The Meeting House – West Chester, PA

The Meeting House – West Chester, PA

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This weekend’s conference at The Meeting House in West Chester, PA was absolutely transformative. Let me tell you, whatever God is rising up, this meeting of minds will be one of the catalysts for the change. The funniest part was that every person I heard talking had no concrete reasoning to travel in for this. However, the unnameable, intangible, indescribable reason manifested itself out of what each person brought to the table. There was an agenda, with well thought out messages, verses, and articles for reference but it became 15+ papers stapled together that was more provided for a security blanket for Type A personalities than anything adhered to. لعبه بلاك جاك That was part of the beauty of the whole weekend; instead of being stiff and rigid, it was able to meet the needs of people in the moment. That is a credit to the humble hearts and minds of Fred & Robb. Not concerned with personal attention or boasting, they have cultivated an open forum for people to come and express themselves, ask questions and be heard. The two speakers invited to the conference were Greg Boyd and Kevin Callaghan from Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, MN. We were able to learn about their way of taking a 3,000+ member church body that meets on Sunday and naturally provide them with small, intimate groups that they can make connections with and serve each other. But more than teaching, they too were listeners and participants along with everyone else.

(You can learn more about Greg Boyd and his work here and here and here)
Each and every person I met during the 3 day event had a story to tell that was genuine, inspiring, or uplifting. These were strangers who became councilors and cheerleaders for each person around them. قوانين لعبة بلاك جاك I have never been in a room of 40 people I had never met before and after 3 days, felt so comfortable around each one like they were family. By Saturday night, I was aware that our time together would be ending shortly and my heart felt sad. When would this group, consisting of people from 10 different states around the country, ever be together again in one place? Maybe not again until the big party we will all be at in Heaven. Until then, we will take with us what we have gained and the strands of our connection will stretch to our various corners of the Earth, in the hopes of intersecting once again.

As an extra, here are my in laws performing for PTL in 1977 a song my father-in-law wrote with a special cameo of my husband as a baby! It gives me so much inspiration, I hope you enjoy! اون لاين روليت

Here are a few photos of the group in front of The Meeting House as well as the host home I stayed at with a few other great people I met.

meeting house, the meeting house, west chester, pa, Pennsylvania

Morning breakfast at our host home

meeting house, the meeting house, west chester, pa, Pennsylvania, greg boyd, woodland hills, reknew, robb holman, fred balliet

The Meeting House group picture

meeting house, the meeting house, west chester, pa, Pennsylvania, greg boyd, woodland hills, reknew, robb holman, fred balliet

The Meeting House group pic 2


And if you want to know more about The Meeting House, check out their site