Helloo I’m so excited to show you Judah’s nursery I recently finished decorating (for now) hehe =D

He is 12 weeks old now.

Judah ( a little slumped over because it was right before his nap ) enjoying his bachelor pad. does ivermectin treat babesia I painted the mural that’s behind him, the painting of the beluga whale on the right and made the curtains, too

I made this banner by cutting out shapes out of cardstock then sewing them together. I used a fairly long stitch and loosened the tension. I fed one through, stitched it, kept the machine stitching for a few moments, then fed the next one through. Super easy & FUN

This is his name made out of the same cardstock . I stitched the two color layers over top of each other instead of gluing them for a more fun effect. worm cat with ivermectin

Some of his toys and books. We asked people to give him books with a special message written inside in leu of cards because cards get thrown away and are almost as expensive as kids books anyways. ivermectin & albendazole tablets

His wooden colored rings set & his piggy bank grandma gave him


JUDAH!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

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