henna 24 hours after it was applied.

Day 1 – henna application


bridal henna designs with flowers

Day 2 – 24 hours later .  It still has darkening to do over the next 12 hours.


bridal henna design stain the next day


Here are the henna party pictures from the two days of mehndi parties .

oh! I loved the beading on her beautiful dress!

mehndi_party_henna_designs, mehndi party henna ideas, simple henna designs, festival henna

mehndi party henna ideas

henna_party_henna_artist, henna party designs, mehndi ceremony

mehndi ceremony henna designs

henna_party_michigan_artist, bridal henna, mehndi ceremony, indian fusion wedding

mehndi ceremony for fusion wedding


full_bridal_henna, bridal henna on hands and feet, mehndi, indian wedding henna artist

bridal henna on hands and feet


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Ann Arbor Mehndi Party

Posted by on May 9, 2014 in Henna, Henna Party designs, mehndi traditional, Michigan henna tattoo, simple henna design, Weddings | 0 comments

Today was a great Mehndi party here in Ann Arbor with great Indian food ! I will have more pictures up soon but here is just a taste .

I love fun groups for a mehndi party – it’s great to be a part of big wedding celebrations. 

ann arbor, michigan, henna party, mehndi, artist, kelly caroline

henna party in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Henna Horse Tattoo Design

Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in Henna, Henna Party designs, Michigan henna tattoo, Private appointments, simple henna design, tattoo | 0 comments

More and more nowadays people are coming into the salon to try out a tattoo design in henna before they have it done permanently – which I think is a great idea. I can tell you first hand, trying out a tattoo with henna first has helped guide many of my clients in their decision. I’ll even meet with the same client, multiple times to try the same tattoo design in different spots and sizes.

Today I did a henna horse tattoo design trial for a client.

She picked out the horse tattoo from Pinterest and I replicated it in henna.

henna horse tattoo design, tattoo design, henna design, tattoo trial, horse tattoo

henna horse tattoo design

She really liked it and plans on having it done permanently .

Need more henna inspiration? Watch my Henna Video



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Henna Tattoo Design

Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Henna, Michigan henna tattoo, Private appointments, simple henna design, tattoo | 0 comments

Seeing that as of 2013, 45 MILLION Americans have at least one tattoo, I am often asked to do a henna tattoo design around or in collaboration with an existing, permanent tattoo – which is something I find fun and challenging because I don’t have full freedom with the skin. I have to study what the first artist did to see the style of the piece which is also a clue into what the client likes (obviously) . I have tremendous respect for tattoo artists. I feel so much pressure for bridal henna that I practice the designs over and over because this will be on their skin for their wedding . I can’t imagine the pressure I would feel if it was permanent .

Henna is so fun for people because you can really play with different looks.

Here is a piece I did recently around an existing unicorn shoulder tattoo – the client really loved it

shoulder, henna tattoo, henna artist, unicorn

shoulder henna tattoo


This henna tattoo I did in the fall for a great client who had the most intriguing tattoos. I really loved the beautiful bee tattoo here on her forearm .

henna tattoo, cuff

henna tattoo cuff design



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Fun Floral Henna Tattoos on the Back

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Henna, Michigan henna tattoo, Private appointments, tattoo | 0 comments

Spring is officially here on the calendar .. but here in Ypsilanti, Michigan  I still see a hefty coverage of brown, dirty snow still.

(snow, I love ya baby.. but you just gotta go)

I am feeling Spring – with my seedlings going strong, I felt inspired by flowers and seeds & came up with fun floral henna tattoos on the back of my dear friend. I love how the only space I had to work with on her back was the perfectly sweet little teardrop . I really like having a CREATIVE space to work with . Plus, this sweet girl just got back from a 3 week exploration trip in New Zealand & Australia so she has a nice glow to her skin. (She has such a pretty face, too)

I have been itching to do some creative henna tattoos on the back & in other sexy places. I have a creative leg henna design in mind, I just need the right gams to pull it off… coming soon.

