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I drew a design on the sketchbook gift I’m giving a dear friend . @art_we_inspire

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I drew a design on the sketchbook gift I'm giving a dear friend . #henna #mehndi #kellycaroline #ypsi #ypsilanti #michigan #gifts #gift #design #marker #sketch #sketchbook #art #artist #artwork #mandala #floral #motif #draw #drawing #black #pink #shimmery #inspire @art_we_inspire
An Instagram photo by henna artist, Kelly Caroline.

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Baby Belly Henna Design

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Here’s a fun baby belly design I did at the salon. Her husband surprised her with a great gift – getting her baby belly decorated with henna for their 3rd child’s birth – so fun! Here’s her baby belly henna design .

She wanted 5 flowers – one for each member of her family.


And the front of today's baby belly henna appointment. #kellycaroline #henna #michigan #michiganhennaartist #baby #belly #design #art #artist #ypsi #ypsilanti #floral #flowers #flower #mehndi #hennatattoo #tattoo #tats #tattoos #prenatal #pregnancy #freehand #nofilter #saturday #autumn

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Brown henna stain after 5 days #henna #mehndi #kellycaroline #hennaartist #michigan #ypsi #ypsilanti #brown #red #indian #flower #floral #design #art #artist #tats #tattoo #tattoos #vines

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Brown henna stain after 5 days #henna #mehndi #kellycaroline #hennaartist #michigan #ypsi #ypsilanti #brown #red #indian #flower #floral #design #art #artist #tats #tattoo #tattoos #vines

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Wedding Ganesh henna cuff for a wonderful girl!

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A wedding Ganesh henna cuff for a wonderful girl! One of my favorite clients. Best part? She’s getting this design tattooed to be permanent after the wedding. She’s getting married in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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A wedding Ganesh cuff for a wonderful girl! One of my favorite clients. Best part? She's getting this design tattooed to be permanent after the wedding.#henna #ganesh #wedding #weddinghenna #bride #mehndi #flowers #floral #tattoo #tattoos #hennaartist #hennatattoo #hennadesigns #art #artist #cuff #leaves #elephant #india #ypsi #ypsilanti #michigan #michiganhennaartist #kellycaroline #love #salon

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Fun Floral Henna Tattoos on the Back

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Spring is officially here on the calendar .. but here in Ypsilanti, Michigan  I still see a hefty coverage of brown, dirty snow still.

(snow, I love ya baby.. but you just gotta go)

I am feeling Spring – with my seedlings going strong, I felt inspired by flowers and seeds & came up with fun floral henna tattoos on the back of my dear friend. I love how the only space I had to work with on her back was the perfectly sweet little teardrop . I really like having a CREATIVE space to work with . Plus, this sweet girl just got back from a 3 week exploration trip in New Zealand & Australia so she has a nice glow to her skin. (She has such a pretty face, too)

I have been itching to do some creative henna tattoos on the back & in other sexy places. I have a creative leg henna design in mind, I just need the right gams to pull it off… coming soon.

Without further adieu, here is the sexy henna tattoos on the back that will have my friend’s lab coworkers curious . . .

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Henna tattoos for the back, kelly caroline, henna art, michigan henna artist, back tattoos

Henna tattoos for the back


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Pregnant Baby Belly Henna Designs

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Have I mentioned how much I love to do baby belly henna designs ? ? Why.. yes, I have. This past week I have had three baby belly henna designs to do. Here are photos from my most recent client who came to the salon. She is at that perfect time to have henna designs on your belly – that 30 – 37 week mark. Just in time to have her photoshoot session, too. She and and her friend who drove her were lovely. Plus, her friend got in on some henna action, too .

For the baby belly design, she wanted it to be less of a circular, mandalla design and more flowing henna design with flowers including a henna peacock . This is what I came up with. I think she really liked it.

It makes me so happy to see others happy from my art  : )

Here are the pictures of the baby belly henna designs

peacock, henna designs, baby belly, floral, pregnancy henna, michigan

baby belly henna designs with flowers and peacocks

baby belly henna designs, flowers, floral, peacocks

floral henna and vines

henna, flower, design, trailing, hand, vine

henna flower design trailing up a hand

flower, peacock, henna, belly, design

flower and peacock henna belly design

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Henna tattoo on the hands

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Henna tattoo on hands

Henna tattoo on hands

Hello everyone!

Today my fashionista client came in today. She loves getting her henna tattoo on the hands because she says it gets the most comments since people can see it no matter what you wear. Of course I agree. I really like having a henna tattoo on the hands. Also I love the stain that comes from henna on the top or palms of the hands.


Here’s the picture I snapped of her design


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Henna Arm Designs – Michigan Henna Artist

Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Henna, mehndi traditional | 1 comment

One of my favorite areas of the body to do henna is the forearm. Henna arm designs are really fun to do because you have a pretty smooth, obstruction-free canvas to work with. Here are two new henna arm designs that just came from my imagination. I hope you enjoy them!

This first design I was going for a modern Indian bridal mehndi concept but I made it shorter so it didn’t go down the rest of the hand.

indian bridal, mehndi design, henna on arm

And this second one is an Arabic floral design that would be perfect for a festival henna design. Festivals are coming up for the Michigan Henna Artist – time to make more henna paste! hehe

henna arm design, henna flower, festival design, arabic henna



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Henna Crown

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Today I got the privilege to decorate Patricia’s head with a Henna Crown – She’s a lovely, upbeat lady who also lives in Ypsilanti. Here are the pics of the floral, medallion motif henna crown I did.

henna on head, floral, henna crown

henna on head, floral, henna crown

henna crown, henna on head

henna crown

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Henna on Hands & Palms

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I met two lovely ladies in Dearborn, MI on Friday night to do a few pretty henna designs on their hands – palm & top of the hand for both of them.

The designs were floral and feminine and accentuated their style.

Here’s what the 4 designs looked like :
henna, hands, palms, dearborn, michigan
henna, hands, palms, dearborn, michigan

Also, I did a cute back tattoo with a floral design
flora design, back tattoo, henna

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