Henna tattoo on the side

Hello! Merry almost Christmas! Even though this is a slower time of the year for henna in Michigan, I have still been seeing my regular clients and meeting new ones. Today I met with a fun client who wanted to surprise her boyfriend with an abstract henna tattoo on the side. She likes flowly vines and asymmetry so here is the look we developed for her:

Henna design on the side,vine henna, henna on ribs, flows henna tattoo

Henna tattoo on the side

And here is my henna design on my hand for Christmas in front of my tree this year :

Henna tattoo on hand

Henna tattoo on hand

Have a safe and happy new year!

Mehndi on Hand

Mehndi I did on my hand today. I also made a henna video of this design. I like designs on my hand to feature flowers and paisleys. I don’t think that’s a surprise =-)


henna, tattoo, artist, flowers, michigan, kelly caroline

Bridal Henna

Today I did three new bridal henna designs. These are original designs. They each took about 35 minutes to do. I really love doing intricate work. It really lets me be more involved in each piece.

bridal, henna, hand, kelly caroline, design

bridal henna hand design, kelly caroline
bridal, henna, hand, kelly caroline, design

From The Henna Page
“For the bride, the mehndi (henna) day is a very important day. The house is decorated with flowers and filled with friends and family members and there is music and dancing. The bride’s feet and palms are decorated with beautiful, intricate henna designs. As the henna artwork signifies the strength of love in a marriage, the bride makes an effort to keep it on as long as possible. The function ends with friends and family sitting down to
an extravagant dinner”