Without further adieu, here is the sexy henna tattoos on the back that will have my friend’s lab coworkers curious . . .

 see more designs here

Henna tattoos for the back, kelly caroline, henna art, michigan henna artist, back tattoos

Henna tattoos for the back


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Pregnant Baby Belly Henna Designs

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Have I mentioned how much I love to do baby belly henna designs ? ? Why.. yes, I have. This past week I have had three baby belly henna designs to do. Here are photos from my most recent client who came to the salon. She is at that perfect time to have henna designs on your belly – that 30 – 37 week mark. Just in time to have her photoshoot session, too. She and and her friend who drove her were lovely. Plus, her friend got in on some henna action, too .

For the baby belly design, she wanted it to be less of a circular, mandalla design and more flowing henna design with flowers including a henna peacock . This is what I came up with. I think she really liked it.

It makes me so happy to see others happy from my art  : )

Here are the pictures of the baby belly henna designs

peacock, henna designs, baby belly, floral, pregnancy henna, michigan

baby belly henna designs with flowers and peacocks

baby belly henna designs, flowers, floral, peacocks

floral henna and vines

henna, flower, design, trailing, hand, vine

henna flower design trailing up a hand

flower, peacock, henna, belly, design

flower and peacock henna belly design

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Floral Henna Feet

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High arches make for fun floral henna feet designs ! I love doing fun henna designs in different places . The insides of the feet is a great place to put henna for the summer – you can see it while wearing flip flops, henna on the feet lasts for at least 14 days and it always gets nice and dark. Here’s the latest floral henna feet tattoo stain the next day. It will darken even more 48 hours after the henna was applied.

floral foot henna design, floral henna tattoo

floral foot henna design

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Mehndi Sangeet party

Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Henna, Henna Party designs, mehndi traditional, simple henna design, Weddings | 0 comments

This past week has been vey busy with henna parties. One of my favorites was a Mehndi Sangeet party in Ann Arbor at the Sheridan Hotel. I love the jewel tones at a Mehndi Sangeet party . Here are a few pictures of the henna we did:





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Henna Parties and Party Designs

Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Henna, Henna Party designs, mehndi traditional, simple henna design, tattoo | 0 comments

Hello! Woah !! What a crazy past week I just had! I had 5 henna parties in three days. I really love doing henna parties. Everyone is always so excited when I get to the event. I had three high school senior all night parties from 11pm-3am in Farmington Hills, Bloomfield Hills, and Warren Michigan as well as a birthday party and graduation party. Henna parties a great addition to any event. So without further adieu, here are a few designs from the henna parties this weekend.

henna stain, henna party design, henna artist michigan

Henna stain on the hand

belly dancer, henna, michigan, henna party, hand

Belly Dancer Henna hand design

henna parties, hand designs, flower design, kelly caroline, henna artist

floral henna hand designs for parties

henna party designs, floral henna design, henna parties, henna artist

Hand designs for henna parties

Henna on collarbone, floral henna tattoo, chest tattoo, collarbone tattoo

henna on collarbone tattoo

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Henna tattoo on the hands

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Henna tattoo on hands

Henna tattoo on hands

Hello everyone!

Today my fashionista client came in today. She loves getting her henna tattoo on the hands because she says it gets the most comments since people can see it no matter what you wear. Of course I agree. I really like having a henna tattoo on the hands. Also I love the stain that comes from henna on the top or palms of the hands.


Here’s the picture I snapped of her design


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Henna Supplies

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Today is a special day:  the first day henna supplies are on sale on this site! The henna supplies are being shipped from Darcy at Henna Lounge  – let’s all take a minute to oggle her gorgeous designs *mmmmmm….*

henna powder, rajasthani

The henna powder that we carry is the very finest henna in the world. This is the same henna we use on our own clients. This henna powder is fresh Organic Rajasthani Henna directly from a farm in the Sojat region of Rajasthan. This henna is stringy and has a great reputation for a lovely dark mahogany stain.

henna stain, henna hands

Of course, with henna powder we cannot forget one of the “essential” henna supplies : essential oils .

