Henna crown designs are henna designs applied to a shaved head – usually due to hair loss from chemotherapy treatments. Henna crown designs are a great way to celebrate life and adorn yourself with art – in the midst of a hard situation. My most recent henna crown design was for a great girl, who was on her way to the 7th annual stupid cancer OMG2014 Summit for Young Adults .

And for the record, cancer IS stupid .

You can check out the video for the last year’s conference here :

OMG2013 Sizzle Reel from Stupid Cancer on Vimeo.

Note * Is henna safe when you have cancer ? My answer is to check with your doctor before having henna applied because every medical situation is unique. I have never had a client being treated chemotherapy have any negative reaction to henna. That being said, check with your doctor first. Before you have henna applied, you should ALWAYS check the ingredients with the artist to ensure the henna paste only has henna leaves, pure essential oils (ex:  tea tree, lavender or eucalyptus ) , sugar, & water. This is true for anyone having henna done, but ESPECIALLY true for people who have cancer or extremely sensitive skin . Never (without exception) let anyone use “black” henna on your skin.

As for her henna crown designs , she brought in a few ideas with flowers and leaves and paisleys so I just combined them all together for one great look .

She was really thrilled with the results.


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henna crown design – side view


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henna crown design with flowers







  1. How long does henna crowns last

    • Henna crowns last anywhere from 10-14 days

  2. Hi, I do henna tattoos for a friend of mine going through chemo. She’s bald as a cue-ball, but loves it for my designs. Her friend told her it was “a lovely way to make lemonade” :-) I have also done just one hand design for a gal who is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. I have done these at no cost, but now their friends want henna, too. It is very time consuming and causes pain in my own back. I would like to charge said friends but have no idea how to price my artwork. Since it’s temporary, I feel like it should be less than permanent ink, but I feel I should charge by the hour. It takes, oh, I don’t know, 3-4 hours to do a mandala design on Marianne’s head. (I assume I will work faster as I get more experience)And I WON’T charge her. I fear she’s terminal, and want to do this for her, but everyone else has to pay- I have a life I’m neglecting so I can do these things.

    Any advice?


    • Hello Michelle,

      I am sure your friend will understand paying for your time and supplies. Just ask her what she thinks is fair to pay if you’re not used to charging for it. That usually is the best thing. Take care!

  3. I am looking for someone to do this for my sister in law going through chemo for the third time. She is in Frankemuth MI. I will pay for a private appointment.

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