I made these lanterns for a great, very low budget Halloween decoration. قوانين بلاك جاك I love Halloween, so I made these for the parties I am throwing this year.

I included this tutorial I made, so everyone can enjoy these 🙂

First the materials you will need are large paper lanterns like these:

Wide, satin, wire ribbon:


Green floral wire

Paints, Markers, paint brushes

So first, I made pumpkins and skulls

For the pumpkins, I painted the lanterns orange with two coats of thinned acrylic paint

While they dried, I drew on the faces for the skulls. I wanted to make them pirate skulls. العب بوكر I took blue card stock construction paper and measured a few inches on either side of the skulls for their hats.

I drew out two hat designs, one for each pirate

I painted the card stock black for the pirate hats because I didn’t have black paper. Then I painted a Jolly Roger on one, with googly eyes

I fitted the hat on the skull and attached them to the side with wire, using the wire supports inside the lantern to attach the wire to.

The orange ones were dried, so I drew and painted faces on them

Then I took about 5″ of the green ribbon and twisted it around to look like a stem for the pumpkins

I wrapped one end of the twisted ribbon around the lantern support on the top

Next, I cut 4-5 leaves for each pumpkin. I cut out a basic leaf shape

I cut about 4″ of wire. I stuck one end at the bottom of the leaf then twisted it around. لعبة بلاك جاك اون لاين I added 3-4 more leaves to the wire, wrapping them as I went

I wrapped the wire w/the leaves around the same place the stem was.

This is the final product!! Enjoy! Comments & crit welcome