The varieties we are currently carrying are :

egyptian geranium oil

And yes! Henna supplies for hair! Natural henna is a traditional method of dying the hair. Henna, or lawsonia inermis, imparts a natural red dye which is useful for covering gray hair, or adding a coppery sheen to your hair. Henna beard dye is simply henna, applied to the beard. Because there are no chemicals or additives it is a safe and natural way to dye almost any hair.

henna hair dye

If you’re a beginner, here is a complete henna kit to get started in making your own unique henna designs.  It also comes complete with henna instructions of how to mix the paste together.

henna kit

Need ideas for henna designs? Pick up my henna design ebooks that are instantly delivered to your email.

henna ebook

Need some design inspiration right away? Check out my Free Henna Ebook <3

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Baby Belly henna with butterflies

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Here is another baby belly henna with butterflies and flowers. This momma to be is 37 weeks along, the perfect time to have your baby belly henna design done so it most likely will still be visible when your baby is born.


Baby belly henna, henna design, flowers and butterflies henna

Baby belly henna design

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Henna tattoo on the side

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Hello! Merry almost Christmas! Even though this is a slower time of the year for henna in Michigan, I have still been seeing my regular clients and meeting new ones. Today I met with a fun client who wanted to surprise her boyfriend with an abstract henna tattoo on the side. She likes flowly vines and asymmetry so here is the look we developed for her:

Henna design on the side,vine henna, henna on ribs, flows henna tattoo

Henna tattoo on the side

And here is my henna design on my hand for Christmas in front of my tree this year :

Henna tattoo on hand

Henna tattoo on hand

Have a safe and happy new year!

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Simple henna design

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Here are a few simple henna designs for parties

Simple henna design, henna on hand

Simple henna design on the hand

Simple henna design, shoulder henna

Simple henna shoulder design

Simple henna design, hand henna, party henna

Simple henna design for the hand

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Quick henna design

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Here is a photo of a quick henna design I did for myself today. Enjoy!


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Henna Party Michigan – Baby Belly

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Henna Party Michigan – Baby Belly

This weekend I got to be apart of a very special henna party for a lovely pregnant girl and do henna on her baby belly. She’s having twins and her family & friends from New York  & Tulsa flew/drove in to be apart of her celebration. I felt a lot of love at this henna party. All the guests got some henna done on their hands or feet and sat and watched the mommy-to-be get her belly decorated with a tree design that she found online. Enjoy!

baby belly, henna design, tree

baby belly henna design

baby belly henna design, tree, henna

henna party, baby shower, baby belly, guest designs

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Super Mario Bros 3 Henna ! (and bodypaint)

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YES! I have done it : A scene from Super Mario Bros 3 henna and body paint! My dear friend Vaughn sat so perfectly still while I did about 90 minutes of  henna work on his back replicating a map of Super Mario Bros 3 and then did body paint to fill in the colors.  Here’s the results ! Note: He gets to have this on his back for 2 whole weeks.

 super mario bros 3, henna, body paint



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Green Like Fresh Henna

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When it comes to knowing if the henna paste you are using is quality, the color of fresh henna is key. This is something only henna artist or henna enthusiasts know but henna powder is actually a leafy green color and when its mixed with essential oils, sugar, lemon and black tea, the fresh henna paste is a dark kelly-green color. After the paste undergoes dye release is when it changes to that familiar chocolate brown color and its applied to the skin. When I tell my clients henna actually starts out green, most are surprised.

Here is a collection of beautiful handmade items that remind me of the color of fresh henna powder and henna paste (as well as some other items that are just a lovely shade of green!)

