Here is a list of ideas of things you can do while on bed rest. Since I am on bed rest (and have been since October 20th, I have contemplated the pros & cons of it a lot)

We’ll start with the CONS, since ending with the PROS makes things better =)

* can’t go anywhere besides the Dr. .. you’re life revolves around the Dr’s office.

* Not knowing what day it is because it doesn’t matter either way

* Not being able to get up to fix something I.E. : A burned out light bulb you’ve been staring at for weeks 0.0

* When you do get up, your feet tingle from a crazy sensation they haven’t felt in a while -( blood flow … )

* No sexual activity – that’s a no brainer in the CONS category.

* asking everyone for everything

(i’m sure I could think of more, but you get the idea)


* appreciating the outdoors more than ever before!

* not having to go out in freezing weather

* not having to run errands

* people expecting your house to be dirty

* if you have cable, you can veg in front of the TV all day and everyone is happy you’re doing it!

* people come to see you, which is awesome

* video games are pretty awesome

So i can think of more pros, too.. but I want to get to the point of new activities to do while on bed rest..

Since your bed is now your dining room, craft table, sleeping area, couch, entertainment area & personal grooming center, there are a few dos & don’t first.

DO- have these items by your bed side : an interesting book, a pair of scissors (trust me), water w/ a straw, your vitamins & nightly routine stuff, CHAPSTICK, a pen & some paper, & your wallet

DO – keep your sheets as CRUMB FREE as humanly possible

DO – shower as often as possible

DO – make your bed (if you can) every so often… giving a little fresh start

DEW – Move the bed into the most social area of the house

DO- Change your clothes every day, like a normal person =)

DONT – use paint in the bed…

DONT – call ppl everyday just to chat.. no one likes that

DONT – spill anything on the bed.. remember – its your WHOLE WORLD .. get spaghetti sauce everywhere? now your WHOLE WORLD is covered in a red, oily sauce .. get used to it

DONT- keep updating and refreshing Facebook every 2 minutes.. nothing is THAT interesting..

So recent activities I have found to keep occupied while on bed rest:

– reading magazines has become a great past time.

– reading informational books ( Fiction books make me really sleepy since I’m not learning anything)

– doing paper crafts

-admire a Christmas Tree and have all the interesting-looking ornaments hung where you can see them

– write out thank-you notes or any other tedious activity that you may have been putting off.

-play Catch Phrase!

– Instead of just zoning on the TV, play this game I made up – Go back and forth with someone going A-Z down the alphabet while watching tv. When you get to the next letter, you have no name something that is CURRENTLY on the screen with that letter.. GOOD LUCK WITH X & Z…

– learn which commercials annoy you so you can have MUTE on standby

– do some online shopping, or online Window Shopping..

– catch up on some movies you have been missing or meaning to watch

– draw!! everyone should draw

– play the tambourine

– invite people over for a sleepover (doesn’t matter how old you are)

– put a photo album together

– organize anything you can put in your lap.

– RESEARCH EVERYTHING YOU THINK ABOUT !! so much time on your hands, get a little smarter everyday..

– update your blog with stuff barely anyone will read

with anything you do, take your time and put care into it, even if its writing out a check to the power company because, let’s face it – what else do you have to do??

Paper Crafts!!