Henna Instructions

Hello Crafty ladies & gents. Here are some recent henna designs I have done.

I have also included the how to care for henna instructions that are a collaboration of many sources that I have found most useful.

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

henna, design, flower, hand, feet, days, instructions, how to

Henna looks different on everyone. Body , temperature and location ont he body have a lot to do with how dark the stain will be. Drier skin on the hands and feet stains much darker than the softer skin on the upper arm or back. Henna stains are darkest during the first 5-7 days, then gradually fade. The following are some steps you can follow to ensure a nice stain and get the most from your Henna.

1. Leave Paste on for as Long as possible
It is recommended to leave the paste on at least 5-6 hours or more. Leave the paste on overnight for best results. The longer the paste stays on the skin, the darker the stain will be.

2. Heat and Moisture Help
The warmer the body temperature, the faster the henna will stain.

3. Wrap it up
You can wrap the are with an elastic bandage, paper medical tape or toilet paper. Wrapping isn’t required, but it helps conserve heat and moisture, which help to make the stain darker. It also protects sheets if paste is left on overnight.

4. Remove the paste
Don’t use water. You can use lemon juice or olive oil to remove the paste. You can also gently scrape the paste off or let it fall off naturally. Try not to get the area wet for at least 6-12 hours after paste removal although waiting a full 24 hours is best. The longer you prevent the area from getting wet with water, the better. The design will be bright orange at first then gradually darken to brown. Henna stains take 48 hours to develop.

5. Moisturize
Apply some kind of natural oil or butter after the paste is removed to protect henna design and prevent exfoliation. A lot of store bought moisturizers contain chemicals that can prematurely lighten the stain, so its best to use something natural.

6. Avoid Friction

Exfoliation of the skin is what causes henna to fade. Excess washing and friction from clothing will make the stain fade faster. The less you touch the area, the better. Wear gloves when washing dishes is the design is on your hand.

Please remember, henna body are is not an exact science. Everyone stains differently due to countless variables. If you follow the above guidelines, your henna stain should last 5-10 days depending on body location and aftercare.

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Published !

My drawing “Day9” that I did on my 9th day of bedrest was PUBLISHED!!

If you can, get your hands on this year’s copy of Cellar Roots 39th Edition . My drawing is full color, full page . ivermectin philipines I was so excited to hear that it was selected. can pugs be given ivermectin Last night, we went to the celebration dinner they had for those who were selected and Judah was the star of the show with everyone talking to him, even the hosts were making Judah apart of their speeches. how long can i take ivermectin topical



Judah’s Nursery

Helloo I’m so excited to show you Judah’s nursery I recently finished decorating (for now) hehe =D

He is 12 weeks old now.

Judah ( a little slumped over because it was right before his nap ) enjoying his bachelor pad. does ivermectin treat babesia I painted the mural that’s behind him, the painting of the beluga whale on the right and made the curtains, too

I made this banner by cutting out shapes out of cardstock then sewing them together. I used a fairly long stitch and loosened the tension. I fed one through, stitched it, kept the machine stitching for a few moments, then fed the next one through. Super easy & FUN

This is his name made out of the same cardstock . I stitched the two color layers over top of each other instead of gluing them for a more fun effect. worm cat with ivermectin

Some of his toys and books. We asked people to give him books with a special message written inside in leu of cards because cards get thrown away and are almost as expensive as kids books anyways. ivermectin & albendazole tablets

His wooden colored rings set & his piggy bank grandma gave him


JUDAH!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

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