Tuesday I went to the Dr. to have my regular ultrasound and they saw my cervix was thinning way too quickly.. 15 mm when it is supposed to be 30 mm. This would be totally fine if Iwas 35 weeks, but I am only 24 weeks. So I am now on bed rest until I deliver (which will hopefully be in February). I also have weekly appointments at the doctor for a check up to make sure I’m stable.

A big change of life – having to quit school 1/2 way through the semester, quit work, no cleaning, no walking around.. but the reward I get at the end is a beautiful baby. Having our baby is absolutely worth any sacrifice.

I get to sit here on the couch while Nathan takes care of my every need- to some women that may sound like a dream, but I really don’t like being waited on hand and foot. Nathan has been wonderful though. – couldn’t ask for a better partner.

I am going to start a sketchbook for the baby since I have so much time on my hands.

patiently waiting