Just for Fun -Clouds & Baby Smiles

Today was a lovely day, mainly because of Judah, but the weather was so nice here in Ypsilanti. One of those days where the clouds just are picturesque.

Judah was being a really happy baby.

He loves his reindeer to chew on.
and to be without a diaper. – But Seventh Generation Diapers are the ONLY diapers to buy! Fragrance & latex free! They’re amazing.

Have a Lovely Day! – its easy, don’t try too hard <3


Pregnant & 2004 & thinking

Many things have happened since my last post. In my last post, I didn’t know it yet, but I was about 2 weeks pregnant! Nathan and I got married on July 12th, 2009. It was more than magical!

I am 24 weeks pregnant and I am loving every moment (good and bad) . I feel like I am participating in the greatest miracle that I have ever experienced (besides myself being born).

These two websites have been so helpful and great resources:

Baby Center

What to Expect

I can feel the baby kicking (the technical term is “quickening”) as I type this

**A lot of things have come into focus in regards to real importance. I think the majority of things in life that bug us are self inflicted and are not key to life.

I wanted to share with ye bloggers what I cared about on October 12th, 2004 in my LiveJournal

…not too much I guess .. wow

Life has surely changed in the past 5 years. I have been increasingly happier year after year. I have been increasingly more confident year after year as well.. funny, I have the most confidence of my whole life, and I havn’t put on any makeup or gone to a hair salon in over a year.

and it feels great

I feel great. I hope more people can feel great very soon, that’s my hope.


Garden love

corkscrew vine, shell vine


Gosh I cannot wait to have my garden this year. I’ve become so enthralled with it. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty in the warm soil and see my plants come to life! Next week I am building my raised beds *weather permitting* and hoop house that will extend my growing season and keep my babies safe. I want to have a farm when I have all the time in the world to devote to it and educate people about how cool farming is and that growing your own food is as rewarding as it can get!!