Respect of our Earth.. we only get one.

Its important to know where your food comes from. Simply put: hormones and pesticides = bad  . organic and fresh = good. 

Is that so hard? I know mass produced foods need to exist for those who cannot grow their own foods… but can’t those foods be treated with respect and grown in a way that their genetics and original structures are not modified in a lab? And can’t we figure out a way to preserve our foods from insects without harmful chemicals and pesticides? There are other ways to make bugs and pests go away with natural elements instead of chemicals.

Examples are here: 

And hormones in food? do we realize what we put on and in our foods, go on and inside of our bodies ?? If we realize this, do most people even care? I am shocked to find when I bring this up to most people, they are not phased by it or even want to discuss it. I guess its a out of sight out of mind situation?

But if everything that was out of sight was out of mind, wouldn’t we be in a huge mess? I am thankful that there are individuals in the world who refuse, no matter how frustrated or beat down they get, to fight for change and keep up the up-hill struggle for what’s right. 

I can’t ignore my feelings anymore about animal rights, the injection of hormones and genetic modifications . From being inspired by my friend Steve, Nathan and learning more and more about the treatment of animals and the production of food, I must also fight the good fight and educate people about the real harm that is coming from the lack of respect of all things. 

We must respect all life forms around us by using common sense and the golden rule. Its not is a difficult thing to do.