Mural @ Children’s Center

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I like to give back to community organizations when I can. The past 3 days I volunteered my time to paint this mural for The Children’s Center in Detroit, Michigan. “The Children’s Center is proud to offer a continuum of more than 20 programs and services on a multifaceted campus in midtown Detroit. Compared with other child and family agencies in Michigan, we offer the largest number of specialized therapeutic programs for at-risk children and youth. All our services are strength-based, family-focused, and embody a holistic approach to treating children and their families. Our mission to help children and families shape their own futures is an ever-present commitment in our menu of services.”

My inspiration for the painting of it came from this great book “I Love You So” by Marianne Richmond.

i love you so book, marianne richmond, book

"I Love You So" Marianne Richmond

Here is it: ** the hallway is very very narrow, so I could only take a pictures from the side. **

kids mural, childrens center, detroit, michigan

kids, mural, childrens center, detroit

trees, mural, childrens center, detroit, michigan

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