This is a great “everyday bag” by Marbled Bag . I really like the large bow and the functional yet appealing quality of the design.

green handbag

Hope Johnson brings us these hand built ceramic dishes that are painted with chartreuse green to make this simple yet elegant decoration. I really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into these.

green leaves, ceramic dishes

We always need an effortless, fashionable accessory and Rayna Robinson gives us just that with this chartreuse turban headband. .. and how cute is she?! hah

green turban headband

Can you tell I’m diggin the chartreuse? I just love the color and how it just makes items POP! and this elephant from The Original Animal Magnet is no exception! I can think of the perfect spot on my bookshelf for this little guy.

chartreuse elephant

Yummy watermelon scented bath salts by Sudz ‘N Saltz ! A great way to take your relaxing time in the tub and make it a spa-like experience .

green watermelon bath salt

From Angie’s Sweatshop is a really AWESOME screen printed octopus on a chartreuse green skirt. I like maxi skirts and all things octopus and this skirt falls right into those categories.

green skirt, octopus screenprint

Asymmetry is a great way to shake up the expected. I dig this asymmetrical black and green Czech glass beaded necklace with small lime seed beads by chr designs .

lime green, bead necklace

This “chuplette” by Chuppy Love is a baby “chuppy” Amigurumi – read as: an adorable stuffed friend made of yarn. These are some adorable creatures and I want a whole collection!

yellow, chartreuse, chuppy love

Bright Bold & Beautiful brings us this lovely watercolor print of a hydrangea in all its green-hued glory!

green hydrangea, watercolor

Do you know an adorable little boy who this bow tie by Sharp Dressed Little Man would look so cute on? I know I do and the cuteness level he projects would go through the roof if he wore this!

green bowtie

I admire hand beading and embroidery because it takes serious devotion and concentration to bring an overall vision together. Not to mention the amount of time attaching each thread or bead takes. Hats off to MillieICARO for this intricate beaded peacock sash.

peacock sash

Heron and Lamb‘s rustic moss necklace is such a uniquely designed accessory! “This beautiful, earthy design features a lead-free soldered glass circle, which encases live preserved reindeer moss. An ode to spring, this necklace is finished with an rustic antique copper patina and and sealed for maximum protection.”

green moss pendant

I am a big fan of stacked rings that’s why these peacock stacked rings by CameraSHY Photography really caught my eye. I like that each ring is different by fits together as a cohesive set very nicely.

peacock, stacking rings

I don’t often find statement bracelets so when I came across this wire wrapped bracelet by Vera Nasfa I knew it had a special place in this collection. I am fond of the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

peacock, statement bracelet

This stylish linen dress by Camellia Tune is custom made for each person! How cool is that?

teal dress, linen dress

Laura Kingrey presents a handmade bracelet with matte light green sea glass as the focal point accented with Czech glass, copper wire and bronze framing. I appreciate when something has such a hands-on & made-with-love look as this bracelet does.

seaglass bracelet

A stunning blue-green turquoise cabochon ring with silver bezel from Bones & Stones finishes up the feature today. The long natural stone is just the right accessory for some henna-ed hands!

green blue ring

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Henna with Tana

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Excitement! Photos are up from the shoot with Emi – our lovely model & Tana Helene Photography. Please enjoy – this was such an amazing collaboration. Wonderfully talented ladies on a beautiful Michigan day. <3
henna artist, michigan, henna photoshoot, emi, tana helene, photography, flower design, arm
henna tattoo artist kelly caroline
henna on back, henna tattoo, artist michigan
henna tattoo, artist, michigan, henna back, flowers

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Modern Mehdni – Vol. 2 Festival Henna Designs is now on Kindle!! Soon to be available here on my website. Is NOW Available on my website: Henna ebook  .  Yay! So exciting. This is volume 2, second to Modern Mehdni- A Collection of Henna Designs. Here are pages from the ebook for free! Free henna ebook



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