This was an amazingly fun &  beautiful shoot out together by us at Henna by Kelly Caroline and Meaghan with Birch Affair . Birch Affair did the visual art and decor styling for the vintage bohemian wedding photoshoot we envisioned. The venue we went with was Ypsilanti Freighthouse which is a beautifully restored vintage train station that is open for weddings and special events in my hometown of Ypsilanti, Michigan. The photography for our wedding shoot is by the very talented Tana Helene Photography 
For the henna for the bride, I met with her three days prior to the photoshoot so I could ensure the best outcome for her henna stain. The henna powder I used was from Henna Guru . I did my normal henna recipe but then I added jagua juice to the mix that I got from Henna Guru . After I applied their henna designs, I waited for them to dry and then I applied Mefix tape to their designs. Mefix tape is such an awesome product – it adheres to the skin but doesn’t smudge the dried henna design- instead it holds it in place allowing the body’s natural heat to make the henna darker and stay on the skin longer.The jagua henna mixture came out so lovely and dark on all the models. It was a beautiful henna day !
Once we had the core of our team – photography, visuals, & decor stylist, we moved forward with the rest of our team. Meaghan brought on Fudge Beauty for make up for the models and Unwind Salon for the hair styling. We were so pleased with both of their talents  and then pairing the clothing from Birch & Elm and the handmade jewelry for my favorite jewelry artist Courtney Fischer Jewelry made the perfect boho feel.
To complete our vintage, boho wedding look, Birch Affair reached out to Rose Marine Textiles for our linens, napkins, and table runners. Rose Marine Textiles hand dyes all of her textiles that she uses *swoon* . Our fantastic table wasn’t complete without the handmade ceramic of Make Do Studio which I just loved. The plates and bowls were so beautiful and tactile but delicate ah! The Good Rug was our source for rugs and pillows for our lounge areas and Jessica & Co Vintage is our main gal for all the seating & lovely vintage furniture ! Gigi & Laclede is where we found the glassware and filled it with the tasty wine from Vintners Canton Winery and on those plates from Make Do Studio we were sure to include the pastries from Good Cupcakes who made a gorgeous naked cake filled flavored with lavender and tea cupcakes mmmm!
Detroit Bridal House had the most beautiful wedding dresses for us to choose from so we went with what the bride Brittany Miller loved the most which was a modern take on a classical vintage look. She put together the skirt from Detroit Bridal House and a sweet little black silk blouse for her reception look and a gorgeous gown for her ceremony. Brittany and Kevin Smigeilski, our bride & groom, are engaged in real life and are the founders of Shock The World – an organization for strengthening community with Jesus-looking love. Their events are based in Detroit, Michigan.
The amount of talent at this photoshoot was unreal! I am so thankful I got to be around all these creative individuals all at the same time – it has given me a creative buzz that I’ve been coasting on all week.